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As a dating coach, getting introduced to the Rori Raye Have The Relationship You Want eBook confirmed my intense, unique sense of how hard women actually work to bring the right man into their lives.

I help women with their relationships all the time. But, I do it from the male perspective (and heart)!

A colleague of mine knew I was building this blog and knew I hadn't created any dating programs of my own yet.

“Where are you going to send your female readers,” she asked? She knew I had my male readers covered with a dating coach named David Deangelo.

That's when she told me about Rori Raye. “You should look into her personal story,” she said. “I think you two match up well. You both put a lot of heart into your clients.”

She was right.

When my relationship with my ex ended abruptly back in 2008, I was picking up the pieces for years having no clue how I let things get so bad.

That's where my journey began in the coaching game; I was seeking to heal myself.

Rori hooked me with her story instantly. It was so similar to my own, yet she hit rock bottom with her partners twice more than me

My goal here is to guide you to someone (since I have no programs created yet) that holds values and beliefs that are in alignment with my own.

Also, someone who has these helpful programs available for you to consume immediately.

This is where my first review of Rori Raye begins…

: Have The Relationship You Want (click to Rori's program catalog here)

Type: eBook

Length: 122 pages

Teacher: Rori Raye

Company: Amare Inc.


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Building A House On Quicksand… Twice

I don't want to ruin the lessons of this eBook by telling you about Rori's story in detail.

What really captured my attention was how she and I followed identical paths in our utter failures with dating…

We let our “intuition” screw up everything

That's because the things we should be doing are *the complete opposite* of what our intuition is telling us (sadly).

Rori painfully walks you through her struggle with this process, so no woman has to make these critical mistakes ever again.

One mistake she discusses at length is never giving up control with her husband and just letting go…

Or how she was always utilizing “masculine energy” unknowingly that only brought her “Friends With Benefits” style relationships…

Instead of operating from her heart, she was constantly operating from her head… just like a man!

I was immediately in sync with the Rori Raye Have The Relationship You Want eBook in the first ten pages (from the perspective of a dating coach) when she centered in on how control and managing kills attraction…

The good news is, if you're making these mistakes, you can turn things around fast, like in two weeks, as she did the second time things got messy with her husband.

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Taking Him Out Of The Equation Completely

It's your reality that makes this work. Rori and I completely agree: women need to stop trying to fix everything all the time. (But so do men. Everyone stop trying to fix please!)

Whether you are dating or married, every woman deals with the same issue: The “Nasty Voice.” (Her term.)

Ironically, it's sole job is to protect you.

Rori describes exactly how this internal part of you functions, why you can't ignore this voice and how to coexist with it.

I really enjoyed this section of the eBook, because it is in total alignment with my own teachings: Focus on you.

The goal is to alter the “vibe” you're projecting out to others. What vibe are projecting to men right now?

This is where she really kicks in the “tough love” talk (I happen to love this approach) and discusses how men don't fear intimacy, women do. Say whaa?


It's funny, because I do this with my own female clients, where we initially go through and systematically eliminate together myths they carry around about men. So important!

After those myths are cleared out, we assess if the man is really worth the time of day. It's validation for me that our teachings are congruent with one another.

You basically feel you're getting a personal consultation with Rori because of how thorough her process is. That was a weird experience for me… in an eBook.

Definitely not a bad value for the $20 you're spending (click to Rori's program catalog here) to get the Rori Raye Have The Relationship You Want eBook…

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Areas Where Have The Relationship You Want Could Improve

Just like with all my reviews, I like to dip into the downsides of these programs, just so you have a complete perspective of what you'd be buying:

1. Firstly, Rori Raye's eBook is, well… an eBook. All of her other programs are video series, so it would have been nice if this had been one too.

2. Secondly, some paragraphs were long and the images were all not the greatest stock photos. This type of formatting can take you out of the moment from time to time.

3. Thirdly, she ended the eBook with her personal story, but didn't lead with it. I know, she was probably saving the best stuff for last, but it would have been much stronger in the beginning.

4. Lastly, I wish she had gone into a few of the powerful concepts she discussed, like “Circular Dating,” in much greater detail. They're treated like a survey course in college; just the overview.

Rori hasn't fully reached her YouTube channel potential yet, in my opinion, but at least you can get a feel for her style and the gist of her program offerings. (Watch her interview below!)

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Rori's eBook Sets The Stage For Success With Men

It's amazing how we tend to “double down” on our behaviors, especially when (we know) they're not working!

If you're struggling to get your stride with a boyfriend or husband, or even new men you're dating, these are the main reasons I recommend getting your own copy of this ebook: (click to Rori's program catalog here)

1. “Let The Man Row the Boat!” – Rori lays out why men become resentful when you try to take the oars and “row the boat” of your relationship. She is very effective at teaching how to properly ease up on this control to find balance.

2. “Stop Overfunctioning!” – This is a term she uses that highlights just how women badger men into submission and never realize they're doing it. There are many tools provided in this eBook to help strip away these non-useful tendencies.

3. Using “The Fantasy Lover” & “Sensual Meditation” Exercises – These are great, practical tools women can use immediately to shift their success with men. Just make sure not to skip any of the steps! They each have a purpose.

4. An Introduction To Circular Dating – This is a really fascinating concept she's developed that involves a woman dating men, but it's 100% practice for her. It's a key component to her Targeting Mr. Right program (my review here), which is quite good.

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Extra Bits From Rori Raye Have The Relationship You Want eBook

Have you ever found yourself becoming vulnerable with a man… and it scared the heck out of you?

That's okay. It takes practice if you're not used to it.

Rori's eBook is an excellent road map to become confident in sharing your feelings and thereby honoring your relationship with your male partners in the ways he's been waiting for.

Below is a great video I found of Rori Raye being interviewed by Evan Marc Katz, a well-known personality in the dating and relationship field.

It's 45-minutes long, so you really are able to get a sense of just how Rori helps women with men and dating & relationships…

If you'd like be taken to her website to purchase the ebook (click “Program Catalog” at the top) or sign up for her FREE newsletter, simply click here.


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