Men have a few creative things up their sleeve when it comes to initiating sex, but sometimes we just come up short. If you know how to turn him on, he'll make sure to pick up right where you left off…

What are the best ways to turn him on?

1. Engage In Playful Teasing.

2. Take Charge In Bed.

3. Plan The Night.

4. Exude Confidence.

5. A Little Jealousy Is OK.

6. Be Selfish.

7. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

8. Let Him Know You’re Talking About It.

9. Break Out The Toys.

For decades, men have been depicted as sex-crazed maniacs only focused on doing what it takes to get laid.

These stereotypes have done a lot of harm to men and women seeking meaningful relationships…

Quite frankly, it is these types of stereotypes that prevent women from actively engaging their men sexually.

Sure, men do most of the leading, but a guy can't be the one to initiate sex 100% of the time.

Not only is that not fair, it isn't realistic.

Even if he's perceived as wanting sex all the time, he needs your help

Recognize your man can use a “priming of the pump” at times to get things rolling, just like you.

Here are nine detailed ways in how to turn him on that every man secretly craves:

couple playful touching

1. Engage In Playful Teasing

Even though a lot of women think that men are looking for instant gratification when it comes to sex, that’s not the case. We love the chase.

That means some playful teasing is in order to help build things up and make them fun.

Teasing starts with the earliest interactions with him, so plant the seed early!

Men love women with a sense of humor, so some light-hearted interplay between the two of you as you get to know each other will go a long way.

He’ll know that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and drama won’t get in the way of opening up to one another.

When it comes to the bedroom and how to turn him on, teasing can get us red-hot. Men love the anticipation of sex, not just taking part in the act…

The tension of expectation will add to intimacy as it builds over a day or week…

A sensual text that lets him know what might be coming or playing a little hard to get will drive him crazy…

Dangle the possibility of passionate sex in front of a man, and he’ll love to see how in control and confident you are with your sexuality.

It will make him want you even more.

couple in bed

2. Take Charge In Bed

I’m going to say this loud and clear: All men are turned on when women take the lead in bed.

There’s nothing hotter than a woman telling her man what she wants and how she wants it.

Sex is all about connecting with someone on a physical and emotional level, and it’s our chance to explore and live out fantasy.

Men get a bad rap because many people say all men care about in bed is themselves

Any man worth being with is the complete opposite.

Men are the most turned on when they know the woman they’re with is enjoying herself as much as he is.

We know this can be intimidating for those unaccustomed to being vocal or taking charge in the sack, so start slowly…

Try something basic like directing him on where to touch you or giving him a playful push as you climb on top.

When it’s his turn, ask him how to turn him on. Find out what he likes and go for it.

girl leading on a date

3. Plan The Night

Even though things are different from generations ago, men still bear a lot of the weight when it comes taking charge in a relationship.

Most guys love to pick up the tab for dinner and choose what movie to go see, but pretty much all of us don’t like doing it every single time

Women who become assertive and plan an entire evening of activities are a major turn on.

You can spring it on him too. Tell him out of the blue that this night is on you

Choose a great place to eat and something to do that’s not in your normal relationship routine.

Take a class together or make something, mix it up. Heck… go skinny dipping!

Without the stress of taking care of plans, he’ll be able to totally focus on you.

Don’t let things change at the end of the night either. When it comes time to turn down the lights, let him know that you’re still leading the way…

confident girl carrying baloons with boy

4. Exude Confidence

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. In fact, everyone loves to be around a confident person, period.

It lifts spirits and everyone feels more comfortable. It’s not all about being confident in bed, either.

When a woman knows what she wants out of life with her career, friends, health, and love life, it’s a massive turn on…

Men are looking for a partner, someone who can go through life with them step by step and make them better.

The old saying that “we become who we spend the most time with” is true for relationships, as well.

Be the kind of woman who can lead when you need to and let him lead when necessary.

Confidence is all about not having to try too hard to show someone who you are.

Don’t read his texts, don’t check his Instagram. If he’s going out with friends, believe him

Don’t call him ten times that night to check up on him. Don’t wait up and ask for a full report about where he’s been…

You get the picture. It's about how to turn him on, not off

A lack of confidence comes across as being needy and is a HUGE turn off for guys…

If you feel like it’s his fault that you act that way, that you can’t trust him, then do some serious reflection and ask yourself if you should be with him in the first place.

You need someone you can be confident in too, after all.

READ The 5 Love Languages to learn how to sync up your communication styles and dial up the intimacy >>

how to turn him on jealous girl

5. A Little Jealousy Is OK

If you’re the jealous type, read this with a grain of salt.

This doesn’t mean it’s fine to flip out if you see him talking to some other girl at the coffee shop…

No raging out on a girl he’s been friends with for years…

What we’re talking about here is showing bits of possessiveness that lets him know that he’s all yours.

If you see him talking to someone at the bar, let him know with a smile that you saw it and he’d better watch himself.

Knowing that you’re playfully keeping tabs on him will turn him on because it’ll show how much you’re into him.

The same goes for him. Drop a comment every so often about that good-looking guy across the park, or your favorite celebrity crush and what you’d do to him if you had him alone…

It will keep both of you on your toes knowing that just because you’re together doesn’t mean the game is over.

woman being selfish in bed

6. Be Selfish

In the bedroom. For women, it’s always good to be selfish in bed.

OK, maybe not always, but you get the point.

Yes, in general men have higher sex drives than women. They don’t expect you to put on a show every time you make love…

But occasionally, it’s nice to see women taking care of themselves first. Grab his hands and show him what to do with them.

Verbalize what feels good and what doesn’t. Faster, slower, like this, try that

Make yourself a priority in bed and get yours first to turn him on.

If you really want to watch how to turn him on, get yours and then walk

He’ll be thinking about you the entire next day about how much he wants another try.

As far as being selfish outside the bedroom, small doses are appropriate.

Becoming too reliant on each other can dampen a relationship.

Most men don’t like feeling they have no independent life or personality outside of the two of you…

Make sure you prioritize you here and be selfish this way.

Make time to see friends and accomplish goals you set for yourself.

Letting him know you’ve got your own life to live will make him even more attracted to you.

how to turn him on girl caressing man confidently

7. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

This principle goes along with exuding confidence.

A woman being comfortable in her own skin won’t always want to make love under the covers or with the lights off.

She won’t worry too much about whether she looks bad in a picture, or if it’s being taken from the right angle.

It’s so much easier to love a woman who loves herself…

We know there’s a lot of pressure on women when it comes to body image.

Ads, movies, and social media are all so skewed in how they present women…

Believe us when we say that most men know that it’s not reality.

Women who embrace how they look and love their bodies will turn on any man.

It’s probably a good bet that no man will be with a woman he’s not physically attracted to…

Let’s get real and admit that physical chemistry plays a huge role with couples.

Don’t think twice about how he thinks you look. Flip on the lights, pull him close, and embrace being open.

how to turn him on two women gossip together

8. Let Him Know You’re Talking About It

Could anything be hotter than finding out a woman you’re sleeping with just can’t keep the great sex to herself?

Not a chance!

If there’s a chance you can give your man a peek at what you and the girls talk about when he’s not around, that’s surely how to turn him on FAST…

Leave your phone open on texts between you and your best friend about that new thing he tried last night and how it felt incredible…

“Forget” to lock your computer one day and leave it open to an email about how it’s the best you’ve ever had in your life…

Knowing that it’s so good you can’t keep your mouth shut will be a HUGE ego boost for him.

If you’re feeling confident, bring it up in passing conversation about how you talked to Lindsay yesterday about that one thing you love him to do to you.

Now, he’ll know that he’s got to put on a show, because people will be getting updates…

couple with sex toy

9. Break Out The Toys

There’s nothing wrong with a little kink. Introducing toys into sex is a great way to keep things playful and fresh.

This totally depends on experience, how adventurous a couple feels, and if there’s enough trust in the relationship to get a little wild.

That said, most guys love getting kinky. It's one major method in how to turn your man on instantly.

Everybody’s different, so not everyone is into full on 50 Shades of Grey, but most men enjoy throwing something new into the sex mix.

If you’re new to kink, take it easy

Break out the whipped cream. Throw some cuffs on him and chain him to the bed.

Make him beg for it with a mask over his eyes…

And please, ladies, don’t EVER feel self-conscious about bringing a vibrator into the bedroom!

Men will think they’ve died and gone to heaven! (And no, we're not threatened by a hunk of plastic…)

My wife and I think Ella Paradis carries some excellent, affordable toy brands. You can check out some of their choice selections here.

Couples who have been together for a while might enjoy role-playing or watching some erotic material together.

The industry for sex toys and paraphernalia is huge for a reason.

Everybody’s got erotic fantasies. Don’t be shy about expressing yours.

sexy woman on a bed with phone

Turn Him On To Turn You On

Like I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes we just need a little prompt or two to get our mojo going.

We don’t need you to act like a porn star between the sheets to make us happy…

All we want is a beautiful woman who knows how to stimulate us mentally and physically.

Someone who can turn us on to the max and blow our minds with passion and intrigue.

How to turn on your man depends on the person, but these nine methods are certified ways to get you started immediately.

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