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Since its founding nearly 28 years ago, It’s Just Lunch has been the premium dating service for busy professionals. They now advertise themselves as the biggest dating service available. The following will serve as a thorough It's Just Lunch review for those interested in working with a professional matchmaker.

This service is one of the oldest of modern dating, and its philosophy of personally tailored and time efficient dating for busy singles is unique among the bloat of traditional dating websites.

I spoke to one of It’s Just Lunch’s matchmakers and regional managers, Jeff Finegold, to get the details about what makes their service unique. Here's what I learned…


Dating Site: It's Just Lunch

Niche: Professional Matchmaking

Market: U.S.

Recommendation: Great for busy professionals


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It’s Just Lunch taps into one of the oldest dating tools of civilization — the Matchmaker — and gives it a modern update for busy professionals who can’t make time for the labor-intensive method people usually experience with dating.

There are three main selling points that make It’s Just Lunch so unique:

1. They Do The Work

Your initial time investment with It’s Just Lunch takes about 15 minutes when you call asking for information, registering as a member, and getting connected to a matchmaker.

After this point, you’ll connect with a local matchmaker who will get to know you, figure out what you want, and get all the information they need to personally match you with other singles.

From this point on, your only time commitment is occasionally talking to your matchmaker (through phone, email, etc.) and going on dates.

No spending time talking to awkward people online. No time sifting through pages and pages of pictures and incomplete profiles. You spend time doing what matters — going on dates.

In a survey of It’s Just Lunch customers, most said that this was their favorite part about the service.

2. Personalized Experience

It’s Just Lunch is personally catered to what you’re looking for from the service.

While it’s geared toward busy professionals looking for serious relationships, they have a wide variety of customers.

They serve people of all ages (20-85), and while serious relationships are their primary goal, they have been known to help with less serious arrangements.

The point is, by meeting with a dedicated matchmaker who gets to know you and your preferences, every single experience is catered to you. What dating site can really say that about themselves?

3. Completely Discrete

Jeff informed me that they’ve had politicians and even celebrities use their service, and yet they remain completely discrete.

Since you’re working with a single person to hand you profiles, no one except the person you go on a date with will know you’ve used the service.

Furthermore, since the service isn’t website based, you never have to worry about an email hack, sensitive information being shown on your profile, or fake profiles and fishing relationships.

This is perhaps the most secure dating service, and you can engage with it as discretely as you prefer.

This It’s Just Lunch review factor receives a Service score of A+.

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Number of Users

On a typical website, the number of users is important — the more active and complete profiles available, the more likely you are to eventually find a match.

But since It’s Just Lunch is a discrete, personal matching service, this number doesn’t really matter.

When I asked Jeff about the number of users, he was unable to give me a real answer, but he assured me their philosophy is “quality over quantity.”

Because they personally vet and get to know every member, you can be sure that each member “packs a punch.”

It doesn’t matter if there’s one-hundred or one-hundred thousand people in your area. Your matchmaker will find them.

I was told that, as a franchise system, It’s Just Lunch is present in around 150 different “areas” (of varying size) and there are thousands of members within each area.

This It’s Just Lunch review factor receives a Users rating of A+.

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Since It’s Just Lunch is technically a franchise system, the pricing differs based on the area in which you’re looking.

I also suspect that the cost is different for each person depending on the types of services you’re looking for, but I have no proof of this.

When I asked Jeff for a range of prices, he was unable to say. As a matchmaker, he doesn’t seem to handle that aspect of the process.

However, he was able to tell me most people use the service anywhere between six months and two years.

The service’s website is similarly non-committal about cost, but states “[we] bridge the price gap between online dating sites/dating apps and high-end millionaire matchmakers.”

It is likely that It’s Just Lunch is more expensive than most dating sites.

You get what you pay for, and in this case, you get a lot of value for what you spend.

Clients are essentially outsourcing all the difficult aspects of dating (the matchmaker even makes all the restaurant reservations and plans) to the point all you need to do is show up. Is your time worth that extra convenience?

I bet it is.

While I wish It’s Just Lunch was a bit more transparent about their prices (at least on the website), you don’t go into a service like this and expect it to be cheap.

This It’s Just Lunch review factor receives a Price rating of A.

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It’s Just Lunch has a very specific way of matching people. They use experienced, dedicated matchmakers to discretely pair potential relationships. This process happens in the following steps:

1. Getting To Know You

After you are assigned a matchmaker, they will spend about a half hour talking to you and getting to know you.

They will ask you what you’re looking for in a relationship, your preferences in looks and personality, and your relationship history.

They will also ask about your interests, hobbies, and other important aspects of your life that will help them match you to the perfect person.

Jeff told me they really enjoy this process and getting to know new people is their favorite part of the job. Jeff said they never meet face to face (always electronically) to help maintain confidentiality.

Part of this process is making sure they can actually help you.

They want people who are dedicated to going on dates, and who they know they can help. If, for some reason, they don’t think they can help you, your commitment to each other can end here.

This also ensures you’ll be matched with the best possible people.

2. Hand-Picked Match

After talking with you, your matchmaker will hand-select a date for you. They will sort through their stack of potentials and narrow it down to the absolute best candidates.

They will show you a discrete profile with the essential information.

If you choose to meet the person, your matchmaker will set up a date that works for both of you.

All you have to do is show up, and if you want to see each other again, give and receive contact information.

If you don’t like the profile sent to you, the process starts over after your dating professional picks a new profile.

3. Feedback

Once you’re done with your date, your matchmaker will ask you for honest, thorough feedback so they can continue to refine the criteria by which they select matches for you.

This process repeats for as long as you need the service.

It’s Just Lunch dating professionals have a minimum 5 years experience in the dating industry and use their in-depth knowledge of you to match you with the best possible person.

This It’s Just Lunch review factor receives a Metrics rating of A+.

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Success Rate

Jeff wasn’t able to give me many statistics about the “success” of the company. They do ask the customers for feedback and if they’re satisfied. However, they don’t like to ask too much of their customers.

Anecdotally, he assured me he receives plenty of wedding invitations.

He was able to tell me that It’s Just Lunch has led to 2.5 million first dates. That’s rather impressive, even for a company that’s been around nearly thirty years.

I noticed through Google search that It’s Just Lunch has relatively mixed reviews. But I also noticed that many of them are from a very long time ago

I’m willing to give the service the benefit of the doubt in this case. After all, if they were unsuccessful, they wouldn’t still be around.

This It’s Just Lunch review factor receives a Success rating of A.

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It’s important to note that nearly everything I know about It’s Just Lunch came from one of their representatives. However, I was rather excited about their dating philosophy, history, and personal touch.

Sure, they certainly have a few minor weaknesses. Overall, though, I'm very impressed with this modern matchmaking service.

I give it an overall.

If you'd like to check out the It's Just Lunch website to learn more, simply click here.


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