1 review homescreen is one of the most well-known sites for dating, and its reputation seems to be well-founded. This post will serve as a complete, comprehensive review using my Daterboy grading system.

With massive membership, a rather detailed questionnaire, and reasonable prices, it is no wonder that seems so successful.

But every site, even the best, has a weak point. Behind all the amazing features that has, what challenges does present to the user?

Even just five minutes on the site proves it’s one of the best, but to find out just how good, let’s dive into the details.


Dating Site: Match

Niche: All-Inclusive

Market: Mainly U.S., other major markets

Recommendation: Fully endorse for men & women



2 match niche

Niche has no niche. It has one of the broadest user bases in the industry. Even before you create an account, you can decide what type of relationship you’re looking for.

From heterosexual to homosexual, “just browsing” to “ready to get married,” you’re welcome to join and can probably find what you’re looking for.

There is a minor down side to this, of course. If you’re looking for a specific type of person, be it religious, single parent, or over sixty, you’re going to have a little more work to do.

But that’s not even a problem worth worrying about.

Your options are so abundant here that you might find something you didn’t know you were looking for.

With users of every race, religion, age, and walk of life, this review factor gets a Niche rating of A+.

3 review number of US users

Number Of Users has an immense number of users, perhaps the most of any dating site, though it’s hard to really tell.

After I made my profile and set my search criteria, I had a list of nearly 300 women within 100 miles of me, and all with at least a 75% match.

Those aren’t great matching percentages, but the sheer number of women I had to choose from was more than I have ever seen.

Some of them were upward of 90% matching, as well, and I had relatively picky search settings.

Over the next few days, I was shown new matches as new women joined and different women searched my profile.

With only a single picture, and almost no info on my profile, I still got half a dozen profile views every day.

Any time I logged on there were at least 1,200 women on with whom I could chat, and nearly every profile I saw had at least three pictures and a ton of profile information.

During “rush hour,” the site advertised nearly 150,000 singles online. It’s safe to say that people who use this site are active and serious about finding a match.

This review factor receives a Users rating of A+.

4 match pricingPrice

Match’s prices seem reasonable, but were somewhat hard to understand without reading all the fine print.

Its free profiles get basic access: search and receive matches, create a profile, and post a photo and send likes.

Paid members can communicate via email, see who’s liked and viewed them, and have priority access to Match events.

While you can search for people for free, it’s rather necessary to pay for a subscription if you want to actually find a match. distinguishes between standard and premium plans. The premium is only about a dollar a month more, and include notifications, a monthly boost, and one “profile review” per year.

The most expensive plan is $18 a month for 12 months. This is about average for high-end dating sites. Finally, you can also buy individual things, like boosts, at any time.

This review factor receives a Price rating of B+.

5 review user experience

User Experience

I love the look of Match’s website. The bright blue headers are very attractive and comforting, and the fonts they use are sleek and easy to read.

The pictures are huge and take a prominent position, so it’s one of the first things you see.

The site was responsive and intuitive to use, and I never once had to look up how to find something, or what something meant.

Everything I needed was there when I needed it and hidden when I didn’t.

There is one problem persistent in dating websites that started on the web. They can never make a decent mobile app. is no exception to this curse as their mobile app is rated C+. This is pretty on par with other dating apps.

However, unlike most mobile apps, the problem doesn’t seem to be with crashing the phone or not understanding how to use the app.

But rather reflects people’s complaints with the website as a whole. You can’t use the app without paying.

While I loved the UI on the website, it was one of the biggest complaints I saw among other users.

The app is not quite as good as the website and lacks a bit more interface and usability.

This review factor receives a User Experience rating of B+.

6 2019 dating site data

Metrics has a relatively specific series of questions that help get to know you. I took my time answering them and spent about a half hour going through the process.

The questions covered just about everything it would take to get an accurate personality profile and covered most important aspects of a relationship.

After I created my profile, it then asked me what I was looking for: age range, body type, marriage status, type of relationship, and more. I had roughly 300 matches to sort through.

The problem was that many of them had a compatibility percentage (the number of things that met my search criteria) below 80%.

In other words, even though I went through these rather specific metrics, the vast majority of the people they paired me with were not fantastic matches.

One of the biggest issues I had was that there were people significantly outside the age range I selected. Sometimes, it was up to seven years outside my range.

This was not a great thing for me.

So, while’s metrics might be great, their filtering is just a little lacking, which makes for more work as I sort through more matches than I’d prefer.

Overall, the site’s way of matching people up is extensive and all-encompassing, but they lack slightly when it comes to filtering those results.

This review factor receives a Metrics rating of B.

7 match success stories

Success Rate doesn’t have any success statistics on their website, and their success stories are not prominently displayed.

But after digging, I did find a single study from 2016 about how successful they were.

There is no way to tell how these figures were obtained or how valid they are, but based on the quality of, they seem fairly accurate.

Since it’s founding in 1995, up until this survey in 2016, lead to 517,000 relationships, 92,000 marriages, and one million babies! That’s a lot of good times!

They also boast about 415 million emails exchanged each year.

They also brag to have resulted in more marriages than any of their competitors. It’s hard to verify that claim, but based on the number of users they have, it’s very plausible.

This review factor receives a Success rating of A.

8 conclusion


It seems that really deserves the reputation it has achieved. As one of the oldest dating websites, it has a huge number of users, an impressive record of success, all for only an average price.

Overall, receives an A-!

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