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Seeking Arrangement is a high-end “sugar daddy” & “sugar momma” dating site that seeks to match affluent people with younger, good-looking, and ambitious men & women. Supposedly, those who are looking for a secure lifestyle or mentorship can find successful men & women on this website. This post will serve as a comprehensive Seeking Arrangement review for anyone interested in joining the site.

The very first impression one gets when visiting the website is that it is fancy and high end. While some of that may be a show, it is definitely one of the highest quality sugar dating websites available and has the price to prove it.


Dating Site: Seeking Arrangement

Niche: Sugar Dating

Market: Mostly U.S. & Canada

Recommendations: Good option for women / Excellent option for men

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One of the first things you notice about Seeking Arrangement is that, while they aim to set up two certain kinds of people, they have no discrimination about what type of relationship they’re looking for.

You could be looking for just a mentorship or a friendship. Maybe you’re seeking a “friends with benefits” relationship with a rich man or a beautiful woman.

Members may even be married but are either in an open relationship or looking for a discrete affair.

No matter your feelings on those types of relationships, the fact that they have options for them is unique among “legitimate” dating sites that aren’t focused only on hookups.

The site favors men as there are about four women to every man on the site. So, while the site seems to be marketed more toward women, it’s the men that are the ones benefiting, predominantly.

The biggest problem is, even though this should theoretically be an incomed-based site, where a man’s earnings are one of the primary reasons he’s attractive, I didn’t see any man’s profile which advertised his income.

You can fill out your income when you make a profile. You can put it on your profile. But nobody does.

The fact that this makes it less of a good site for those looking for a rich man, and that you can’t verify income even if they share it lowers the niche rating a little.

Overall, this Seeking Arrangement review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

sugar dating site number of users

Number of Users

When I did a relatively broad search, I received nearly ten thousand women within 100 miles, which includes a couple big cities.

Every profile had pictures and a decent amount of information. Most women (8100) were very young (18-30) and another 1200 or so were between the ages of 30-60.

Most had free profiles, which means that the functionality of the website works pretty well even if you have a free account. Though, like most websites, you’re only going to be successful if you pay for the service.

When I searched for men in my area, I only received results for about 1,000 men between the ages 18-60. They had significantly fewer pictures on their profiles, though they still all had at least one.

As stated before, there’s no way to know how much money they make. Even though the site asks for net worth and salary at account creation, I didn’t see a single account that included it.

Even though the site can verify someone’s background info and photo, there’s no option to verify income, which is unusual for a site like this.

The website itself advertises 10 million active users, 8 million of which are women and 2 million which are men. While my personal results had a ten-to-one disparity between men and women.

It’s likely more populous areas have the four-to-one ratio.

As far as overall number of users go, these are amazing numbers for a niche site, and rivals major sites like eharmony and for number of active users.

However, the ratio of men to women is abysmal if you’re a woman. The fact that there are hardly any men on this site means it’s not great for women, and it lowers the overall effectiveness.

This Seeking Arrangement review factor receives a Users rating of B+.

sugar dating site pricing


The price for this website is the highest I have ever seen. The three-month subscription is more expensive that’s twelve-month subscription cost!

That might worth it if you were certain you could be successful on the site relatively quickly, but that won’t be the case, especially for women.

While most websites offer at least three payment lengths ranging from 1 month to 12 months, with 6 months typically being the “sweet spot”, Seeking Arrangement has only two options, the longest of which is 3 months.

Three months is usually not long enough to meet someone on a dating website, and if you’re a woman on this site you’re going to be throwing away $240 every three months.

But, if you’re planning on marrying a rich guy, you probably feel justified taking a risk.

This would probably be more understandable if you could message while having a free account, but you can’t.

You can receive messages, but you can’t read them until you upgrade. Even when you do upgrade, you’re only getting two useful features: the ability to message, and the ability to boost your profile.

If you’re a woman, the profile boost is going to be helpful, but if you’re a man, you probably don’t need it. You’ll have dozens of women throwing themselves at you without even trying.

I have some serious concerns with how expensive this website is, it seems likes it’s taking advantage of women.

Perhaps the high cost is the only real way to verify that men on here actually make decent money. How else could they afford to pay for a subscription?

This Seeking Arrangement review factor receives a Price rating of B-.

seeking arrangement review user experience

User Experience

The website’s user interface is one of its best aspects. Modern, minimalistic, easy to use, and pleasant to look at, the website is eminently functional.

The bar at the top is the only menu, and makes it extremely easy to see where to search, when you have a message, and if anyone has expressed interest in you.

Besides the menu bar and a few small blog links at the very bottom, the majority of the home page is grids of huge pictures.

The users in these picture grids are categorized as “members online in your area,” “new members near you,” and “college” (members with college degrees).

These are relatively useful in finding and seeing profiles you’d be most interested in.

The profiles themselves are relatively basic but present all the really important information in an easy-to-read layout.

Further down there is also a long-form “about me” section you can fill out, and tags for what type of relationship you’re seeking (casual, long term, discrete, etc.).

Overall, this website is extremely well done and easy to use.

This Seeking Arrangement review factor receives a User Experience rating of A+.

seeking arrangement review benefits


Seeking Arrangement falls into the most normal and average type of dating website — that which makes you search your own users instead of using a fancy algorithm to match you up.

While fancy algorithms can be nice, and lead to high rates of success on some of the most prominent (and expensive) sites, they are really just a perk.

What matters is how many tools a website gives you to search their website. If you’re going to do it yourself, it better be easy, right?

This website gives you all the tools you need for this. They automatically present the most active users (those recently online) and the newest users in your area.

The search functions give you a significant number of options including, age and height, distance, and what type of relationship you’re looking for.

You can also search by all the other profile information, or even key words within the profile.

Overall, the site gives a moderate number of metrics by which you can search.

This Seeking Arrangement review receives a Metrics rating of A-.

sugar dating couple

Success Rate

The success rate for men on this website is probably excellent, as you’re almost guaranteed to find a woman desperate enough to go out with you.

The only concern is that most women don’t have premium accounts, so it’s difficult to understand how anyone on this site communicates with each other.

If you’re a woman, you either have to be the catch of the century or have an incredible amount of guile to beat out the other women on this site.

You’ll have to decide if the potential to meet a rich man is worth the high cost and low chance of success.

This Seeking Arrangement review factor receives a Success rating of B-.

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While this website does well for user interface and number of users (especially for men), its expensive price and ambiguous success rates should make users really consider if the price is worth it.

Seeking Arrangement receives an Overall rating of B+.

If you'd like to be taken directly to Seeking Arrangement to check it out, simply click here.

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