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Sugar Daddie advertises itself as the premier, high-quality website to connect rich men with beautiful women. But is it true? This article will serve as an in-depth Sugar Daddie review for those interested in potentially joining the platform.

With fancy, romanticized pictures on their home page and a boast of “millions of active users,” Sugar Daddie paints itself as a sure bet to live a lavish, rich lifestyle with a quality relationship.

The website has been featured online many times, and has even been promoted by Dr. Phil…

So it must be excellent, right?

But underneath the glitz and glam of the homepage lies a barely functional website full of incomplete, barely-dressed, profiles and frequent pop-ups begging for your money.

It’s hard to see what Sugar Daddie does well, but read below for the juicy details.


Dating Site: Sugar Daddie

Niche: Mutual Arrangement

Market: U.S., U.K. & Canada

Recommendation: Passable for wealthy men &
younger women seeking an arrangement


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Sugar Daddie has a very specific niche — rich men and the women looking for them.

When filling out your profile, it does leave an opportunity to “be open to other types of relationships.” But the number of people who have that in their profile is rare.

If you’re not a “rich man” or a “sexy woman,” there’s practically no reason you would use this as your dating site.

Even if you fit that mold, is this the right niche for you?

As I browse through many of the profiles on the site, it seems that, though people are looking for sugar daddies and sugar babies, very few actually are those things.

The men who use this site don’t seem all that rich.

The women? While all women are attractive in their own way, those populating this website don’t seem to contain the certain type of class, style, and self-care that most rich men would take pride in.

So, while the niche the website offers could be a positive, they fail to deliver on the potential, at least at first glance. Women do outnumber men 2 to 1, though.

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a Niche rating of C.

3 sugar daddie review female profiles

Number Of Users

Sugar Daddie advertises millions of active users. It seems this is the one thing the website has going for it.

Their proclaimed “5 million members” includes anyone who has signed up since the site’s founding in 2002.

However, outside sources confirm that Sugar Daddie probably does have over a million active users.

Furthermore, the website says they have at least a thousand new members join every day.

Those are amazing numbers, and my experience confirms they have the quantity, if not the quality.

When I created a profile, I got dozens of pages of single women for me to peruse, most of which had pictures.

Furthermore, there were usually a couple hundred women and men online at any given time, which means you’ll likely always find someone to talk to live.

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a Users review of A.

4 dating site pricing


I wasn’t able to get into the website to actually check their prices (more on that later). However, I was able to gather enough information to get an idea about what Sugar Daddie’s prices might be.

The website is surprisingly cheap for one that supposedly caters to the rich.

Plans range from 1 month ($30), to 12 months ($14/month). These plans are below the average cost for dating websites.

Perhaps this is to help the beautiful young women afford a subscription.

There are also a decent number of things you can do while maintaining a free membership.

You can create a free profile, have a picture, browse members, use the blog and forum, and even send “icebreakers.”

The only thing you can’t do is email back and forth, which is perhaps why Sugar Daddie is so cheap.

One more thing to note: the website does not auto-renew. If you let your membership lapse or don’t want to continue, you don’t have to actively cancel.

No nasty surprises there, for the small inconvenience of having to actively renew your membership if you want to keep subscribing.

One thing you cannot accuse this Sugar Daddie website of doing is overcharging!

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a Price rating of A+.

5 dating site poor user experience

User Experience

Sugar Daddies’s appearance and performance make me annoyed that I even have to look at and use the site.

The website is boxy and bulky and reminded me of an early MySpace aesthetic…

The colors are dark and “musty yellow,” and while I think they were going for a “mysterious and ritzy” feel, it comes of gloomy and creepy.

There are no outside ads on the website, fortunately. That being said, for the little time I had a free account, I kept getting pop-ups encouraging me to buy a premium subscription.

Most websites will let you realize on your own that you need a premium subscription. The constant reminders via pop-ups were annoying and interrupted my search through profiles.

Perhaps the absolute worst thing about Sugar Daddie is how they handle incomplete profiles.

If you don’t fill out your profile enough, your account will get deleted without notice.

Maybe you thought you’d complete it later. Maybe you just want to browse for a while and see what the website has to offer…

It doesn’t matter.

Twenty-four hours after I first logged in, I went back to check out the website again. It said my password and email didn’t work…

When I tried to get my password reset, it didn’t recognize email. I then tried to recreate an account, and it said my email was already used!

They deleted my account and didn’t even notify me through email. That is extremely poor customer service.

Additionally, the fact that the website has no mobile app, the website is an all-around failure for providing its users with a quality experience.

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a User Experience rating of D.

6 sugar daddie review weak metrics


There are practically zero tools the website gives you to help match you with other people.

The system is completely dependent on you searching profile by profile and finding people you want to message.

Even the few things that Sugar Daddie asks you to divulge, like income, are not verifiable.

You could find a sugar daddy that says they have a $10 million net worth and there would be no way for you to know if they’re lying.

The one good thing about the website’s profile purge is that you can be reasonably certain the profiles you find will be filled out.

There are advanced search options, available for free, and you can select and set apart favorites.

The site’s metrics aren’t horrible, but they aren’t great either.

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a Metrics rating of C.

7 sugar dating testimonials

Success Rate

It’s hard to tell how successful the website is.

Their website is full of testimonials, but to be honest, they’re not very convincing.

They all have roughly the same format, are rife with spelling and grammar issues, and none of them can “think of a single thing wrong” with the website.

Still, they are likely real success stories, as the website would have too much to lose by fabricating them.

It does point to the type of people who tend to find success on Sugar Daddie.

People who use the website seem to regard it with minimal approval, at best.

Though many say they quickly find an amazing soulmate, just as many or more say there is really no reason to use Sugar Daddie over some other website.

This Sugar Daddie review factor receives a Success rating of C+.

8 younger woman holding champagne


While Sugar Daddie rates well in price and number of users, everything else about it is frustrating and poorly executed.

Even if you’re looking for a sugar daddy relationship, some other site might be best. receives an overall rating of C.

If you'd like to be taken to to explore the platform, simply click here.


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