Have you ever fallen in love with someone you thought was your dream man, only to have things go down in flames later on? It’s possible he was one of the many men that hate women.

What are the signs that you’re with a man that hates women?

1. They Dismiss Sexism In Society.

2. They Characterize You As Emotional.

3. They Love Bomb You.

4. The Friend-Lover Behavior Divide.

5. They’re Eager For Early Commitment.

6. They Strictly Enforce Sexual Roles.

7. You’d Tell Your Friend To Break Up With Him.

8. There’s Implied Physical Force.

9. They Sow Seeds Of Doubt.

10. They Complain You Don’t Praise Them Enough.

Let me explain…

Now I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill romance where the two of you had a good stretch and the passion slowly tapers off…

This is when you’re so sure it’s just meant to be.

“This is it,” you think, before things take a turn for the worst

A lot of women fall for guys hard. For whatever reason, men are able to more easily create a different version of themselves to lure women in.

It’s almost like we morph into what women want us to become.

We’re masters at manipulating ourselves, but also can manipulate others into thinking and acting in ways contrary to our natural dispositions.

Manipulation of others is a sign you’re dealing with a narcissist, and what’s worse, he’s probably a narcissist who hates women.

I know. What??

This type of man doesn’t express their disdain overtly. Of course, there are some men who will physically abuse their partner or verbally attack people they’re supposed to be in love with.

However, most men that hate women hate covertly

They try to influence you away from your family, your friends, and what you want in life.

They're master gaslighters (read my full guide on gaslighting in relationships here). Everything’s got to be all about them.

It’s impossible to have a balanced, healthy relationship. Escaping from a hater can be difficult once you’re romantically involved.

It’s better to spot the signs early so you avoid getting involved at all.

Here are these ten detailed signs the man you're with hates women:

2 man arguing with two women

1. They Dismiss Sexism In Society

It’s incredible I even have to touch on this, but men who dismiss sexism against women are still out there in large numbers…

We’ve all probably come across some jerk that wants to get into an argument saying women have all the same opportunities as men.

They’re eager to go blow for blow with you to explain away discrepancies in pay between men and women, and why women are less represented on executive boards.

It’s not always that easy to spot a sexist though.

A lot of men that hate women will try to be on the best behavior when you’re around. They’re not going to purposefully sabotage things, after all.

They need you in order to feel good about themselves.

You have to learn to spot their dismissal of sexism when it comes in subtle forms.

You might hear them complaining about how women have “advantages” that men don’t have when it comes to beauty, or the way they dress.

They may comment on how have to be super cautious in the wake of the Me-Too movement.

The man you’re dating could even say they wished people would catcall them on the street, that they’d be flattered by all the attention.

Comments like these diminish real obstacles women face. Like I said, it’s subtle, but their dismissal of sexism points to how little they value the challenges women face on a regular basis.

3 men that hate women alone on a hillside

2. They Characterize You As Emotional

Calling a woman emotional during an argument is the ultimate low blow and a sure sign you’re with a man that hates women.

It’s a move that brushes aside any valid points you have made and chalks them up to irrational expressions of emotion.

Not only is this a demeaning comment, it also should show you that he isn’t interested in fighting fair.

He doesn’t view you as an even partner in communication. He’s trying to pigeonhole you into stereotypical gender roles that don’t even apply.

4 guy showing his girlfriend affection

3. They Love Bomb You

Intense expression of love at the onset of a relationship can feel wonderful.

He’s sending you flowers, calling you every day, and just can’t seem to get enough of you.

Anyone would feel rightly flattered in the face of such treatment. But you have to be wary of the love bomb

This is actually how most cults start…

When things come on so strongly, it should raise red flags in your head.

It could indicate a typical narcissistic behavior that attempts to get a woman so focused on him that he becomes their whole world.

What look like sincere expressions of love are actually attempts at manipulation. He’s trying to get you so wrapped up into his world that you become totally dedicated to him.

As things progress, he’ll eventually even out and his affection will wane. You’ll find yourself more and more serving his needs as yours go unmet.

Just remember, love bombs never last…

5 girl sad and alone at a party

4. The Friend-Lover Behavioral Divide

Guys act differently around their friends; it’s just a fact of life.

He’s not going to tell them the sweet nothings he whispers in bed at night to you.

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that you interact with your girlfriends a bit differently as well.

With men, it’s part machismo, part embarrassment. Men are sometimes more guarded with their feelings, so they play things off.

The difference among men that hate women is that there’s a large divide between his behavior when he’s with you, and how he acts with his friends.

A big warning sign is if he treats you poorly when his buds are around.

Haters tend to treat women they’re involved with worse in front of others…

It’s either a purposeful or subconscious way of making themselves look better.

He’ll tease you or tell a story about something dumb you did. Then when you both get home, he’ll try to snuggle up to you on the couch for some kisses.

Narcissistic haters have no issue shifting in between.

6 men that hate women guy carries girl through water

5. They're Eager For Early Commitment

This is somewhat similar to the love bomb.

A lot of men who don’t value women are very eager to lock you down into a committed relationship before things get there via their natural course.

Wanting to define the relationship really early on could be a sign of insecurity, but it could also point to narcissistic behavior.

You’ll start to get guilt trips about seeing other people, especially other men, and he might get more possessive

What this is, is a ploy to get you committed to him to serve his own ego. It’s not an expression of his love for you…

He’s trying to manipulate you into his world.

couple lying half naked in bed

6. They Strictly Enforce Sexual Roles

This one’s a bit tricky because it deals with sex.

Every person brings their own experience, fetishes, and what turns them on into a relationship.

Men that hate women, though, attempt to strictly define what their idea is of proper sexual interaction.

They’ll demand that sex goes a certain way, and that you adjust to his preferences without any reciprocation.

It even gets to the point with some men where they’re dictating how and when to move, kiss, or where to look.

He isn’t interested in fulfilling your sexual desires because in his mind his needs are what’s most important.

Lack of concern for sexual fulfillment is a huge detriment to any relationship.

It’s impossible to have a healthy romantic partnership without sexual balance.

8 girl being dismissive with her girlfriend

7. You'd Tell Your Friend To Break Up With Him

This is the ultimate barometer of whether you’re in a healthy or an unhealthy relationship.

If one of your best friends came to you and described your situation to you, what advice would you give her?

Would you tell her to get the hell out of there??

That he obviously is a man that hates women and should be kicked to the curb?

And yet you still are with him even though it’s your real-life situation…

If you find yourself masking how things really are in your love life when you’re with your friends because you’re concerned that they’ll tell you to leave him, then maybe you should take your own advice.

A lot of times, it’s hard to step outside ourselves to see if a relationship is healthy or not.

Sometimes women become so accustomed to being mistreated or the way things are that the abuse doesn’t even register.

Take a deep breath and tell your friends the reality of your situation as honestly as possible and notice how they react.

It will point you the way you need to go.

9 implied physical force from him

8. There's Implied Physical Force

Men that hate women do hit. It’s not that crazy if you find yourself in a physically abusive relationship; they’re more common than you may think.

Narcissistic men, though, know that actually following through with physical violence could drive you away.

If you’re gone, there’s no one there to serve his needs, and he feels lost…

Instead, these types of men sometimes use the intimidation of implied physical force…

They might stand in front of a doorway during an argument, implying you’re not free to leave.

They sometimes will grab phones, purses, or keys to restrict your movement or access to information.

It forces fear into your mind of what may happen if you take things too far.

Women need to recognize that implied physical violence could be the precursor to actual physical abuse.

No relationship should be maintained by force, whether explicit or implicit.

Healthy relationships are built on trust and freedom knowing the person you’re with chooses to be there.

10 men that hate women ignoring her for his phone

9. They Sow Seeds Of Doubt

This step comes so subtly that a lot of women don’t even notice it.

The worst kind of men that hate women are the ones that make them feel like lesser versions of themselves.

They begin to sow seeds of doubt in their wives or girlfriends, telling them they’re not good enough, or they’ll never find someone better.

When things are going great at work and you’re thinking about applying for that promotion, he’ll question your qualifications, or ask if you think you’ve been there long enough.

If you start noticing your man making negative remarks about your looks, your smarts, or your prospects, right the ship immediately

Otherwise, you’re in for rough seas ahead.

This is a classic strategy among narcissists to attempt to keep their partners a step lower on the ladder than they are.

They know that by killing a woman’s confidence they increase their reliance on him.

He becomes the source of what they do right and where they went wrong.

He wants to be able to the only source of validation you have in your life…

Soon you’ll find yourself jumping through hoops to make him happy and deferring to his advice on your life decisions.

Nothing is more demoralizing that robbing yourself of the ability to direct your own life.

So many women struggle with self-confidence issues, and men that hate women know that.

They expose that weakness and leverage it against you.

11 girl overwhelmed by her boyfriend

10. They Complain You Don’t Praise Them Enough

When men complain that you don’t say enough nice things to them, they’re trying to re-center the relationship on themselves.

They make you feel guilty for things you aren’t doing and will use manipulating words to convince you that you’re loving them the wrong way, or not doing enough.

Now, some people are more prone to offering positive reinforcement than others.

In addition, some people need more positive affirmation.

But if you feel like you’re giving enough praise, then don’t let him try to trick you into assuming responsibility for problems in the relationship.

With narcissists, it’s all about the slow battle to erode your sensibilities.

He’ll try to make you feel bad about not doing things even though you’re doing them.

12 breaking it off with him

Time To Ditch The Hater

Life’s too short to date someone that truly hates women deep inside.

Some men might not even know how they’re acting. It could be a number of influences in their lives that have resulted in their mistreatment of women.

That’s OK, nobody’s perfect; but if your man is constantly defending himself against what are clear signs he hates women, then it’s time to move on.


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