whats your price review HEADER is one of the most unique, and perhaps controversial dating websites available for affluent men or women and those looking to date them. This article will serve as a comprehensive, in-depth what’s your price review for those interested in joining the site.

The site appears to be high end, and while finding a first date is going to run upward of low three figures, there’s no monthly cost.

Combine this fact with the number of users and the probability of success on this website, and it’s worth overlooking the fact that this is only slightly more than an online escort service looking to match people up.


Dating Site: What's Your Price

Niche: Special Arrangement Dating

Market: Open

Recommendation: Excellent for men & women with an open mind

WYP homepage


It’s hard to tell what the niche for the site is because they don’t make it very explicit. 

In general, the goal is to match up “men who wouldn’t stand a chance” (read: nerdy, less attractive, socially awkward, etc.) with beautiful women for an exchange of money.

Basically, the man (or in some cases, the woman), who the site calls “the generous” “bids” on how much they will pay the woman, who the site calls “the attractive,” to go on a first date with them. 

If the woman accepts, the guy has a first date to show her what he has and convince her for a second date.

There’s no guarantee the “generous” will pay the “attractive” after the first date, though the site is very much touted as “one of the safest.”

In general, there seems to be a good variety of quality men and women on the site, many of whom are willing to both give and receive bids.

It’s hard to really assess the quality of the site’s niche, but since pretty much anyone can (and does) join, it’s relatively open. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a Niche rating of A.

whats your price review quick stats

Number Of Users

The website is on the lower end for active users. 

While significantly less than a website like eHarmony (10 million active users), it’s 3 million active users leaves a lot of potential for finding the perfect match… or making a nice amount of money on first dates.

One of the best parts about using the site is that you have to have a picture and a relatively complete profile to be able to do anything. 

That leads to an enjoyable search experience as you actually get to see a picture, or multiple pictures, for each man or woman you may be interested in.

While the number of users may be low, the search results give you quite a good return, meaning that it doesn’t really feel like the site has less users. 

When I did a general search within 100 miles of my relatively small down, I got almost 4,500 results. Considering that involves two large cities, that’s about average.

Even if it is “only average,” that’s way more people than you’ll ever need. Even if you only find one percent of them interesting, that’s still 45 first dates. 

And more new users are registering with the service every day. You have quite a few options here. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a Users rating of A.

WYP token pricing structure


What’s Your Price has one of the most unique pricing structures I’ve seen. 

Firstly, there’s no monthly fee, which is usually the bread and butter of any dating website and how 99% of them make money. 

Secondly, because no money is actually exchanged on the site, they don’t charge transaction fees.

So how do they make their money? Only by a credits system which you need in order to message people with whom you want to go on dates. 

Typically, the onus is on the “generous” to buy these credits so they can talk with the “attractive” they’re trying to hook.

The credits are relatively well-priced considering the person is spending extra money just to talk to a person they’re interested in. 

They range anywhere from $.25 per credit to $.50 per credit depending on how many you buy. Other than that, the only expense on the website is paying your dates to go out with you.

As far as the payments made to go on a first date, What’s Your Price calls them “incentives.”

It’s basically a bribe to get an attractive woman to go out with a man who may not immediately be considered attractive.

While the average first date incentive is $125, the “generous” can offer anywhere between $25 and $200, or can even ask the attractive member how much they should bid.

This ends up being expensive for a first date, when you add food, entertainment, and all the other costs, but if you’re desperate, why not?

While I’m apprehensive about the implicit connotations about bribing someone to go on a date with you, it leads to a decently-priced, fully controllable payment structure. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a Price rating of A-.

WYP user experience

User Experience

With the type of consumers What’s Your Price attracts, you would expect it to look high end and operate sleekly and smoothly. 

It is good-looking, modern, and extremely intuitive to use. 

The notification bar at the top makes it clear when you make an offer or send a message, or when someone has favorited you, and leaves no doubt about how to search for people.

The pictures are absolutely huge and three different picture grids are all that is on the front page. 

From there, you can very clearly see “newest members in your area,” “your recent search,” and “members recently online.” 

It is not cluttered with stuff that doesn’t matter, and the first thing you see after completing the sign up is the only thing most people care about — pictures of attractive people.

The profiles are also well-organized and always complete. The first thing you see is the picture, location, age, and when they last logged on. 

The ability to “favorite” them is also obvious, and right under that information is the “make them an offer” button. The most important aspect of the site is prominent and easy to use.

Other information on the profile is restricted to only what tends to be considered the most important to know for a first date: body type, height, children, smoking, drinking, education, occupation, and income.

These, along with the picture, age, and location of the person, are typically what people use (often subconsciously) to decide if they really want to go on a first date with someone, and in this case, if they’re worth dropping $100 on to pursue.

This site is one of the best organized I’ve seen. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a User Experience rating of A+.

whats your price review search


What’s Your Price falls into the most normal and average type of dating website — that which makes you search your own users instead of using a fancy algorithm to match you up.

While fancy algorithms can be nice, and lead to high rates of success on some of the most prominent (and expensive) sites, they are really just a perk.

What actually matters is how many tools a website gives you to search their website. If you’re going to do it yourself, it better be easy, right?

What’s Your Price gives you all the tools you need for this. They automatically present the most active users (those recently online) and the newest users in your area.

The search functions give you a significant amount of options including, age and height, distance, and what type of relationship you’re looking for.

You can also search by all the other profile information, or even keywords within the profile. 

However, considering there doesn’t seem to be any “short answer” functionality within the profile, this doesn’t seem that useful.

Overall, the site gives a moderate number of metrics by which you can search. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a Metrics rating of A-.

couple on first WYP date

Success Rate

The website advertises itself as the “easiest and safest” method of online dating. 

It also advertises that it has helped over three million users since its founding in 2010.

This second claim seems plausible, as they’ve had nearly five million “bids” on first dates. It’s impossible to really tell how many different first dates or users that actually translates to, but three million makes sense.

I was on the website only a short time when I received my first bid, so it seems like there’s a lot of potential to be successful. 

My only concern, really, is how genuine or safe those bids actually are.

The first bid I received raised a few flags for me. It was from a woman who lived across the country from me, and she had a username that would typically be associated with a man. 

She offered me $100 for a first date. That would not cover the cost of a flight to West Virginia, that’s for sure. Maybe just a fluke bid…

My second offer was $200 and again from a woman across the country. She had a very obviously photoshopped body. It may have just been a fake account or typical lying profile. 

Either way, I do have some concerns about both the legitimacy of many of these profiles and the safety of the site overall. Make sure to do your due diligence, naturally.

While you’re very likely to be successful on this site, the overall safety and lack of oversight is concerning. 

This What’s Your Price review factor receives a Success rating of B+.

WYP benefits


If you can make sure to stay safe on this site, it is definitely one you should check out. 

With an excellent, unique pricing structure, amazing user interface, and good metrics, your chance of success is looking pretty good. 

What’s Your Prices receives an Overall rating of A-.

If you'd like to check out the What's Your Price website, simply click here.

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