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Although we don't admit it often, us guys can stress out when we're trying to decode the signs she likes you. Unfortunately, when we're in that state, we miss everything she's throwing at us.

What are the signs she likes you? 

1. She’ll Twirl Her Hair.

2. She’ll Play With Her Jewelry.

3. She’ll Have Enlarged Pupils.

4. She’ll Scan Your Body.

5. She’ll Nibble Or Lick Her Lips.

6. She’ll Mirror Your Body Language.

7. She’ll Play With Her Drink.

8. She’ll Giggle And Smile.

9. She’ll Straighten Her Clothes.

It's important to take note that any one of these cues by themselves won't tell you the whole story.

But instead, it should trigger you to look for clusters of cues from her happening within one, single interaction that will give us the best opportunity to determine how she really feels about us.

Here are those nine things she does around you, described in detail, to show you she's interested:

woman playing with hair

1. She'll Twirl Her Hair

If you're alone with her and she's twirling her hair, this is one of the biggest signs she likes you and that you have her complete attention.

Understand that the hair twirling is being done subconsciously. Her body is trying to tell you something rather than her mind.

Make sure to smile and have fun when you see these signs. It's very likely that more signs will soon follow.

woman playing with necklace

2. She'll Play With Her Jewelry

Like the hair twirling, this is yet another sign of playfulness to let you know her body is loose and she is comfortable in your presence.

Typically, you'll see her hands move to a watch or bracelet. If she moves to play with her necklace, this is very positive since the neck is a very sensitive area for her.

She mostly likely would not be anywhere near the neck area if things weren't going well with her.

When you notice these things, allow them to happen and keep your focus on her eyes. Be sure to take mental notes!

womans pupils dialated

3. She'll Have Enlarged Pupils

Obviously, this one is completely involuntary and she can't hide this from happening. If you see big pupils forming, keep up everything you're doing, because she's totally into you.

The idea here is to see them gradually enlarge while having a conversation with her. If you're in a very dark room (or you suspect she's doing drugs!), then all bets are off on this one.

She'll have no idea what her pupils are doing, so lock eyes with her and keep the conversation going.

women checking out man

4. She'll Scan Your Body

Are you starting to notice a few of these signs she likes you happening simultaneously or within minutes of speaking with her?

Next time you're on a date, you might be lucky enough to get the “full body scan.”

She'll probably know she's doing this, but this is where you can have some real fun with her. After she scans, widen your eyes like you caught her doing something. Then, quickly scan her body like she did with you.

This will be a welcomed moment of shared body language when you playfully bust her for checking you out.

woman biting lip

5. She'll Nibble or Lick Her Lips

This is another involuntary response we do when we're nervous – our lips and mouth go dry

If she's licking them slowly, then she's probably listening to you very intently and something that you're saying is resonating with her. Your words are eliciting an emotional response from her, a definite sign attraction is brewing.

Women who have zero interest in man have what is called a flat affect – in other words, she'll show no emotion in her face.

mirroring on a date

6. She'll Mirror Your Body Language

Mirroring is something men and woman do when we're subconsciously feeling a bond with the person we're with at the time.

This applies to dating, but also to things like business deals, friendships and other interpersonal relations.

Stop and notice what your arms and legs are doing at any point on a date. What are her arms and legs doing?

If you notice she's doing the same thing as you, she's mirroring you. Yes – more great signs she likes you!


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woman playing with her drink

7. She'll Play With Her Drink

If her drink has a straw, she'll typically be swirling it around in her drink in a slow, almost hypnotic fashion.

Notice the pattern that's developing within these signs: her movements are slow and not quick or jarring.

You may also see her run her finger along the edge of her glass or hold her drink to her mouth just a little longer than normal.

cute couple laughing

8. She'll Giggle And Smile

It's amazing to me how much this one can throw men off, and how much it threw me off when I was first getting out there and not really knowing what was happening on dates.

Feel free to check out my Resources page here for the top things that helped me up my learning curve quickly with attracting women.

Sometimes a woman giggling or smiling can lead us to believe she's caught us doing something wrong, and we end up sabotaging anything we're doing at the time by changing things up unnecessarily.

Giggles and smiles are good, man! Get out of your head! If I had only known this back in my teens… ahhh…

girl popping collar

9. She'll Straighten Her Clothes

This one can be pretty funny when you catch it. It's funny both when she doesn't realize she's doing it, but also when she catches herself doing it

Picture it – you're on a date and you start doing things you normally only be doing in front of you mirror at home, not in public.

This is one of the more very personal, intimate signs she likes you because it shows she cares about her appearance in front of you in a very open way. Trust me, don't miss this one, because it's the cutest thing you'll ever see.

Reading Body Language Is Reading The Proper Signs She Likes You

The signs will be all over the place. These are just a few to get you started and that should reveal themselves easier than others.

To be safe, make sure you're noticing 2-3 of the signs happening on a single date to feel confident she wants to see you again.


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