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After watching all six hours of Rori Raye Modern Siren the past two days, I realized my approach with coaching women about dating & relationships has been all wrong.

Well, at least a little wrong…

As a man, I just didn't know any better…

The most striking thing about this program is how women are taught to tackle their dating & relationship issues with emotion and heart.

Society traditionally teaches women to deal with men through logic and thought

Even as a man, I thought that was a counter-intutive approach. But it all begins to come together.

I noticed at times when my coaching was implemented by my female clients in its initial form, women were running into issues because I asked them to handle problems like a man

Instead, a stronger more sustainable approach would have been to ask them to do what they do best (and what men happen to find most attractive in women)…

Connect with men through heart and feeling and nothing else

This is what Rori Raye Modern Siren professes: go “all chips in” on being the bright, beautiful woman you are and stop trying to fix everything

My intuition told me to start with this particular program of Rori's after reading her ebook, and I'm glad I did.

I can honestly say I learned a new way to help connect women with their goal of being the best versions of themselves with men.

Another set of tools for the ol' dating war chest. Whoo hoo!

Those six hours of the program flew by pretty darn fast. Now I get to tell you why…

Modern Siren (go to Rori's program site here)

Type: Video series

Teacher: Rori Raye

Company: Amare Inc.



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Women Need To Remove A Simple Blindspot

Rori says it straight: stop playing a man's game.

You have something men don't. There's something you naturally possess that men yearn for…

It's the siren within you.

In mythical times, the traditional sirens were elusive half-fish half-bird feminine creatures that lived on an island off the west coast of Italy.

Men would literally crash their boats to be near them, yet they were never 100% attainable…

The sirens would frolic in the fields and didn't bother with putting any effort into men. Men were easy to them!

They were connected souls who understood the power of the present and relied solely on their hearts to guide them.

Men couldn't resist their free spirits and playful energy.

Rori Raye Modern Siren was made to tell women they've lost their way

Today, women have created a huge dilemma for themselves: they've become men… with men!

Women are *thinking, rationalizing, negotiating, arranging, etc.* their way through relationships with men. She claims this is your blind spot as a woman.

Why? Because these are the things MEN do best.

Men tend to disappear when they feel they no longer have a purpose or “things aren't going anywhere.” You've taken our role so what else is there to do in the relationship?

We lose interest fast. The same vicious cycle…

Instead, Rori teaches that men want to know how you're feeling and have you draw feelings out of us, since men are so naturally terrible at it…

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Dating Men As A Form Of “Free Therapy”

This program is full of dynamic theories and exercises (go to Rori's program site here) that even challenged me as a male dating coach.

I'll admit, some of them were hard for me to do.

Rori discusses the idea of going out and dating men with absolutely zero mental attachments as “practice” or “free therapy.”

It's a way of taking off the pressure if you know things are not allowed to progress anywhere.

From a woman's perspective, it's interesting to hear how women, over time, have put themselves in “mental cages” because it feels safer

This leads to everything getting “icky” with men.

Also, the idea of women giving up control to men as a means of getting them to open up fascinated me.

If you don't relinquish control, you become the needy “Anti-Siren,” according to Rori.

Rori goes through many useful visualization techniques, like “The Imaginery Lover,” which really seemed to unlock a majority of the women in the audience she ends up working with on stage.

I felt totally nourished by her presence. She just oozed with authenticity, which is reeeeeeally hard to find in the dating advice arena, unfortunately.

Rori hones in on one common problem women have:

1. A woman gives up too much up front to a man

2. She then becomes resentful of why she isn't getting anything back from him

The reason this happens is that a woman attempts to connect with a man via all the wrong routes (through his mind, body, spirit) instead through the only route that matters: the heart.

The Downsides of Rori Raye Modern Siren

There were only a few things I caught that could have been approached better, in my opinion:

1. Firstly, the audience should have been larger.

This would have helped infuse a bit more energy into the program at times, especially for the audience participation portion.

2. Secondly, her guest Ariella Forstein's segment ran a bit too long.

She's a voice coach that helps the women release their “Siren Song” in a drum circle. Good, but lengthy.

3. Thirdly, the audience participation shouldn't have been saved for the very end.

Rori gives mini coaching to audience members, which are really powerful. They should have been spread throughout.

4. Finally, the sex therapist Heather Dawn guest segment was too short!

She had some amazing suggestions to fire up the female libido, but I felt like she was holding back a bit.

No deal-breakers here, but I want to give you the whole picture. It's tough to fill six hours, but she does a really good job at it.

Why You Need A Little Rori Raye In Your Life

This program is a breath of fresh air from the crap I'm used to seeing out there, and I'll tell you why:

1. Rori Totally Gets Men and Their Desired Role – Through trial and error, she found out some of our *man secrets.*

She puts it like this: “You can see how you're progressing on the inside by the type of men who show up on the outside.”

2. It's All About Changing Your Vibe – I believe Rori Raye Modern Siren snaps women out of their funk with men.

By running through the mindset and visualization exercises she offers, you can completely reset how men see you.

3. The Price Is Worth The Value – For $200, this program will have you in total command of your relationships. (go to Rori's program site here)

Even if you're dating, it can help save you from making costly and damaging mistakes with men over and over again.

4. Real Women Had Break-Throughs In Front Of My Eyes – The end of the program was the most powerful, I think.

At least three women went through a FULL transformation while up on stage with her during her individual coaching.

mythical sirens playing

Sirens Do Not Pursue Men, They Play

Rori Raye Modern Siren is for the girl or woman who's looking to get her groove back.

If something feels off in a relationship or you feel you're giving away too much too soon with men you're dating, Rori will help you correct course.

All I needed to see were the happy tears of the participants to know that the Modern Siren resonates with women and is worth committing to.

The beautiful thing is she has a 7-day Money Back Guarantee, so if it's not totally what you were hoping for, there's minimal risk.

I found this video on YouTube of the actual participant testimonials of Rori Raye Modern Siren. Check it out:

If you're interested in learning more about Rori Raye Modern Siren and want to be taken directly to Rori's website, simply click here.


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