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Single Parent Meet isn’t the first website you think of when you consider dating sites. But based on the name, you would think it’s a great place for single parents to meet each other. The following is a comprehensive Single Parent Meet review for my readers.

The best thing that Single Parent Meet has going for it is its price. Yes, it certainly has a lot of potential. But it suffers from the same problems as a lot of other low-price sites. A lack of “regulation” and an outdated feel are just a few of its difficulties.

If you’re looking to test different dating sites and want a cost affordable option, it's worth checking out.


Dating Site: Single Parent Meet

Niche: Single Parent Dating

Market: U.S. & Canada

Recommendation: Decent for men & women



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If Single Parent Meet were a place to meet single parents, they’d have a lot going for them. Dating as a single parent is difficult.

If you want your dates to turn into relationships, it’s important that they have a positive attitude about kids.

But, as far as I can tell, this site is for single parents in name only. While 90% of profiles were empty besides a picture, I only saw a few profiles of people having kids.

Wouldn’t that be something you’d advertise?

Furthermore, I even found several profiles admitting they didn’t have kids. Maybe they just wanted to meet a single parent?

I’d never know because there were no complete profiles at all.

The people on this site appear to be on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. They're also more likely to not be college graduates.

While the website would be an awesome place to meet single parents, the site fails to delivers on that promise. Though, there is a general selection still available.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a Niche Rating of D.

3 number of users per week

Number of Users

There’s no explicit statement about how many members the site has. But when I did a search with a decent age range, I got a little over 100 women within a hundred miles.

Out of those, there would probably only be half a dozen I’d even consider messaging based only on a photo, and only 2 of those had decent profiles.

Now those aren’t horrible results, and you can widen your search to include more people. Or you could message people to get to know them before judging if you want to go out.

Over the three days I was on the site, there was new members joining, so your options will probably keep increasing.

Still, this is a relatively small user base. It’s not a number that the website is bragging about or advertising, so it’s likely not a huge selling point for them.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a Users rating of C.

4 single parent meet review pricing


If Single Parent Meet has one thing going for it, it’s the price. First, you can get basic access for free, which is great.

You can also see matches and flirt with them by buying their “tokens” without a membership.

These tokens are used to interact with other people without buying a subscription.

But the subscription is so cheap, you might as well try it for a month or two instead of buying the more expensive tokens.

You can get a single month’s subscription for as little as $13. And if you wanted to spring for their longest plan (six months), it’ll only cost you $36.

This is about the price of a cheap date. You’re not losing out if the website doesn’t work after 6 months.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a Price rating of A.

5 dating site profile page

User Experience

The website for Single Parent Meet looks like a mix between a forum and MySpace from the 1990’s.

It’s basic and looks old, and the drab grey background with green and orange color scheme looks gross.

Nearly half the page is dedicated to third party ads (aren’t you paying for this service?), leaving the important information scrunched in the middle.

All the profile pictures (the one redeeming quality of a profile), are put in thumbnails as small as possible, which make it hard to see.

There is a mobile app available, but it’s poorly rated at a C-. It has even less functionality than the website (no live chat).

It also appears that it often charges people for more months than they wanted or messes up their profile.

If you are going to use this service, avoid the app and just stick to the website.

The single redeeming aspect of the site is the search function. It has a decent amount of variables and allows you to see up to twelve matches on a page in grid format. This makes searching quick and easy.

The profiles have a good layout for the few people who fill them out completely.

While there are a few nice aspects of the site’s appearance, you can tell that it’s mostly about the ad placement.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a User Experience rating of C.

6 single parent meet review screenshot


There’s no official metrics for Single Parent Meet and it functions more like the typical dating scene. Essentially, you see someone you like, you flirt, talk more, and than go on a date.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but it leads to the same weaknesses that conventional dating does.

We don’t always know what we want, or at the very least we could use some help with suggestions.

Single Parent Meet does have matches, which may be an algorithm based on our past searches.

By and large, however, you type in your area and age range and those are really the only criteria you have to whittle down the dating pool.

Often, you get age ranges significantly outside what you selected.

You’re left to sift through the rest of the information yourself. And while a picture is an Okay starting point, you might find someone’s personality completely off putting after you already talk to them.

There is a bit of functionality to help you find people with which you may be compatible, but the user is required to do all the heavy lifting.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a Metrics rating of C.

7 screenshot of dating site success rate

Success Rate

There is no advertised success rate published on Single Parent Meet, but they do have dozens of success stories that their users have shared.

It’s impossible to tell how true these are, but if we take them at their word, the website is mildly successful at helping people find love. However, there’s no way to tell how long these relationships last.

The best way to think of Single Parent Meet’s success rate is, if you are a person that is actively working to find a relationship, and are making yourself worthy of a relationship, this site gives you the tools you need to find someone.

If you put in the work, you may be successful, but it will likely not be as quick or as easy as some of the other dating sites.

This Single Parent Meet review factor gets a Success rating of C-.

8 single parent meet review dad with kids

Single Parent Meet Review Conclusion

Single Parent Meet is not all it claims. It is less about single parents and more about a cheap, do-it-yourself way of finding a relationship.

While there’s a lot of rough spots to the site, the price may be worth it if you’re willing to put in the work yourself.

It seems people have had moderate success on the website, so if you’re not picky, you can spend a modest amount to try it for a few months.

Overall, Single Parent Meet gets a C Rating.

If you'd like to be taken directly to the Single Parent Meet website, simply click here.


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