1 older women dating review cougar couple taking photo together is one of several sites that focuses on connecting older women (cougars) with younger men (cubs). This post will serve as an in-depth Older Women Dating review for those interested in joining the site.

While at first glance the website looks old and clunky, it’s possible something good lies deeper within the site.

It’s hard to find a good site dedicated specifically to older women (and their younger male counterparts). Read below to see if Older Women Dating is the one!


Dating Site: Older Women Dating

Niche: Cougars / Cubs

Market: Mainly U.S.

Recommendation: Great site for cougar dating



2 cougar dating site homepage


Older Women Dating is obviously geared towards older women seeking younger men. For the most part, they adhere rather well to that niche.

They do have some women under 30, which don’t really qualify as cougars. Even still, maybe they think they’ll be successful.

Many of the men under the age of 30 also registered as cougars and not cubs.

In addition to appearing as though they don’t know what the term cougar means, or how to use the website, this can mess up your searches and clutter it with wasteful profiles.

Besides those two problems, most men seem to be the right demographic for the site. The majority of women are between the age 40-50.

There’s a good number of women between 30-40 and 50-60. Therefore the site does deliver on its promise of matching older women.

This Older Women Dating review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

3 cougar dating profile page

Number Of Users

Older Women Dating seems to have more members with legitimate profiles than some of the other cougar dating sites.

As I sit and compose this review in New Jersey right now, there are about 80 women between 20-30, 100 between 30-40, and 150 between 40-50 in my area.

Now those aren’t great numbers, admittedly, even for an area with a decent population.

But it is still more than some other older-focused dating sites. I assume that in a larger or more densely populated city or state, the numbers would be much higher.

Still, it doesn’t bode well for actually finding a match within a decent driving radius.

One positive aspect was that most of the profiles, at the very least, had pictures and at least a little “about me” paragraph filled out.

It seemed like there was not a high amount of false or scamming profiles. However, the site could be much better about filtering these out.

The site doesn’t have the numbers that some of the more generalized older person dating sites have. That being said, it wasn’t a horrible number of people.

This Older Women Dating review factor receives a Users rating of B.

4 older women dating review pricing


This site is on the less expensive end of the price spectrum. This is good because it’s almost useless unless you pay.

They have the perfect length of plans: one month for $30, 3 months for $60, or 6 months for $100.

These are on the lower side of pricing structures for dating websites, and the 6-month plan tends to be the most popular.

The biggest problem with the site, however, is that it’s nearly non-functional if you don’t throw money their way.

I’m not just talking about not being able to message people, which would be standard practice. Not paying makes it a burden to even search for people…

Without a premium membership, you cannot search for members by location or within a certain mile radius.

The best you can do is search within your state, which for places like Texas or California is asking a bit much.

You also cannot search new members, compatible matches, or reverse matches. So, unless you want to sift through hundreds of unfiltered profiles, you might want to pay.

The good news, however, is that you can message people a limited number of times even if you have a free account, so the site has that going for it.

This Older Women Dating review factor gets a Price rating of B+.

5 cougar dating app user experience

User Experience

The user interface on the website is basic, seems old, and doesn’t really make much sense. The biggest problems is things seem out of place.

The stuff you need is off to the sides and the unimportant stuff is top and center.

For example, the first thing you see is an advertisement telling you to upgrade to a premium membership, followed by a huge search box.

It’s good to know where the search function is, of course. But usually this is a side bar to make room for more important things like pictures.

Below the search bar is a “newsfeed” with recent activity from cougars.

Most of this is people updating pictures or posting random awkward comments that makes it seem like they don’t really know how to use a computer.

There are better ways to highlight activity, and most of the people posting don’t have much disclosure on their profile, which should be the most important part of the site.

Information on news feeds changes frequently and is easily missed. Profiles are static.

The site doesn’t really help promote people’s profiles.

The new members section, typically a good place to find matches, is small and off to the side, and makes you scroll one member at a time.

The “you might like” section (suggested matches) is also off to the side and you have to scroll to see more than one or two pictures at a time.

On a site that makes you do most of the work, they should make it easier to find people.

One good thing is that site has a relatively highly rated mobile app (4 stars out of 5), which people say works well, has great customer service, and actually gets them results.

This is rare for dating apps, which are usually rated about 2.5 stars out of 5.

With clunky and non-intuitive layout, the site is not really geared towards its demographic of older users.

This Older Women Dating review factor receives a User Experience rating of C.

6 filling out a cougar dating questionnaire


Like most of these sites, Older Women Dating leaves you to do most of the work by searching your own profiles and setting your own criteria.

The question is, how much help do they give you?

Without paying, you can pretty much only search using gender, age range, and state. This leaves you with roughly a hundred or so profiles to sift through.

If you are a premium member, you have a few more tools at your disposal. You can search using metrics like religion, annual income, education, body type, and if they have children.

This would theoretically narrow your search and help you find people you are compatible with.

Premium members can also search based on compatible members.

This takes information from two profiles, what each person is looking for based on several different things (height, ethnicity, religion, etc.) and matches them up.

At least, that’s what it’s suppose to do. Almost no one has these important profile aspect filled out, so I’m not sure it would actually work beyond just a random guess by the website.

Since it’s only for premium members, and most of the people on the website don’t seem to pay, it’s hard to tell if anyone actually gets matched up this way.

Their metrics have potential, but since people don’t actually seem to use them on the site, you mostly just end up doing all the work yourself anyway.

This Older Women Dating review factor gets a Metrics rating of C+.

7 older women dating review cougar couple eating

Success Rate

It’s hard to tell how anyone is successful on this website when you can’t do anything with a free membership and not many people seem to be paying for it.

But the personal reviews and testimonies about the website seem to paint an “overall satisfied” picture.

The number of users is pretty good, which does increase the chances of success.

It’s possible plenty of people are finding their matches without paying, as you can send a limited number of messages for free.

The only thing that gives me pause is that people never seem to have their profiles filled out with more than just a paragraph they wrote themselves.

So, while it seems you have a reasonable rate of success on this site, it probably comes with a significant amount of work.

This Older Women Dating review factor receives a Success rating of B+.

8 cougar couple smiling at each other


While the User Interface and the free options leave a lot to be desired, the overall pricing and the number of users on the website make this a decent place to find a cougar (and “cub”), if you’re willing to put in the work.

The Older Women Dating site receives an overall rating of B.

If you'd like to be taken to the Older Women Dating website, simply click here.

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