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Here's a fun fact: men are naturally insecure. We strive for perfection, but usually end up coming up short… and we know it. If we feel we've perfected something, we feel we've won and we'll move on. The trick in how to keep a man interested is never make him feel he's 100% won you over. Trust me, 99.9% is fine, but never 100%.

How do you keep a man interested? 

1. Keep Things Simple At First.

2. Put Your Best Foot Forward, Then Step Back.

3. Let Him Get Bored With Other Women While Dating.

4. Play Your Wild Card Early On.

5. Know You're His First Choice And Act Like It.

If you can put him at ease, it will be easier to keep him interested in you.

Today, let's face it, our dating pool is HUGE. The good news for you is people are still boring and predictable… but there are just more of them out there.

I want to give your learning curve an immediate uptick so you can get out there, excite men about who you are so you can draw out the best they have to offer.

Sound like a plan?

Here are those five secrets, described in detail below:

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1. Keep Things Simple At First

For us guys, we tend to steer away from the grey and go right to the black and white.

What I mean by that is we don't like layers of complication when it comes to relationships or anything that appears to add unnecessary drama, especially early on.

So when we're on a date with a woman and she's really interested in us, she can tend to “lean” further into us than she realizes.

I'm not talking physically, but rather emotionally

Some common examples would be bringing up topics that might be more appropriate after a few of months of regular dating, such as meeting family members, being a date at your friends wedding, etc.

This is totally normal, because the polarity of energy between two human beings when things are “working out” can be incredibly powerful, like a magnet drawing you two together.

So if you're wondering how to keep a man interested, this would be your first step.

Here's the test when you feel yourself leaning in early: pull back just a little bit.

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2. Put Your Best Foot Forward, Then Step Back

The truth of the matter is, whether men realize it consciously or not, we are looking for excuses of when things aren't working out to save time. We sort quickly.

Are you someone that can hang with the boys? Are you trying to jump into a relationship too soon?

Let me be clear. This isn't about playing games, especially for us older adults in our 30s, 40s and even 50s. We've been in this game for a minute.

Attraction is an art form. The rules on how to keep a man interested involve intuitive steps both men and women alike are naturally equipped to handle.

It's about putting your best foot forward and mastering your emotions throughout that process. It's never a process that involves any kind of deception or misrepresentation.

It simply requires a sequence of events – almost like a dance – that occur at relatively mutually agree times.

The trick is never to be too far in front or too far behind the person you're dating, got it?

Be present and practice active listening and you'll be stride for stride with him.

One tip I can offer to regulate your “lean in” is to only allow dates to occur once a week for the first 4-6 weeks. This will make those dates really count and have your man ready and waiting for the next date to come around.

For more information on this step, watch my Youtube video on the 1 Word That Will Keep Him Glued To You here.

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3. Let Him Get Bored With Other Women While Dating

Yup, you guessed it. Just by acknowledging your date is probably still scouting the field while in his early stages with you is to your advantage.

By acknowledging those other dates of his are probably “leaning in” and tarnishing the attraction with him should be a game-changer for you.

We don't see what we don't see, so if you don't know you have control over the attraction process, you'd never know to alter how to proceed with the object of your affection, right?

Remember, it's about controlling your emotions… 

Yes, calibrating your own emotions is key in how to keep a man interested.

If you're connected and dialed into the other person, the attraction sequence occurs naturally (and shouldn't require too much thought!). So just let it happen!

And if it isn't apparent to you, just know that no amount of effort will “convince” somebody that you both are a good match. And that goes for both parties.

I realized this early on, that the frequency of the “lean in” really hindered my ability to connect with women in the attraction process, and it was happening a lot. I hope you read this as good news for you, because it is exactly that.

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4. Play Your Wild Card Early On

You may be asking yourself, “What's my wild card?” Great question! Your wild card is giving him a glimpse at the real, undistilled version of yourself briefly. Open your heart.

If you give a man just one solid reason to stick around, he'll do it 100% of the time. Believe me, other women aren't really letting men “see” them, and men can feel that.

This is that moment on a first or second date where you showcase something you care about to him. It could be family, it could be animals, but you want to accent something meaningful to you.

This gesture subliminally speaks to a man's heart and begins to unlock something within him…

But here's the *secret sauce*… You're giving it to him, then you're taking it back.

As soon as it's highlighted, take it out of the spotlight. Change the subject, even if he wants to talk about it more. Don't let him see you for a whole week after that, perhaps.

After your date, he's not even going to know what hit him. He'll be intrigued. And this, ladies, is exactly where you want him.

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5. Know You're His First Choice And Act Like It

No one likes going on first date after first date. But, when you're striking out, it's necessary.

He's already rooting for you! Because if you make this easy for him by being cool and being independent, you win! You'll be making it easy for him.

Men go into first dates with an incredible amount of optimism. Short-circuit the process, never put up with second-class behavior and you'll do great.

Walk out of that date knowing he'll ping you for the second, the third and as many dates as you want with him!

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