Welcome to my resources page, a curated list of my personal recommendations for products and services that serve not only your dating and relationship needs, but also things that help promote healthy relationships and lifestyles.

I have personal experience with every recommendation on this page. They've helped me become a better, healthier person and dating coach.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase at no additional cost to you. I'm sharing these resources with you because they've personally benefitted my life, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Only spend money on these items if you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. 

Dating Programs for Men

Recommended Dating Coach

David Deangelo – David is the guy I learned nearly every skill with attracting women about ten years ago. His teachings are still very applicable today. Click here to see his brief 3-minute video introduction of himself and/or sign up for his FREE newsletter.


Essential Dating Knowledge

Double Your Dating – This 148-page ebook triggered my complete mindset shift in how I approached women and dating. It set me on a course of successful and meaningful relationships (and now marriage) I thought I’d never have. Click here to read my full review of it or buy it for just $15 here.


Best Mindset Program

Deep Inner Game – This deep-dive program is the second program of his I went through where I learned to address my emotions head-on. Once you do that, you’re basically unstoppable mentally. Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on David’s site here.


Best Female Communication Program

Sexual Communication – This was the program that really won me over with David. In this one, he teaches a “secret,” subtle language men that are successful with women use that regular guys would never notice. Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on David’s site here.


Best Techniques-Based Program

Meeting Women In Bars And Clubs – This is definitely David's most energetic and hilarious program that gives you every tool you'd ever need to approach any attractive woman in public. David and all his guests bring their “A” game to the table for this one.  Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on David’s site here.


Dating Programs For Women

Recommended Dating Coach

Rori Raye – I became aware of Rori from multiple female clients of mine who had gone through some of her programs. Once I had the opportunity to go through them myself, I learned Rori has a keen sense of what men want from women and had very effective approaches for women to obtain the relationships they desired. Click here to check out her free Love Advice Newsletter and other programs Rori offers.


Essential Dating Knowledge

Have The Relationship You Want ebook – This was my first experience with Rori’s teachings and what hooked me on her from the beginning. As a dating coach, I take a “tough love” approach to my clients and Rori does a very similar thing. Her programs come from a lot of heart and life-changing experiences. Click here to read my full review of it or buy it on her Product Catalog page for just $20.


Best Mindset Program

Modern Siren – This program is the ultimate tool to getting a woman back to her roots, fully stepping into her femininity without apologies and attracting the right kind of man into her life. You'll see actual women blossom right in front of her on stage with her dynamic approaches in this program. Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on Rori’s site here.


Best Male Communication Program

Toxic Men – Toxic Men was incredibly interesting to me and possesses a huge value for women who may have narcissistic or energy-draining men in their lives and how they can get rid of them for good. You'll also learn how to prevent yourself from attracting toxic men to you uneccesarily. Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on Rori’s site here.


Best Techniques-Based Program

Targeting Mr. Right – It can be very tricky to determine how to go about finding your ideal mate. In this program, Rori places her female audience members on the expressway to finding romance with “the one.” Click here to read my full review or you can check it out directly on Rori’s site here.


Niche Dating Sites

Best All-Inclusive Dating Site

Match.com – Match is just one of those dating sites you can't go wrong with. It caters to the largest demographic of people and doesn't leave anyone out. My wife and my best friends even got married after meeting on Match! Click here to read my full review or go directly to Match.com by clicking here.


Best Personality Matching Site

eHarmony – This is the site I personally used in my 20's when I set up three separate profiles that catered to different aspects of my personality and went on 148 dates in one year! I highly recommend it for meeting quality singles. Click here to read my full review or go directly to eHarmony by clicking here.


Best Busy Professionals Site

Elite Singles – I found Elite Singles to be a very intriguing niche dating site and ended up scoring it very well in mostly all of the categories in which I was evaluating. If you value finding an educated partner, Elite Singles can help you do it. Click here to read my full review or go directly to Elite Singles by clicking here.


Best Professional Matchmaking Site

It's Just Lunch – IJL has been around for almost three decades. If you're tired of online dating and want to find your ideal match quickly with little effort, hire a professional matchmaker here. They custom-tailor packages, but they can get pricey. Click here to read my full review or go directly to It's Just Lunch by clicking here.


Best Mature Dating Site (50's + 60's)

OurTime – Out of the mature dating sites I evaluated, OurTime would certainly be my top pick. They have a substantial user base and the price blows out their competition. If you're single and in your 50's to mid 60's, OurTime is where you want to be. Click here to read my full review or go directly to Our Time by clicking here.


Best Christian Dating Site

Christian Cafe – This niche dating site was easily one of the top-scoring reviews I produced. From user base to price to success rate, it is simply a winner. If you're single and Christian, you'll have plenty of quality options here. Click here to read my full review or go directly to Christian Cafe by clicking here.


Healthy Lifestyle

Recommended Wellness Brands

Hims for MenHers for Women – Getting a prescription for things like hair loss can be embarrassing. I should know – my hair isn't what it used to be in my 20's, until I got it handled with Hims! Hims for Men & Hers for Women are making it easier for folks to handle pesky everyday problems like these. The customer service is unparalleled. If you're a man, click here to explore Hims. If you're a woman, click here to explore Hers.


Recommended Healthy Meal Delivery Service

The Good Kitchen – Sometimes eating healthy can be a chore, especially if you're cooking at home. My wife and I love these gourmet paleo meals that get shipped directly to our house. We stay in great shape for about $10 per meal. They ship to you free and stay amazingly fresh in the freezer for up to six months. Click here to get 15% off your first order and enjoy!


Recommended Teeth Straightening Service 

Smile Direct Club – My wife and I both had braces growing up…and both never wore our retainers. Naturally, our teeth began to shift and we both became self-conscious about our smiles as adults. When we joined Smile Direct Club, our smiles came back to life within six months. They even had a payment plan! Click here to save $100 and to snap your smile back into shape.


Recommended Life, Wealth & Wellness Coach 

Tony Robbins – What can I say? Tony Robbins saved my life. If I hadn't gone through his “Unleash The Power Within” program with my wife, I'm not sure where I'd be (or if I'd still be married!). If you need a life shake-up and want to become super-focused and distraction-free in getting there, Tony's your man. Click here to check out his live & online program offerings.


Blog-Related Resources

Income SchoolRicky & Jim of Income School have become my mentors in building DaterBoy and have helped me earn an income while helping people minimize their dating learning curve and find love. If you have a blog or would like to start one, you need to enroll in their Project 24 program! Meet me in their community. I'm @rycarm7 🙂 Click here to get your blog started on the right foot with their 60-step program!


Fiverr – Fiverr has been my go-to platform to give DaterBoy that professional edge. My experiences with my graphic designer and web developer on Fiverr have been great and make me feel like I can tackle more! Post a creative project for free and literally have dozens of qualified applicants with 24 hours. Click here to find a freelancer now!


Blue Host – I've hosted all of my websites on Blue Host since 2010. Their customer service is amazing and I highly recommend you host your website with them. You can get started now for as low as $3.95/month here!


MyThemeShop – The blog theme I use for DaterBoy is called Magnus from MyThemeShop. It's a newer, premium theme that came with terrific customer support I honestly wasn't expecting. They help tweak anything you want. Click here to find a high quality theme that works for you!


AWeber – AWeber is a MUST if you have a blog. It's a way for your readers to subscribe to your blog and newsletters. Avoid free services like Feedburner; they will never fully satisfy your needs. You can start using AWeber free for your first month to test it out here.


Grammarly – Grammarly has taken so much anxiety away from me and my blog writing. I simply wouldn't write without it! It's like having a professional editor on staff – it catches everything. I use the premium version, but check out the free version here first to see how it works.