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If you believe you’re receiving signs he's losing interest, you'll want to become a super sleuth in reading male body language to know for sure. Don't let the signs go unnoticed.

What are the signs he's losing interest in you by reading his body language and behavior?

1. Sex Is His Only Sign Of Affection

2. Ignoring You Around Friends

3. Reducing Acts Of Service

4. Walking Away From You

5. Giving You Less Eye Contact

6. Closing His Body To You

7. Shying Away From Your Touch

8. Appearing Flustered More

9. Barely Listening To You

Does he still love me? Why did he brush me off like that? What is he thinking?

The truth is, the signs are always there… You’ve probably seen it multiple times throughout your relationship.

If you think back at times you stressed yourself out obsessing over his verbal and nonverbal cues looking for signs he’s losing interest in you, they probably correlate to when you felt insecure in his feelings for you.

You were unsure where things stood and were looking for signs to either confirm or dismiss your anxiety.

Men often communicate through body language.  The trick is reading male body language correctly.

A lot of their cues are even given subconsciously.

Women tend to overthink things in a relationship more than men.

Sure, there are exceptions, but overall women are more prone to obsessing over things he says or does.

Waiting for and interpreting verbal and nonverbal signs can be a burden on a relationship.

Men often have no clue what’s been bothering his female partner even though she’s been worried about it for days or even weeks.

There are few feelings worse than wondering whether your relationship is on the rocks. A balanced, healthy relationship is reciprocal.

To love fully, you need to be loved. If you feel insecure about talking to him about your doubts, there are ways you can discern how close to the mark your feelings are.

Spotting the signs can help women know if who they’re dating is really into them or not.

If you think your man is showing signs he's losing interest, keep an eye out for these nine things just to be sure:

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1. Sex Is His Only Sign Of Affection

Women in relationships are used to men initiating intimate touching.

A lot of men love to try and cop a feel here and there. It’s a playful way they communicate love and test the waters to see if you’re open to some foreplay.

That’s all well and good, but it should be cause for concern if that’s the only time he’s into physical affection…

If he only starts hugging or kissing you when it’s tied to sex, that’s a sign that things are moving in an unhealthy direction.

This is especially true if it used to be different. Think about the past before moving to judgment.

If he used to love cuddling on the couch, holding hands on walks, or giving massages, and then it all stops, there could be real distance between the two of you.

This is a warning sign, but by no means a red flag by itself

Some men default to sex when they’re trying to communicate love, so a man’s emphasis on sex isn’t one of the signs he’s losing interest in you.

In their mind, lovemaking is the ultimate expression of physical affection. Women tend to chalk up a man’s desire to have sex as some primal drive they need satisfied.

However, there’s a reason make up sex is so good. People can bring emotion into lovemaking that’s hard to match elsewhere.

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2. Ignoring You Around Friends

This is a big one. Men have a hard time hiding their true emotions around their friends.

They typically want to impress their buddies. Pay attention to how he interacts with you when you’re both with his pals…

Does he sit close and put his arm around you? Does he include you in the conversation? Or are you there as a side piece? An afterthought?

Let’s say you walk into a bar to meet some of his friends…

They’re already sitting at a table and he walks quickly over, bro-hugging and ordering beers before you even make it to the table.

When you get there, he either motions for you to take the empty chair across the way or doesn’t say anything.

He and his friends immediately sink into their group chat leaving out any context you could use to join in.

You either feel like he’d be better off without you there, or it could be so bad you feel unwelcome

These are textbook signs of neglect. Reading male body language can be quite easy in these cases.

Remember, it may not be purposeful, but even if it’s not blatant, the behavior should still register on your radar.

Men who prioritize their girlfriend or wife makes the effort to avoid her feeling excluded.

They welcome their partners into the group dynamic and let their guy friends know that you are both part of the deal now.

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3. Reducing Acts Of Service

When men are head over heels in love, they want to show it.

They buy flowers, they give gifts, and perform other “acts of service.” Men do this because they know women love acts of service.

This is one of the 5 love languages (read my full guide on The 5 Love Languages here) we speak to one another.

Now, it’s normal for there to be some plateauing in acts of service as a relationship ages. Flowers every week won’t continue in perpetuity.

However, if he misses big moments like birthdays, anniversaries or other holidays that are easy marks, then it could be a reason to worry.

It’s also troubling and one of the signs he’s losing interest in you if he stops doing acts of service he knows are important to you.

He may start opting out of Sunday dinner with your family or say he’s too busy to pick you up from work anymore.

When these acts of service start to disappear, he could be distancing himself from you emotionally.

5 unhappy man looking out the window

4. Walking Away From You

How conflict is handled can also be one of the signs he’s losing interest in you.

It’s perfectly normal for people in relationships to argue or disagree. Hell, even a fight now and then can help let off some healthy steam.

Pay attention to how inclined he is to use the silent treatment. Men who purposefully trigger anxiety in their partners aren’t fully committed.

If he’s happy to let you stew in your feelings for days, then maybe you should start planning an exit strategy.

Things can get more blatant than the silent treatment.

If he walks away when you want to talk to him about how you’re feeling or an issue in your relationship, then he’s probably already gone to some degree.

“The walk away” is a dismissive act that communicates he doesn’t value your thoughts or feelings.

It’s demeaning and used to shift the balance of power in his direction.

6 signs hes losing interest avoiding eye contact with girlfriend

5. Giving You Less Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the key signs a man is into you. His eyes will flit back and forth on your eyes when you’re not looking.

Once he’s confident that you’re both engaged, he’ll try to hold your gaze with his for as long as possible.

The thing is, men often do this subconsciously. They don’t even know they’re doing it.

The opposite is also true, though. You won’t hold his gaze if he’s not into you…

Have you ever been at home and tried to talk to your partner and he won’t look up from his phone?

Even if it’s important, he won’t maintain eye contact with you for longer than a moment?

A drop in eye contact could be a red flag if it’s accompanied by other negative behavior.

He might not be willing to say he’s through but watching his eyes may mean he doesn’t have to.

Look out for how engaged he is when you talk as an indicator on how he feels.

7 reading male body language closing himself off to her

6. Closing His Body To You

Not all men use hand movements when they talk to the same degree, so know your man when you're reading male body language.

Look at the way his hands are used when you guys are speaking. Does he open his hands or are they clasped?

Look to see if he tends to fold his arms when you’re talking, it’s a classic display of defensive posture.

More obvious signs he’s losing interest in you are a dismissive wave of the hand when you express a concern or sighing as he puts his hand to his forehead.

If he swings his hand in a circular motion to get you to speed up whatever you’re saying, then he’s not interested in the first place.

8 guy shying away from her kisses

7. Shying Away From Your Touch

We all know that regular touch is a signal of support and engagement.

That touch on the small of your back in social settings and placing his hand on your arm while you speak are signs he is with you and cares about your comfort.

Women need to keep notice of how he reacts to your touch. It’s a serious red flag if he pulls away or moves in response to your touches.

Men are almost always comfortable with a woman’s touch, even if they barely know the girl…

For a man to shy away from a touch means they’re already emotionally detached. They’re so far on the other side of interest that they’re not even open to physical touch.

Watch how he reacts to touch around others as well. If he’s pushes away from touch in public, it likely means he’s unconsciously building a dynamic in which he’s no longer attached to you.

9 signs hes losing interest he is frustrated

8. Appearing Flustered More

Many men struggle with communication.

It’s common for guys to appear easy-going and relaxed until they’ve built up so much stress and resentment they explode.

To a lot of women, it comes out of nowhere as a vicious attack…

It’s not that big of a deal if it’s a run of the mill argument, but it can be much more dire when the relationship is on the line.

If you come home feeling like the slightest thing you say or do sets him off, then it’s probably a sign he’s losing interest.

Take notice if he’s slamming dishes into the dishwasher or throwing pillows around.

He may not be ready to have a talk, but reading male body language that sets off your radar needs to be noted and acknowledged.

10 not even listening to her

9. Barely Listening To You

I’ve touched on some aspects of listening, like avoiding eye contact and touch, but the lack of active listening is one of the major signs things are going south with him.

Now, you’ve got to consider that a ton of men are lousy listeners

Not hearing what you said when the game is on or he’s got a headset on playing video games isn’t a big deal.

It’s if he doesn’t care to listen when he knows you need him to.

If you’re so low on his list of priorities that he can’t bear to listen to you talk, then take the sign for what it is.

Even if he hears you, it doesn’t mean he’s listening. Take note if every comment you make or feedback you offer is met with resistance.

His refusal to listen is in essence a rejection of your feelings.

I have a ton of resources to help you gauge and improve your relationship with him on my Resources page here.


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