Men can be funny creatures. Sometimes we can act like we're so put together around you, but when he's telegraphing signs he likes you, really everything inside us men is a *tangled mess*.

What are the signs he likes you?

1. He’ll Always Be Smiling Around You.

2. He’ll Struggle To Make Direct Eye Contact.

3. He’ll Find Things In Common Between You Two.

4. He’ll Let You Catch Him Staring.

5. He’ll Put His Hand On Your Lower Back.

6. He’ll Bite His Lower Lip.

7. He’ll Laugh At Anything Remotely You Say.

8. He’ll Proactively Set Up A Date.

In reality, we only have so much control over how we want to be read in regards to whether or not we're into you.

93% of all human communication is non-verbal. So when he gives off signs he likes you, more times than not, he doesn't even realize he's doing it.

Next time you're out with a guy, hone in on his actions and not so much his words. The beautiful thing is women are natural experts at reading body language, so this should come fairly easily to you.

Here are eight things men do, in detail, to give off signs he likes you:

signs she likes you man smiling

1. He'll Always Be Smiling Around You

When we're feeling good about the company we're in, men typically wear their hearts on their sleeves.

There's nothing like being on a fantastic date or running into someone you've had your eye on at a party. It makes us feel on top of the world

This is because most dates can make us feel the opposite way. Normally, we discover the vibe just isn't feeling right.

There's a certain sense of hopelessness that men and women feel alike when we don't feel attraction for the person that's in front of us.

When that spark of attraction does hit us men, it's like being on our favorite amusement park ride in our minds 24/7; we can't help but smile.

Sure, guys can fake it just to get through the night. But everyone knows a fake “polite smile” when they see one.

(And if you're unsure, people who offer a fake smile typically never show their bottom teeth.)

If you're getting a genuine smile from him, smile back! Chances are things are going very, very well in his mind.

man avoiding eye contact

2. He'll Struggle To Make Direct Eye Contact

We can be the most confident man in the world, but if we're attracted to you, the eye contact thing always throws a wrench into our game.

It's almost as if you're looking right into our souls and seeing just how mushy we are, and that can be a very vulnerable place for us.

I'm personally familiar with this one, because I remember asking myself on multiple occasions “Why aren't you looking at her?! Get it together, man!”

This is one of those subtle signs he likes you and may even lead you to believe he's not into you if you're not careful.

The idea here is to try find clusters of these behaviors as your overall indicator of his interest, not just one sign all by itself.

He'll probably dart his eyes up at you like a puppy dog and then look right back down if he's attract to you. If you catch him constantly looking at other attractive people in the room, however, chances are the opposite is true.

couple hiking

3. He'll Find Things In Common Between You Two

The first part of this involves his taking control of the conversation.

He might accidentally interject while you're describing things that you like to do. Then, he'll let you know he's into the same thing. “Oh my God, I love hiking on Saturday mornings!”

From there, you'll usually get hit with a few questions specifically about hiking: “Where do you hike? How long do you usually hike for?”

This process gets him pumped, subconsciously, about this particularly aspect of you since he also likes hiking. You might notice he'll latch onto another couple of key interests you mention and ask you questions about them to learn more about you.

Clearly, if he asks you to go hiking with him, you're golden. If we are not interested in you, we won't make the effort because we simply don't care.

man getting caught staring

4. He'll Let You Catch Him Staring

When we're attracted to you, you're like that bright, shiny thing that stands out from all other things at any given time. And chances are, (not to creep you out), we're staring at you many more times than you realize or catch us doing it.

Take it as a compliment (unless you're getting one of those creeper stares where they don't look away ever…)

touching her back

5. He'll Put His Hand On Your Lower Back

There is something in our DNA that dates to way back when that tells us guys to be chivalrous, hold doors and to lead on a date.

Whatever your views may happen to be on that, I believe this is where the hand on the lower back comes from, particularly walking through entryways or if he's about to introduce you to someone.

If he touches your back, shoulder or arm, even if momentarily, these are fairly certain signs he likes you. It's risky for us to do.

Touching someone else is always risky. But it could mean there is a mutual comfort building between the two of you, as well. He simply wants to test the waters to make sure you are, in fact, comfortable with him.

man biting lip

6. He'll Bite His Lower Lip

This one is actually quite funny, because the way I learned about this was from women commenting to me about it when it was happening on the dates!…

(To read my story of how I went on 148 dates in one year, read my About page here)…

“You know you do this cute thing I just noticed…” Once it happened the second time, I knew it was happening subconsciously and it happened with two women I really liked.

I can isolate this one down to an indicator of interest because it's never happened around my family and I've never had one of my boys be like, “You know you do this thing with your lip…”

Just another one for you to add to the “interest checklist.”

man laughing

7. He'll Laugh At Anything Remotely Funny You Say

I've definitely caught myself doing this one multiple times on dates and I'm like, “Yep – she's great.”

This can be a tricky one in the sense that sometimes people laugh just to be polite and that certainly isn't going to be helpful to you in determining a man's interest.

I'm talking about laughing that might even seem a bit excessive with a lot of smiling in between, almost to the point where you're like “Come on man!”

Frequent laughing and smiling – just two more signs he likes you.

guy texting on his phone

8. He'll Proactively Set Up A Date

This one is much more obvious and goes hand-in-hand with #3 involving commonalities. If you guys spend a bit of time discussing hiking, the next logical date he's going to try to set up wouldn't be going fishing – it's going to be hiking!

He probably won't do this while on the date in which he discovered the hiking commonality, but rather mention that it would be fun and work out the details with you later.

We don't set up times to hang out unless we're interested. We don't go on dates just to be polite.

You should probably set up a date or two with him yourself just to reciprocate and let him know you'd like to see him too.

But if he's working towards a next date, no need to wonder how he feels about you.

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Actions, Not Words, Show The True Signs He Likes You

Men and women put so much emphasis on words. Sure, words have importance, but it's behaviors that carry the real weight.

Try not to read into any one behavior. Rather allow all of them to paint you the whole picture of where you stand with him. No need to be some pensive detective on your dates. Have fun!! Let your instincts do the rest.

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