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Ever wish you knew exactly what to say to your significant other to prevent a fight? That's what Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships seeks to accomplish in this program.

Regardless of the “hot button” topic you want to discuss with your man, in order to succeed, you need a plan

These discussions, if carried out the wrong way, can be devastating to a relationship…

They carry so much weight because whether it's a boyfriend or husband, you're 100% invested in the outcome.

Rori Raye does a really effective job in tilting the outcome of what a woman seeks to accomplish in her favor.

Not in a way where the man “loses,” but making it a win-win for you and your partner.

This is the fourth program of hers I've been through now, and she's actually quite hilarious!

Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships is a 5+ program for any woman who feels their relationship is in need of immediate repair or feels they are losing that special connection with their man.

As a now married, male dating coach, I can attest that the exercises and techniques within this program can get you back on track with your man fairly quickly.

It all comes down to your true intention and the feelings behind it

The second part of it is how you're able to communicate that to him without making him feel like he did something wrong…

I took some good notes, so let's dive further into this review!

Love Scripts For Relationships (go to Rori's program site here)

TYPE: Video Series

TEACHER: Rori Raye

COMPANY: Amare Inc.



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Relationships Need Scripts, Not Speeches

It's one thing to go into a conversation with your man knowing what you're going to say. That's half the plan…

But wouldn't it be much better to anticipate what he's going to say, as well? That's the second half.

By having the full script of how the conversation is going to go, you can literally map out the entire thing. Not just your one-way speech…

That's really a strong point of what Love Scripts For Relationships offers: a full plan of action from both people's perspectives.

Women intuitively know what their man is going to say on a variety of hot button issues like money, sex, exes, etc…

Scripting sounds mechanical, but it's the most efficient contribution you can make to any relationship at any stage.

Because they're created in advance, you can manage any emotion that creeps up to steer the conversation towards your desired goal… and make him feel good about the outcome too!

Rori brings her large female audience through Seven Steps to get to a successful script:

1. Understanding how men and relationships really work

2. What to undo and getting rid of tendencies that will block success with him

3. How to be “an invitation” to him and open yourself up

4. How to heal your emotions at whatever intensity level

5. Loving yourself by using the 6 “E's”

6. Circular Dating and using men in the field to help you practice communicating

7. How to shift your vibe to a more positive, inviting one

Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships (go to Rori's program site here) really drives one certainty home: Men are captivated by your truth and honesty about your feelings.

For men, that represents our opposite polarity – and it's incredibly attractive to us!

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Stop An Argument Dead In Its Tracks

Women try real hard not to trigger their man with things that will immediately make him shut down…

Because they've had a good amount of experience with this man with things that didn't work, they tend to get creative.

For example, turning taking out the garbage into a request versus a demand

This doesn't work, because requests make a man feel you're not happy with him. Demands obviously don't work either…

Rori proposes a radical idea to women: be “the fall guy” and be the accountable one for the problem in the relationship.

This was an interesting concept to me as a man. Initially, I thought she was going to go in a manipulative direction with it… but that wasn't the case at all…

Mothers have given their sons a big ol' layer of shame over the course of their lives. They didn't mean to, it's just part of mothering…

If you understand a man's psychology, you up your chances of a winning outcome.

There's zero risk and little downside to being the responsible one – even if you know deep down it's his fault.

Rori helps women master their emotions on stage in one-on-one rapid-fire therapy sessions to show how it works.

Nearly every one of these women are completely transformed within minutes

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A Few Things That Could Be Improved

Like with every review I write, I like to include areas in which I feel Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships (go to Rori's program site here) could use a little improvement:

1. Firstly, this is more of a techniques-based course rather than a “deep dive” course.

The techniques are great, but there isn't that consistent, deep dive element explaining why they work so well.

2. Secondly, there are zero guest speakers for this particular course.

I like seeing different authority voices on stage, regardless of the program. Here, it's just Rori and her audience members.

3. Thirdly, some of the “love scripts” overlap with one another.

It can get a little confusing at times depending on the goal of the script and the intended emotion you're calling up.

4. Finally, the location for the program could have utilized a bit more of an engaging setting.

It's her on a stage with a black wall behind her. The sound and lighting were good, so this was a minor thing for me.

These were mild distractions, at best, for me going through the program, but things worth mentioning to you.

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Every Woman Can Benefit From Love Scripts

Once you get past the above items and the fact that her program is slightly dated, the cream begins to rise to the top:

1. It Tackles All The “Hot Button” Issues – Porn, cheating, being taken for granted, there's nothing off limits!

Consequently, some of these audience members were actually dealing with some of these at home, so Rori brought it all out.

2. Live Therapy With Actual Women – This is the single thing that brought the most value to the program, I think.

By watching these women deal with their fears and emotions on stage, it's almost as if you're receiving the therapy.

3. The Love Scripts Are Practical & Realistic – All the scripts are simple and carry a single goal.

There's no reason any woman can't make these work for her own unique situation, whatever the problem may be.

4. Rori Really Understands Men – She's actually a lot more understanding than I am… and I'm a man!

What I mean is, she really puts the responsibility on women to take charge and not blame men for everything they can.

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Solid Advice From A Solid Coach

Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationship is a great antidote to toxic, unfulfilling relationships with your partner.

She addresses the most common (and fearful) topics that come up in long-term relationships and how to avoid them.

The “tough love” approach she deploys is backed with years of experience as a crisis coach. She's seen it all!

And please don't let the fact the program was shot 10+ years ago dissuade you from exploring this program…

The methodology is timeless.

Here's a brief two-minute clip of her introducing herself at the beginning of Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships:

If you're interested in checking out Rori Raye Love Scripts For Relationships further and would like to be taken directly to her website, simply click here.


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