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Let's be clear from the start: we are not into witchcraft here at DaterBoy. There are no absolutes in how to make him fall for you, but there are ways to make you stand out from other women making you a desirable choice to pursue.

How do you make a guy fall for you? 

1. Have A Compelling Story To Tell.

2. Spoon Feed Him Details About Yourself.

3. Don’t Be Available All The Time.

4. Don’t Allow Sex To Happen Too Soon.

Before getting into these four rules of how to make him fall for you, this article will assume three things about you going into this discussion:

a. You have a life with which you're happy

b. You have a life that keeps you at least moderately busy

c. You're not dependent on anyone else emotionally or financially.

The idea here is that you have you're own thing going on. You want to be an independent woman with somewhat of an interesting story who is ready to settle down, got it?

Here are four rules, laid out in detail, that will set the groundwork and ultimately how to make a man fall for you:

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1. Have A Compelling Story To Tell

We all love a good story. In fact, we pretty much live and die by them. They completely envelop us every single day.

When men are scouting out their options for a potential mate, sure, looks are important.

But looks only get you so far…

And in the grand scheme of things, when a woman is being evaluated as a whole, looks are further down the list than you may think.

If you were thinking looks were going to be a predominant factor in how to make him fall for you, think again.

Men crave “that quality” about a woman that they can't wait to be around again. It could be your laugh. It could be your sarcasm…

It's that “sticky” thing about you that keeps him glued to wanting to be around you.

My wife always expands upon new business ideas when we discuss them together, since we're business partners, and it's one thing when we first met that totally hooked me on her…

This “sticky” quality is something we all have and what makes us all unique.

You probably won't know what it is because it will most likely be different things about you to different people. You don't control this part…

What you do control is the framework that gives your sticky quality context. That is how you choose to reveal things about yourself and your story.

I'm not talking about making things up here. I'm more talking about teasing him with factual information about yourself.

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2. Spoon Feed Him Details About Yourself

You don't want to bulldoze him with the best things about you right in the beginning.

Think about birds and bread crumbs…

You want to throw a little bread crumb (an interesting fact about you) at his feet, allow him to consume it, then take a step back.

If he takes a step forward (asks you a personal question about yourself), you wait a little, then throw him another bread crumb… then take another step back

Catch my drift here?

You're reeling him in with carefully-placed information over a prolonged period of time.

This only works if you have interesting things about you to reveal. So before you can even start this process, go out there and try some interesting things!

Pick up a new hobby or go after your dream job! Be passionate about life! This stuff is irresistible to men, because it shows him you're happily independent and not a needy person.

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3. Don't Be Available All The Time

Another significant way of how to make a guy fall for you is by giving him the gift of “less is more,” especially in the beginning.

After the first couple of dates, a man begins to formulate what the potential future might look with you by his side.

When women make themselves available all the time, it sends a message that you may not have your own thing going on (remember your story!) and that you might be the needy type.

Needy people turn everyone off…

It's not a situation any of us truly seek out or welcome when we run into people that fit this unfortunate mold.

Let me be clear here: You are not playing games by giving him your company sparingly.

Your time and how you spend it is, again, one of those things that happens to be in your complete control.

And it just happens to be a key component of how to make a man fall hard…


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Think about it. If a man told you he can only see you once a week for the first month or two of dating, how would your brain process that?

Well, you might start thinking “what's he doing the rest of the week?” Or “Who else is he spending time with those other nights??

Even though he's probably only seeing you that week, his value begins to rise in your mind because he isn't all over you every minute…

Same is true when it comes to how a man would view a woman being picky with her time.

Not only do we, as men, appreciate this, but the woman is now someone we're excited to pursue.

It becomes that much more exciting to us when we feel we're getting more of your time down the road.

You may be super pumped about dating a great new guy, but by making sure you “pump the brakes” in the beginning.

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4. Don't Allow Sex to Happen Too Soon

Out of all the female clients I've had, this seems to be one of their top regrets looking back: having sex too soon in a new relationship

Sexual tension can be an incredible way to connect with a man. I can think of a few long-term relationships where I started as being “on the fence” about the woman.

There was enough there to keep me in it with her. But when I realized she wouldn't allow sex to happen the first few weeks, it immediately jolted my system

It let me know “Hey, you should pay attention to this one…”

It was clearly a distinct choice she was making, and that was incredibly attractive to me.

I believe it's natural for men to subtly test boundaries to see where he stands with you. After all, men pick and women choose.

We're always going to be checking in with you to see if it's time to escalate things physically

Meanwhile, a woman tends to lead on guiding and escalating things emotionally

The funny part happens when those two processes meet in the middle somewhere.

Hold off on having sex with him for one month. This will pay dividends on how to make him fall for you.

It will serve both the physical and emotional wellness of your relationship in the future and beyond.

This will also teach you both how to create sexual tension together. Learning how to communicate your desires will go to serve both of your psychological interests.

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How To Make Him Fall For You Through Self-Love

This is actually something that guys talk about with their friends! “Deal-breakers.” These rules mentioned above are four deal-breakers for most men out there.

If you understand that building a foundation with him really involves you valuing yourself first and foremost, you're going to crush out there with men.

That's really what this is all about.

It's about you bringing value to your own life so he can see that shine in you and want to be a part of it.


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