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Feel something is just totally off with you and your man? Do you feel less radiant and less full than you did when you started your relationship? If so, you may want to check out Rori Raye Toxic Men.

This program was really intriguing throughout, because I realized we all bring toxic baggage to the table.

Toxic men aren't terrible people, necessarily… they're just terrible for you

I really like Rori's style of teaching, because it's very similar to my own: It's tough love all day long.

She's got about a dozen women in the audience, and when she's gets them up on stage, they literally transform in front of your eyes…

It's clear some of them have been carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders for years

Why do we put up with such toxicity in a relationship and spend even one more minute with a partner that leaves us feeling less than?

Rori gives these women a golden nugget in the very beginning: instilling in them the power to leave these men if they want to leave.

Whether you're in one of these types of relationships now or want to prevent yourself from attracting a man who will ruin you emotionally, Rori Raye Toxic Men will definitely give you much to think about.

The 5+ hours of this program even produced seven full pages of notes! Here's what I learned…

: Toxic Men (go to Rori's program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: Rori Raye

Company: Amare Inc.


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Again, Toxic Doesn't Mean Terrible

Toxic partners just don't want what you want, plain and simple.

When we spend any measurable amount of time with these individuals, we subconsciously go through a process where we ourselves become co-toxic

This is what makes us feel bad in these relationships: becoming an *alternate* version of who we really are.

It becomes so twisted that toxic acts from our partners become so familiar to us, they end up feeling like love

In the beginning, Rori discusses the six elements that compose your “toxic style.” A large part of how you were raised plays into this style you adopt.

For example, what's your hidden payoff you get from your man when he's acting up? What sort of intermittent rewards does it produce for you?

Rori defines a “toxic relationship” as the following: Both people depend completely on an unspoken agreement between them that neither person grows nor changes ever

Sounds pretty awful, doesn't it?

Essentially, one person carries the “garbage.” They carry it day in and day out…

Ironically, it's one reason women go through a “bad boy” phase. He carries around the anger so you don't have to.

We position ourselves in the “opposites” role. Whatever they're doing, you balance that out with the complete reverse. He carries the dark, you carry the light.

Becoming aware of it is the key to the road of healing.

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Stopping The Toxic Cycle

So how do you detox your life from all of this? Rori Raye Toxic Men (go to Rori's program site here) certainly offers some solutions on this.

This requires a deep dive in evaluating your own personal situation and relationship.

Rori uses something called “The Toxicity Scale” to fully determine the root cause of the problem. Pretty thorough analysis, actually.

I really like the workbook this program comes with, because it is incredibly nuanced and has yourself asking “is this guy even worth all the trouble?”

She highlights the concept of “Strong Surrender,” an intentional act where a woman relinquishes control over a man as a magical key that unlocks a man's romantic feelings for you.

The result from this act is the toxicity in your relationship evaporating immediately

You can't save every relationship, obviously, but some you can fix with the simplest tweaks.

Rori demonstrates this by working one-on-one with female audience members live on camera.

We all need to recognize that a toxic relationship becomes an addiction. You crave the drama over time…

Women have to take that uncomfortable risk in asking what you really want from a man. What's really making you stick around with him?

Again, the “tough love” angle she uses is extremely effective.

It was clear some of these women in the audience had been carrying around a lot of pain unnecessarily.

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Aspects Of The Program That Were So-So

Like with every review I write, I like to include areas in which I feel Rori Raye Toxic Men could have used a little improvement:

1. Firstly, the deep psychological dive in the first ten minutes was a bit heavy-handed.

She gets deep quick, so I feel working her way up to it over a longer period of time would have been better.

2. Secondly, Todd Creager didn't really excite me much as a guest.

Todd is a bit repetitive in the concepts he conveys, but fortunately, he's only on for like 20 minutes.

3. Thirdly, I would have definitely benefited from more clarity in discussing your “toxic style.”

Some elements felt a little rushed, like difference between “Trained” Themes versus “Life” Themes in the beginning.

4. Finally, I wanted to know more about the Toxic Man archetypes.

Hearing the particulars about the “40 year-old man-boy” was hilarious. I wanted to hear more, because it was engaging!

Definitely nothing in this program that totally turned me off from it, but just a few things worth mentioning.

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Why Toxic Men Should Be Purchased

Once you get past Rori Raye Toxic Men (go to Rori's program site here) being a little dated (10+ years), the real gems begin to reveal themselves:

1. David Wygant Is A Hilaraious Guest – He really steals the show in a lot of ways.

He's even more “tough love” than Rori, which is saying something. Having the male perspective really brought contrast too.

2. The Toxicity Scale Is A Hugely Valuable Tool – I found many problems from my previous relationship in there.

Being able to watch women deconstruct their relationships and get to the root of their problems was an eye-opener.

3. The Men's Panel Really Got Women To Open Up – The three men she had on were knowledgeable and super honest.

The all-female audience members had the opportunity to ask them anything at all. Definitely some surprises in there!

4. “Romancing The Stranger” Really Brought Things Full Circle – “The Stranger” is the parts of you of which you're unfamiliar.

It was interesting watching women be guided by Rori to interact with their inner Stranger. Lots of emotion there, for sure.

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Every Woman Can Reclaim Her Power Immediately

Rori Raye Toxic Men focuses on fixing your inner conflicts first before you can resolve issues with any man.

Again, I'll point out that the program feels a bit dated, but what's being taught is timeless stuff that can help you today.

Rori is full of energy, and that's one of the biggest reasons I recommend women take advantage of her programs.

There's simply no good reason for a women's cycle of pain to continue in a toxic relationship.

Time to get off the toxicity treadmill!

In the meantime, check out some actual testimonials of the live participants of Toxic Men to see what they thought:

If you're interested in checking out the Rori Raye Toxic Men program and would like to be taken directly to her website, simply click here.


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