sugarbook review HEADER advertises itself as the premier meeting place for “the elite of society” where romance buds from money and negotiation. This will serve as a in-depth Sugarbook review for those interested in joining the site.

Sugarbook looks high quality and gives its users all the tools to define the type of relationship they want, but how does it stack up when I look under the hood of this sugar dating site?


Dating Site: Sugarbook

Niche: Sugar Dating

Market: Mainly U.S. & Canada

Recommendation: Highly recommend for Sugar Daddies / Sugar Babies, specifically



sugar dating site homepage


Sugarbook caters to the social elite and those looking to pool their financial resources into a relationship. 

The site itself seems to encourage both parties to have money so they can leverage their individual finances into an even more affluent lifestyle.

The reality, for better or worse, is that there is a large pool of sugar babies / cubs and a small pool of viable sugar daddies and sugar mommas. 

It’s somewhat difficult to search the entire site once you make an account.

However, it seems this imbalance is true for both men and women, which makes sense considering how wealth is usually distributed.

While the age of women (and likely men) ranges from 18-40, about 60% of them are college students. 

While there are men and women who are in the “high” monthly spending category, most of them are looking to live that lifestyle without bringing any actual money to the relationship. 

This entire site is focused around facilitating the kind of lifestyle you want, and it seems to draw mostly people who are wanting either side of the sugar lifestyle. 

This Sugarbook review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

sugarbook review number of users

Number Of Users

It’s difficult to tell how many users Sugarbook has, as there’s no publicized number, but a few days on the site makes it seem like an active and growing website. 

There are at least a half dozen new users every day, and even though my account wasn’t able to return messages, I got “favorited” and messaged a lot.

Most accounts are not premium, meaning most of them cannot message back and forth.

But some profiles “hack” the system and put contact information in their profile. While this isn’t necessarily secure, it’s one way to circumvent the subscription model.

When I did a search not restricted to area, I got over 1,000 sugar babies all over the world. And that’s just when I stopped counting, it went seemingly on and on. 

The problem is that since searching by location is a premium feature, there’s no way to know if your specific area will have decent options.

Because of the demographics of the site, you’re likely to have your pick of sugar babies, but if you’re looking for sugar daddy or sugar momma, there’s going to be a lot of competition. 

This Sugarbook review factor receives a Users rating of A-.

sugar dating site pricing


Sugarbook has three pricing structures that run for average amounts of time, but which are on the more expensive side. 

The three (3) plans are: two months at $50/month ($100 total), three months at $45/month ($135 total), or 6 months at $40/month ($240 total).

A three-month plan is usually the perfect amount of time for a dating website, and at $135 total, it’s on the high side of pricing. 

This is all well and good for sugar daddies, who can afford to pay the fee, but most of the sugar babies are not well off financially and this could be difficult for them to pay.

Furthermore, it’s basically impossible to do just about anything other than browse profiles if you’re not paying. 

You can’t use any really useful search abilities (like by location), and you cannot see, send, or respond to messages even if a premium member messages you. 

Another added benefit of being a premium member is that you can have and request access to other user’s private photos.

Even with the lack of features for non-paying members, only about 10% of profiles are premium, which means that you might find the guy or girl of your dreams…

But you’ll have to get creative in how you contact them.

Sugarbook is hard to use without paying, and it’s on the more expensive side of dating websites. 

This Sugarbook review factor receives a Price rating of B.   

sugarbook review app user experience

User Experience

Sugarbook has a rather plain look, but at least it’s not ugly. 

Using an off-white and grey palette with dark maroon trim makes for a pleasant experience and immerses you in the environment of “looking for love.” 

Very little about this website is ever distracting or takes away from the experience of finding profiles to engage with.

The profile pictures are laid out in a nice grid on the homepage, or in an easily consumable list when you search. 

The pictures are large so you can instantly see if you’re attracted to someone just based on the picture. 

The profile has almost everything you need to know laid out in a vertical bar to the left for a quick glance and there’s a picture tab and an “About Me” tab off to the right. 

Everything about this website is easy to use and provides quick access to important information and pictures. 

This Sugarbook review factor receives a User Experience rating of A+.

sugar dating site profile page


While Sugarbook requires the user to do most of the heavy lifting to find their match, they do provide a lot of tools… if you’re a paying member. 

The first thing you do before you sign up is decide what you’re looking for in terms of gender and type of relationship. 

Basically, are you looking to be a sugar daddy / sugar momma or a sugar baby / sugar cub. 

This narrows your search down slightly, but I still had thousands of options to sift through and find which ones I was attracted to.

If you’re able to purchase a premium subscription, you have even more tools to search for exactly who you want. 

While you can normally search by ethnicity and type of lifestyle, premium searches unlock the ability to search by city/zip, keyword, age, and height. 

Without these advanced search options, you probably have to spend several hours looking through profiles, and each time someone new joins you won’t know immediately if they’re a good fit.

With the premium features, you should be able to reduce your options down to 100 or less, which makes looking through each profile quick while still giving you plenty of options. 

Looking through profiles can be fun, but it can also get exhausting after a while.

While Sugarbook doesn’t have the matching power as sites like eHarmony or, they do give you a lot of tools to set you up. 

This Sugarbook review factor gets a Metrics rating of B+.

sugarbook review billboards

Success Rate

Sugarbook has no published record of success or statistics, but they have plenty of happy customer testimonies and a relatively high user rating on review sites. 

While it’s totally possible some of these reviews are fake, even if that’s true they still enjoy a high satisfaction rate.

It’s important to be explicit; your success on Sugarbook depends on whether you can afford a premium membership. 

Without being able to really interact with other users, it’s hard to see how you could be successful on this website.

That said, if you’re able to afford a membership, you have a very high chance of finding a satisfying relationship on this website. The success stories and reviews speak for themselves.

Though it necessitates a “pay to play” environment, those who can afford the website will win. 

Because success is relatively restricted, however, this Sugarbook review factor receives a Success rating of B+.

sugar dating site ceo


Overall, Sugarbook seems like a good website. They cater well to their niche, have a pleasant user interface, and you’ll likely see a decent level of success if you can pay. 

But their expensive and restrictive pricing structure makes for a higher point of entry. 

Sugarbook receives an Overall rating of A-.

If you'd like to be taken directly to Sugarbook to check it out for yourself, simply click here.