1 silver singles review happy older couple isn’t the most popular dating site for older singles, but it is definitely among the best. If you’re interested in joining, make sure to read my in-depth Silver Singles review below to know exactly what to expect.

Rating high in every area, if you’re over 50 and looking for a new relationship, Silver Singles is the site for you.


Dating Site: Silver Singles

Niche: 50+ Dating

Market: Mainly U.S.

Recommendations: Excellent for 50+ men & women


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Silver Singles seems to do a very good job at adhering to their niche of singles who are 50+. I’m under fifty so I tested their niche by creating two different profiles.

On the first profile I created, I entered my age as though I was 55. I answered all the metrics questions as my own personality, as though an older version of me were looking for a match.

The matches I received were all over 50, with the youngest being 52. Most were 80% compatible or higher.

On the second profile, I did everything the same but put my age as 18. I got back a single match that was 63% compatible.

I was surprised they even let me make an account that young, but it didn’t actually matter.

What this tells me is that 1) there aren’t very many users under 30 on the site (and by their own admission, 1/3 of the users are 50+).

And 2) even if there are, people are looking for other seniors, so younger users are less likely be paired with anyone.

This means that Silver Singles actually upholds their niche very well, though the fact that only one-third are over 50 seems a bit low.

This Silver Singles review factor receives a Niche rating of A.

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Number Of Users

Third party sites show that Silver Singles has about 800,000 page hits per month. They probably have around half this many profiles active, meaning around 400,000 active users.

This is probably about average.

There are some very positive aspects of this site’s membership. For one, most people start off with between 10-20 quality matches.

While that may not seem like a lot, they’re guaranteed to be compatible matches, so they count for the equivalent of 10 matches on most other sites.

Additionally, the site will show you 3-7 new matches a day, which means they have new members joining all the time, and their site is always working in the background to show you the best ones.

For dating sites, quality always beats quantity.

Finally, nearly every profile I saw was filled out with a high degree of detail. In addition to at least one picture, most profiles had a nice “about me” section filled out.

On top of that, most profiles had answers to 5-7 various questions to help you get to know the person better before you even message them.

The site itself advertises that they have 381,000 new users per month.

It’s not possible to know how many of those stick around or are fake, but it does seem as though they have at least a little growth every month.

While the site may not have impressive numbers, they definitely have the quality of members.

This Silver Singles review factor receives a Users rating of A.

4 silver singles review pricing


Silver Singles has three payment options, which are the perfect length for a dating website: three months ($53.85 total ), six months ($59.70 total), and one year ($107.40 total).

These are some of the cheapest rates I’ve ever seen on a dating website, which is good, because you really need to pay to use the site effectively.

The options for free users are very limited. The biggest setback is that you can’t see photos if you’re not a premium member.

As photos are arguably the most important part of a dating profile, this makes a free membership almost completely useless unless you’re able to get people to send you pictures in other ways (which is not safe!).

Other things you can do with a premium membership include: view your own personality profile, unlimited messaging with other premium members and fully use the mobile app.

The free options for the site are pretty crappy, but luckily the website is incredibly cheap to subscribe.

This Silver Singles review factor receives a Price rating of A-.

5 50+ dating site user experience

User Experience

The website looks relatively modern and classy. The color scheme is fine, and everything is easy to use.

It’s clear the creators care about it and invested money in it. It doesn’t look like the 90’s version of myspace.

The front page is minimalistic, in a good way. The pictures are absolutely huge, provided you can see them with a membership, and the only things on it are potential matches and messages.

The profiles are laid out very well. Besides the picture, the very first thing you see is the most important information: age, religion, education, etc.

There’s space for a lot of details so you can get to know people before messaging them.

Each profile can answer different questions, but some of the most popular ones include “likes and dislikes,” “what are you looking for in a relationship,” and “What are your strengths?”

Each person can answer up to seven different, customized questions on their profile.

The mobile app is pretty average with its 2.9 star rating. The complaints range from “not a good service” to “the app doesn’t work on my phone.”

These are all pretty standard complaints — the mobile app isn’t horrible; it’s also not great.

This Silver Singles review factor receives a User Experience rating of A-.

6 silver singles review metrics


The metrics for Silver Singles is among the best available on dating websites.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes to fill out all the questions, and is required in order to have a profile on the website.

Not only does the questionnaire cover a detailed personality profile (which you can see if you’re a premium member), it includes extensive questions about your lifestyle, what you’re looking for in a relationship, and your interests and passions.

There is no search bar or function on Silver Singles because the website does all the work for you.

You actually can’t search profiles looking for people you may be interested in, which may seem like a negative aspect to some people.

Overall, the fact that the website matches you with quality people with a high likelihood of compatibility saves you time, and money.

Most of the matches I saw were over 75% compatible, with quite a few being in the 90%+ zone.

This Silver Singles review factor gets a Metrics rating of A.

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Success Rate

I imagine that users of Silver Singles are relatively successful in finding the relationship they want. To start, the site itself advertises that it creates 2,000 new couples each month.

There’s no way to tell if these couples last, but let’s look at the evidence.

2,000 new couples a month is about 66 new couples a day or about 3 an hour!

That’s incredibly successful, especially for a dating demographic that is smaller than the general population.

Because of the search metrics, it’s likely that many of these couples stay together for an extended period of time.

Compatibility is one of the best predictors of a successful relationship. Older people are more likely to have the tools they need to make a relationship work.

The fact that profiles have to be complete and nearly everyone has pictures increases the odds of success. As does the fact that the price is so cheap.

While the reviews on the mobile app point to some unsatisfied customers, all the evidence shows that, in theory, Silver Singles should be extremely successful.

This Silver Singles review factor receives a Success rating of A.

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While the website has a few minor weaknesses, it’s definitely a great website to use if you’re over fifty and looking for a relationship.

Silver Singles receives an Overall rating of A.

If you'd like to be taken directly to the Silver Singles website to check it out, simply click here.


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