1 our time review home screen is an over-fifty dating website that is generally well regarded. Is its good reputation founded on a solid foundation of customer satisfaction? Or is it a carefully fabricated persona to lure in older singles to the website? This article will serve as a thorough Our Time review for those of you interested in joining the site.

While Our Time is generally a decent website, it does have a few weaknesses. Read below to find the details about what to expect when using this website for mature dating.


Dating Site: Our Time

Niche: 50+ Mature

Market: U.S. & Canada

Recommendation: Very good for 50+ Singles



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Our Time’s niche is rather obvious — singles who are at least fifty years old.

They do an excellent job of maximizing the effectiveness of that niche, and (mostly) keeping younger singles from making profiles.

While there were a few people in their late forties, the vast majority were in their fifties and sixties.

The website allows you to search for different types of relationships (friendship, travel partner, pen pal, dating, serious relationship) and even accounts for same sex couples.

I don’t know how many people you will find searching for various types of relationships, but the site remains true to their core principle — a place where older singles can find like-minded and similarly aged people.

This site is an excellent example of how a niche website can maximize how effective they are.

This Our Time review factor receives a Niche rating of A.

3 our time review number of users

Number Of Users

Our Time seems like the place to be if you’re single and over fifty.

As I write this review, I’m visiting family in the town I grew up in, a medium-sized town of about 25,000 people in New Jersey with a predominantly younger, married population.

When I logged on for the first time, I had 11 daily matches just from my home town, with another couple dozen appearing in the general search.

When I browsed through more of the profiles, I realized that I was seeing hundreds of profiles from within just a half hour of where I grew up.

If I was willing to drive a little further, I had thousands of potential matches within just 2 hours of me.

It seemed like there were only a few dozen people on at any given time. So this website might be more useful for non-live messaging, but that fits with the demographic.

There seemed to be at least several dozen new people joining every day.

Most of the profiles were updated and active, so it’s likely the website purges inactive or fake profiles. Overall, the website has a decent number of users, most of which seem active.

This Our Time review factor receives a Users rating of B+.

4 mature dating site pricing


Our Time structures their pricing by week, which is unusual and slightly confusing.

They only have a one-month plan ($7.50/week, or $30 total), and 2 six-month plans.

The “standard” six-month plan, like the one-month plan, simply adds “full mobile access” for $3.75 a week, or $90 total.

The “value” six-month plan adds the additional options of “message notification, profile highlight, and message highlight” (these are basically usability upgrades) for $4.40 per week, or about $108 total.

In addition, all memberships come with the ability to see who flirts with you, read and reply to messages, favorite members and see who has favorited you, and talk live with other members.

With a free account, you can just browse users and customize your profile. To get anything out of this website, you need to commit to a six-month subscription.

However, that subscription is on the “more affordable” side among dating websites, which fits well with users that may be on fixed or limited income.

Finally, this website uses a model where you can purchase “tokens.” One thing that tokens can be used for is to buy “gifts” for other users.

These are basically “icons” (teddy bear, necklace, roses, etc.) that show you’re interested in someone.

Tokens can also be used to boost your profile visibility, get alerted when a “special someone” comes online, or to place yourself in someone’s matches to see how they react.

Tokens are rather affordable and could be considered a “micro-transaction.”

While the website’s subscription plans are someone limited, they are affordable and come with a token system.

This Our Time review factor receives a Price rating of A-.

4 our time review user experience

User Experience

Our Time’s website does look a bit dated, but it actually makes sense that the website would look older.

What makes it look particularly old is the layout and functions available — it looks like it was designed by someone who used a cookie cutter web design layout.

The “voting” system (who would you rather date?) is a bit archaic, but not a horrible feature.

The greyscale colors are bland, but not off-putting. The screen is separated into left, middle, and right columns, only the middle of which scrolls.

The website is relatively easy to use. I never had to go looking for something or figure out what a certain link or button did. It was all intuitive.

The pictures were rather small, however, and the important information could have been reordered so it was seen first, rather than after scrolling a bit.

The most frustrating thing, however, is that nearly a third of the page is covered with ads.

Ads should not be on a premium dating site. They were annoying, distracting, and not always relevant.

The site’s mobile app has a few complaints about being unusable because of glitches, information disappearing, and notifications not being sent.

The app is rated at a C- — not the worst dating mobile app, but still slightly below average.

This Our Time review factor receives a User Experience rating of C.

5 dating site vote matching


Our Time has almost zero metrics through which you are matched, or by which you can search.

Almost everything is left for you to sift through on your own, and the only search criteria seems to be location and age range.

The positive aspect is that the search criteria you do enter return very accurate results.

The ages you enter give results which are 95% accurate, and all of the results I got were within my desired distance.

That level of exactness is rather rare among dating sites.

The site also offers a voting or comparison aspect where two potential matches are shown, and you pick which one you like best.

I’m not sure how effective it is, but it’s another, more interesting way of finding matches.

Finally, when you do find a match, you can buy tokens to place yourself in other people’s matches to see if they have a mutual attraction.

You must do a lot of work to find matches, but they give you many tools to do so.

This Our Time review factor receives a Metrics rating of B.

6 success stories

Success Rate

Our Time has many success stories, but no specific information or statistics about how many people have found matches on the website.

Most of the stories are rather short and written by women. Many tell of meeting their partner relatively quickly and within 50 miles of where they live.

The website’s own customers tend to give it mixed reviews, at best.

Many complain about not being able to do much for free, or they didn’t find a match.

Dating site reviews always tend to be on the low side, but Our Time is slightly below average.

You’ll have decent luck with this website if you put in the work. But there’s no way to tell if this is the most successful website for this demographic.

This Our Time review factor receives a Success rating of C+.

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Our Time seems to be an above average dating website, especially considering it’s meant for older singles who have specific needs when looking for relationships.

The price is affordable, and the website caters to its customers very well. But there seems to be some weaknesses, especially when it comes to the look of the website.

It is unclear how successfully the website matches people together.

Overall, Our Time receives a rating of B.

If you'd like to be taken directly to Our Time, simply click here.


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