1 sugar dating couple is part of the “sugar daddy” dating sites that essentially pairs affluent men with younger women. This post will serve as a full, in-depth Sugar Daddy Meet review for those interested in joining the site.

“Sugar baby” females are usually in it for more than just money, and they come to these websites looking for a genuine, secure relationship. But is this site a good option?

While there’s a lot lacking with Sugar Daddy Meet, it seems to be a really good place for finding young women and affluent men.


Dating Site: Sugar Daddy Meet

Niche: Sugar Dating

Market: Mostly U.S.

Recommendations: Great option for affluent men & younger women


2 sugar daddy meet review homepage


Sugar Daddy Meet aims to connect men with a lot of money with women who want a relationship with a man who can provide them with a lavish lifestyle.

While it’s hard to tell exactly what people are looking for, most of the profiles seem to fit this niche.

Most of the women are on the younger side and say what they’re looking for. It’s these kinds of women that affluent men tend to be looking for.

The women tend to have a lot of pictures and filled out profiles, including how much money they make and what they’re looking for.

There is a nice age range of men on the site, as well. However, they typically don’t have their profiles filled out as much as one would hope.

While they have a lot of pictures, hardly any of them have their annual income filled out.

Those that do, seem to only be making up to $100k a year. Sure, while that’s a decent amount of money, it's definitely not the typical “sugar daddy” level of income.

There are even some men who are looking for “sugar mommas” on the site.

While the women seem to get it right, it might be hard to find a man who fits the true definition of a sugar daddy.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

3 sugar dating site number of users

Number of Users

Sugar Daddy Meet has a lot of members for both men and women!

While road tripping with my wife through Minnesota (ranked slightly low for population) a few days ago, I find about 500 women between 18-35 on the site.

There were quite a bit of members older than that as well.

These are excellent numbers, and while some of them may be fake or incomplete profiles, if even 20 percent of the profiles are quality that gives you the same amount of options as most sites.

There was roughly the same amount of men as well, though I searched the age ranges of 30-50.

This means that site is relatively balanced and both men and women are likely to find someone they’re interested in.

Another positive aspect was that most of the profiles, at the very least, had pictures and at least a little “about me” paragraph filled out.

I would bet that at least half of the profiles were “legitimate,” real people, and the website has a process through which you can verify your photo and annual income.

This site has great membership!

This Sugar Daddy Meet review factor receives a Users rating of A.

4 sugar daddy meet review pricing


This site is about average for price spectrum, but is almost useless unless you pay.

They have the perfect length of plans: one month for $50, 3 months for $90, or 6 months for $144.

These are on the lower side of pricing structures for dating websites. The 6-month plan tends to be the most popular.

The biggest problem with the site, however, is that it’s nearly nonfunctional if you don’t buy a premium membership.

I’m not just talking about not being able to message people, which would be standard practice. Not paying makes it a burden to even search for people.

Without paying, you cannot search for members by location or within a certain mile radius.

The best you can do is search within your state, which for places like Texas or California is a lot of work, especially with so many users to sort through.

You also cannot search new members, compatible members, or “reverse matches.” Unless you want to sift through hundreds of unfiltered profiles, you might want to pay.

The good news, however, is that you can message people a limited number of times even if you have a free account, so the site has that going for it.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review factor gets a Price rating of B-.

5 sugar dating app

User Experience

The UI on the website is basic, seems old, and doesn’t really make much sense.

The biggest problem is things seem out of place. The stuff you need is off to the side and the unimportant stuff is top and center.

For example, the first thing you see is an advertisement telling you to upgrade to a premium membership, followed by a huge search box.

It’s good to know where the search function is, of course, but usually this is a side bar to make room for more important things like pictures.

Below the search bar is a “newsfeed” with recent activity from users, including your “favorites.”

This is a nice feature so you can stay up to date with people you’ve viewed before. It’s also available for free.


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There are better ways to highlight activity, and most of the people posting don’t have much disclosure on their profile, which should be the most important part of the site.

Information on news feeds changes frequently and is easily missed. Profiles are static.

The site doesn’t really help promote people’s profiles.

The new members section, typically a good place to find matches, is small and off to the side, and makes you scroll one member at a time.

The “you might like” section (suggested matches) is also off to the side and you must scroll to see more than one or two pictures at a time.

On a site that makes you do most of the work, they should make it easier to find people.

One good thing is that site has a relatively highly rated mobile app (4 out of 5 stars), which people say works well, has great customer service, and gets them results.

This is rare for dating apps, which are usually rated about 2.5 out of 5 stars.

With clunky and non-intuitive layout, the site still navigable, but could be better.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review receives a User Experience rating of C+.

6 sugar daddy meet review user experience


Like most of these sites, Sugar Daddy Meet makes you do most of the work by searching profiles yourself and setting your own criteria.

But they give you a reasonable amount of help as long as you pay them.

Without paying, you can pretty much only search using gender, age range, and state. This leaves you with roughly five hundred profiles to sift through.

If you are a premium member, you have a few more tools at your disposal. You can search using metrics like religion, annual income, education, body type, and if they have children.

This would theoretically narrow your search and help you find people you are compatible with.

Premium members can also search based on compatible members.

This takes information from two profiles, what each person is looking for based on several different categories, and matches them up. At least that’s what it’s meant to do.

Almost no one has these important profile aspects filled out, so I’m not sure it really works. Since it’s only for premium members, it’s hard to tell if anyone gets matched up this way.

Their metrics have potential. But, since people don’t seem to use them on the site, you mostly just end up doing all the work yourself.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review factor gets a Metrics rating of C+.

7 sugar dating couple on beach

Success Rate

The personal reviews and testimonies about the website seem to paint an “overall satisfied” picture.

The number of users is excellent, which increases the chances of success.

It’s likely some people are finding proper matches without paying. Just know you can send only a limited number of messages for free.

The only thing that gives me pause is that hardly anyone has their profiles filled out with more than just a paragraph they wrote themselves.

So, while it seems you have a reasonable rate of success on this site, it probably comes with a significant amount of work.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review factor receives a Success rating of A.

8 sugar daddy meet review landing page


The User Experience and the free options leave a lot to be desired. However, the pricing and number of users make this a decent place to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

That being said, you'll need to put in a little work with the free option.

Sugar Daddy Meet receives an overall rating of B+.

If you'd like to be taken directly to Sugar Daddy Meet to check it out, simply click here.


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