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Have you been searching for “Mr. Right” and coming up short? Do you wish you could discover a process in which he would come into your life with ease? That's exactly what the Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right program helps women do.

“But will I know it when I see him?”

“If he does come around, do I really deserve him?”

These are some of the most common questions women ask themselves when it comes to finding the right man.

Sure, a great guy can come around, but if you don't have your own “inner game” handled… well, you could talk your way right out of his arms… literally!

Rori did the same thing with her husband years ago… twice.

This 5+ hour video course is for 2 different types of women:

1. Single women trying to find “the one”

2. Married or attached women who want to discover if their investment in their man was the right choice

One thing I really like about Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right is that it's a deep-dive course into one specific topic.

It weeds out the things that are holding women back, mainly old programming placed inside you by your parents and society while you were growing up.

There are many concepts and techniques to cover in this review, so let's get started!

Targeting Mr. Right (go to Rori's program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: Rori Raye

Company: Amare Inc.


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Setting Your Sights With The Auction Effect

The Auction Effect is a powerful visualization exercise Rori opens with.

I won't get too much into detail, but it involves seeing all different types of men around you, even men you're not attracted to.

The idea is you're searching for symbols, things these men offer you that make you feel good.

And ironically, if you do this exercise in the company of actual men, it will make men attracted to you.

Ultimately, this helps to change your vibe around them. Your body language shifts into an open and accepting space…

You'll get men to approach you very easily… but the trick is what happens after.

“What do I do? What do I say to him?”

This is where the wheels tend to pop off for women. They become something other than themselves

I agree whole-heartedly with how Rori approaches this problem, because I've seen it first-hand.

You can see it in a woman's eyes as a man. It's almost as if she's having flashbacks and is no longer there

Guys do this too with women, but it happens earlier in the process where they don't even bother approaching a woman.

But for women, they need to be “triggered” emotionally by men. The thing is, they don't even realize it's happening.

This is where I feel Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right really begins to go to work for women.

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A Deep Look Into Circular Dating

Rori discusses the concept of “Circular Dating” in several of her other programs, but this is the course where she really goes into detail.

This is probably the key tool/solution I've seen of hers for women to get at the core of their inner game issues with men.

Here are the four (4) main rules of Circular Dating:

1. Date at least three (3)

2. Keep the focus on me

3. Treat them all equally

4. Until I say yes to a ring

Rule #4 came a bit controversial to the audience, because it basically says you don't get into a relationship until he puts a ring on your finger.

I feel she does a really good job in justifying her position on this; something she refers to as “The Girlfriend Trap.”

You'll definitely want to watch Sections 1 & 2 to soak up all the ins-and-outs of this inner game teaching, because you can't really move on to effectively communicating with men without it.

Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right (go to Rori's program site here) also contains special guest experts that thoroughly cover topics like online dating, image consulting, and flirting, when you're ready to get out there and meet men.

Doing the work on yourself is crucial and Rori shows you the steps to get it done.

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Areas Of The Program That Need Beefing Up

Like with every review I write, I like to include areas in which I feel Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right could use a little improvement:

1. Firstly, I think her guest Maya Rassic could have said a lot more about online dating.

I could be biased because this is a specialty of mine to coach on, but I would have loved to seen more of her.

2. Secondly, my thoughts about “The Girlfriend Trap” aren't in total alignment with Rori's.

Some things you just have to feel out in a relationship before marriage, but she's just saying don't let it drag on too long.

3. Thirdly, some of the tools like “Fuel for Love” & “Paint Yourself In Love” were a bit abstract for me.

Again, I have to take my masculine energy out of the equation here. These probably totally speak to feminine energy.

4. Finally, the demonstrations with the female audience members were a little light.

I would have loved to have seen a one-hour intensive with a handful of guests, but she does have plenty of smaller ones.

Again, I want to give the good with the can-do-better so you get the whole picture, but the $199 is totally worth the value.

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Why Rori Has The Right Approach Here

Once you get past the above items and the fact that Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right (go to Rori's program site here) is slightly dated, that value reveals itself:

1. Keri Newell Shines A Light On Flirting – I feel this guest just “gets it” when approaching men.

There are a lot of very wrong things you can do, but fortunately, Keri is on point with the right things to do.

2. Circular Dating Is Riskless, Yet Beneficial – You can meet men literally anywhere and “date” them… just chat!

Just follow Rori's steps to do this effectively and each man will offer you a message you need to hear to progress.

3. Mechellet Bickerstaff Dominates Self-Image – This image consultant guest knows how to make woman look good!

More importantly, it gives women a look into what style and colors brings out their best energy with men on dates.

4. “Riffing” Is Deep Inner Game Work – Such a brilliant tool that involves women triggering themselves on purpose!

You're going to be triggered by men anyway, so it's best to do it within your control and correct old programming head-on!

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He Always Shows Up When You're Ready

I think I'm mainly a fan of Rori because of the transformations you see these audience members go through right in front of your eyes.

There is also a lot of heart behind her work. You can really tell she's really invested in women's success with men.

Another great thing is she offers a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee with all of her programs, leaving very little risk for you.

I'll end by saying that men always know when a woman's got it all put together. That's one thing we can size up quickly.

Do the work on yourself and you'll steadily see the quality of men around you increase. You're on the right track!

Here's a brief 3-minute glimpse inside Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right. Rori herself explains it to you below…

If you're interested in checking out Rori Raye Targeting Mr. Right further and would like to be taken directly to Rori's website, simply click here.


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