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I know what you're probably thinking. Will this list of “99 baby steps” really teach me how to get a girlfriend?

My goal is that by pursuing and actively checking off even HALF of these things will lead you to just that.

Now, some of these steps may feel a little bigger than baby steps…

You'll have steps that are daily homework (a few minutes a days max, like Step #31). There are things I'll suggest you buy (don't worry, they won't break the bank)…

First, we'll address you and the thoughts in your brain to get rid of any self-sabotage you might be creating.

Second, we'll address your immediate surroundings and lifestyle to create happiness all around you.

Third, we'll actively pave paths that lead to meeting tons of women that have the potential to be right for you.

Finally, we'll cement one unifying path with your chosen girl to keep you both moving in the same direction together.

Sound like a plan? Take a deep breath. 99 steps is a lot…

But let's look at the facts.

If you're reading this, you're ready for her to be in your life.

Print out this statement and tape it to your wall.

One by one, we'll create healthy, sustainable habits that will have women easily picking you out of the crowd.

Make the commitment and let's have some fun with this process!

Here are 99 steps on how to get a girlfriend that most men will never be willing to go through:

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Stage #1

Building The Mindset

1. Know She Exists

Embed it in your mind right now that there is a gorgeous female that will welcome the new, improved you into her life with open arms. Not only that, but she's actively searching for you right this very moment.

2. Know More Than One Exists

To think you'd only be compatible with one (living!) gorgeous girl on this planet would be narrow thinking, at best. This comes from men commonly looking at the world from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. Think abundantly!

3. Hang Out With One Guy Who's Good With Women

Either you know a guy or know a guy who knows a guy that's pretty good with women. Put your pride aside and ask this gentleman out for drinks. Tell him you heard he's got skills with girls and that you'd love to learn a few things from him, if he doesn't mind. On top of that, you can also check out this great starter ebook for men (link to David Deangelo's site here) to get your mindset right for approaching women.

4. Ask Them To Teach You What They're Doing

Ask if he wouldn't mind showing you how he approaches women. Watch what he's doing. Then, pick his brain when he returns to your table. What was his goal with the women he interacted with? How was he received by them? Learn one concrete skill you can apply later on.

guy who is good with women

5. Reciprocate That Friendship And Thank Them

Sum up what you've learned with them. Let him know you'd love to learn more. Convey to him how important being able to handle this part of your life (meeting women) means to you. Offer to buy drinks or dinner to thank them for their time.

6. Teach Another Guy One Lesson You've Learned 

Whatever you've learned, find another friend who's in a similar struggling situation with women and show them that new skill. Tell them you learn something ten times faster by teaching it to someone else. Continue this practice with each new skill learned!

7. Stop Being So Impatient

This isn't an overnight process for anybody. Sure, some guys are naturally great with women, but you're about to be. Overnight successes are usually short-lived and dissatisfying in the long-run… so chill out man! Here are a few other “laws” to live by (link to product page here) to keep you grounded during your endeavor.

8. Never Look Backwards For Reference

I don't care the type of guy you were five years ago, one year ago or even last month with women. That's not the type of guy you will remain. Most men fail to come to this realization in their entire lives. That mindset isn't how to get a girlfriend. Get off the rejection treadmill, man!

9. Stop Modeling Your Own Dating Success After Others

Whether it be an older sibling, best friend or (god-forbid) a celebrity, stop this silly tendency now. Your progress of becoming better with women is determined by the quality of women you're bringing into your own life. Let your success be just that.

10. Write Down The 3 Best Things About Your Personality

Get out a piece of paper and write them down. It's much more effective than typing it out because your brain embeds the tactile motion of pen to paper along with the intention behind it. Rank them in order.

guy sing karaoke

11. Select The Best Of Those Personality Traits

This may be different from your #1 personality trait selected above. Think about what women have complimented you on in the past. Is that already a natural part of your personality? This is the thing women already notice about you!

12. Know Women Will Love This Feature About You

Yes, they already see it in you. More importantly, do you see it in yourself? Recognizing these positive traits within yourself will help boost your confidence with women immensely. You have something she already adores about you.

13. Write Down 5 Things That Frustrate You About Women

This exercise will probably be frustrating in itself to you… but do it anyway. Do these five things share certain commonalities? Is there one area you seem to always get stuck within? It's okay to get frustrated when we're looking for the next step.

14. Write Down One Way To Address Each Frustration

You already have at least one viable solution in your brain for each of these frustrations. Now's the time to face them head on. This will open up new avenues of things to try when things don't work. Shed some light on your new path moving forward.

man alone with his thoughts

15. Know You're Not Alone

Men have been stumbling around in the dark when it comes to figuring out women for ages. The secret is being able to put your ego in check and approach this issue systematically. Join the club and embrace it!

16. Pick A Friend You Can Confide In

Who's the friend who knows most of the struggles you've endured through your years? Who's the friend that cares that you succeed with everything you do? Tell this friend you're on a mission and you're making sure it happens this time.

17. Ask The Friend To Help You Be Accountable 

Make this friend directly involved with your goal. You need someone to hold you accountable when things get tough so you don't bail on it altogether. Shake their hand, look them in the eyes, and tell them you need this favor from them.

18. Pick A Date Six Months From Now

Yes, pick one day six months from now. Tell your friend what that date is and ask them to set monthly reminders on their smartphone leading up to that date. Have them text you these reminders to keep you focused and plowing forward. Being accountable is a big step in how to find a girlfriend.

girl at work

19. Decide Girls At Work Are NOT An Option For You

You do not want a girlfriend at work. I repeat – YOU DO NOT WANT A GIRLFRIEND WHERE YOU EARN YOUR INCOME. This is counterproductive to your mission. Don't put your job in jeopardy over a new girlfriend, ever. I write extensively about dating at the workplace here.

20. Get This Part Of Your Life Handled For Good

Looking back at the first twenty steps, you've already come a long way! You're one-fifth the way there! With each step you take, further solidify in your head that there's no turning back. You will find a girlfriend and she'll be fabulous!

21. Affirm To Yourself That You're Worthy 

Because you are. You 100% are. This is the step where you listen to that little voice in your head creep up and try to cast doubt on you. It may tell you that you won't find her. Squash that voice like the little annoying bug that it is permanently.

man making a list

22. Write A Letter Of Affirmation To Yourself 

An email to yourself isn't going to cut it here. Again, we need that tactile-to-intention brain connection. Pen & paper, envelope, BOOM. Seal the letter inside and put your full name on the front of the envelope.

23. Have Your Friend Give It To You In 6 Months

Knowing this letter will be handed back to you six months from now keeps YOU accountable on top of your friend being accountable. This decreases the chance that you will abandon your mission in the months to come.

24. Know She's Coming Into Your Life Soon

Remember, most men simply aren't willing to put in even this much effort to attract a beautiful woman, let alone anything else in their lives. Be the guy who sees it all through.

25. Take The Night Off

You've done good, friend. Now it's time to relax. After all, this is a “marathon” strategy, not a “sprint” strategy we're putting together here. Take pride in the small victories you've strung together so far and get some sleep.

man positively optimistic

Stage #2

Building Your Life To Attract A Girlfriend

26. Make One Platonic Female Friend

Don't skip this step! Having a platonic female perspective in your life can be invaluable (and vice versa). Your goal is just to make a friend. You're not sizing her up as a potential girlfriend. If that happens down the road, fine, but that's not the goal with this step.

27. Pick One New Interesting Hobby

If you're already into some unique hobbies, double down on them! If not, it's time to broaden your horizons and find an activity that either gets you outdoors, gets the heart rate up, or challenges you. Check out this great book for inspiration on men's hobbies (link to Amazon here).

28. Lose One Of Your Vices

Bite your nails, drink a bunch, or eat a lot of chocolate? Pick a vice that you'd prefer to not have in your life anymore. Vices will certainly stunt your progress in getting a girlfriend. Choosing something really big will make is less likely to shake. You don't really need to “do” this vice, after all.

29. Learn To Cook One New Dish Well

I've learned that one amazing way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. A man who knows how to cook draws immediate attention from the ladies. Tasty hosts some excellent videos to get you started (link to YouTube here).

30. Join A Group That Does Your Chosen Hobby 

Find a Meetup group in your area and message the leader of your group to introduce yourself. Or, better yet, think about starting your own Meetup group! Women love leaders! This shouldn't be too large of a time commitment; just once a week. And remember, it's okay to be new at something.

guy doing pushups at beach

31. Commit To 50 Push-ups Per Day For Six Months

Push-ups? Why? Because this is the physical component that helps you see change with your own eyes in your mirror. Seeing change is believing new things are possible. That's the exact ingredient we're looking for right now.

32. Commit To Reading One New Book Per Month 

Make a 6-month commitment. This task will help reprogram your brain for learning new communication skills. It will also help you get out of your head and stop obsessing over finding a girlfriend every minute. Might I recommend a book that helped me grow my own social circle, Think & Grow Rich (link to Amazon here).

33. Delete Your Least Favorite Social Media Account

Let's face it, your social media has become less and less helpful at making you more social over the years. Time to ditch an account, or two, if you're motivated. Hit the “Deactivate Account” button and never look back.

34. Delete ALL Of Your “Dating” Apps

These aren't helping you date; they're a crutch to the short-term, instant gratification of hooking up. You're going to be putting the time and energy that you normally would spend on these elsewhere. Get ready for a much more long-term, sustainable gratification that keeps you smiling

man using cologne

35. Buy One “Eau de toilette” For Men

Men overdo cologne. We tend to put on too much. Instead, you want to find a less-intense eau de toilette spray (link to my favorite on Amazon here) that draws a girl in just a little closer when she's near you. When it comes to a man's scent, less is always more.

36. Buy One New Pair Of Casual Shoes To Wear Out

Women look at shoes. I know, it's weird. They'll size up your personality based on the cleanliness and style of shoe to make an initial impression of you. My go-to has always been a fresh pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high tops (link to Amazon here) with jeans and a t-shirt. Find the style that suits you best.

37. Get Hooked Up With Menlo Club

A new ensemble can do wonders for your confidence level. Menlo Club used to be called “Five Four Club,” and I've been a big fan ever since. They send you a box of fresh threads in the mail every month catered to your personal style. Plus, I have an *exclusive deal* with them for you guys! Use the promo code “Daterboy” to receive 50% off your first two months! Check out Menlo Club hereWomen will most certainly appreciate your new, fresh look.

38. Get A New Haircut

It's time to clean up the neck line, fellas. Make it look like you actually can keep yourself together, whether you're still working on it or not. It's these little optics that pop up in a girl's head. Are you on the ‘plus' or ‘minus' side of that equation?

man cleaning apartment

39. Tidy Up Your House/Apartment 

We're talking one hour of solid clean time every other Sunday. You should be able to pick off at least two rooms in that time period (i.e. kitchen & living room OR bathroom & bedroom, etc.). Tidiness can make or break you in how to get a girlfriend. Make it a habit.

40. Select One Legitimate Dating Site 

Stay away from free! Why? Because you get what you pay for every time. eHarmony always worked well for me. You end up meeting higher quality women since they're also paying to meet you. Check out my Resources page to find recommendations on a dating site that might be more suitable for you. 

41. Set Up Your Online Dating Profile

I'll admit, this is a tough one if you're not a writer or have a tough time looking at yourself objectively. If you put even a little time and effort into this, you'll surpass 95% of guys out there. Fortunately, I wrote a full blog post on the proper way for men to construct their dating profiles. Women will appreciate the time you've put in, believe me.

42. Go Out With Friends And Ask Them To Take Pictures 

Look sharp and casual. You ultimately want to tell a story through photos on your dating profile that you're a fun-loving guy that has a life. A photo tells a thousand words. Just don't be a weirdo about it, okay?

43. Select Five Great Photos Of Yourself 

Many men and women pull photos from eons ago when they were younger, skinnier, happier, etc… Don't be that guy. You want your photos to match how you look today. You're asking for problems when it comes to date time if you don't. Match the guy you see in the mirror, whomever you see there.

guy trying out a yoga class

44. Try One Yoga Class

If you've been to a yoga class, then you know they're full of women. Men have caught on to this within the last several years. Be the guy whose there to learn (not to pick up women!). It'll get you comfortable in your own skin around girls.

45. Try One Dance Class

There's an old adage that says women can tell a great deal about how good a man is in bed by the way he dances. Go in willing to make fun of yourself. Women respect men who regularly get out of their comfort zone.

46. Try One Cooking Class

Sure, you could learn by using YouTube videos…or you can learn to cook alongside of cute, fun girls in person! This one is great because it forces you to interact with other (female) students, unlike yoga. Don't overdo it on the eau de toilette here!

how to get a girlfriend trivia night

47. Join A Coed Sports Or Trivia League

Most metropolitan areas have these “leagues” and are becoming more popular. Your local pub probably hosts a trivia team night at least one night a week. The goal is finding a fun, coed team to join. A great secret in how to get a girlfriend is setting up your life to surround you with a constant flow of girls.

48. Go Out With Your Male Friend Once Per Week

If you can tuck in with your male friend who's good with women regularly, that's ideal. You'll begin to pick up on things he's doing that you maybe hadn't caught the first time out. Ask him questions and try to be a good friend to him, too.

49. Meet Your Female Friend For Coffee Or Lunch 

Once per week. Hopefully, you're actually enjoying your time with this new female friend. This shouldn't feel like a task you're checking off on the list. Get to know her! Let her know about all the activities you're getting involved with. You know, regular friend stuff.

50. Message Five New Girls On Your Dating Site 

Again, once per week. By now, you should have a few messages rolling in. Reach out to the girls who interest you. Pick out something specific in their profile and show them you're paying attention. Don't just focus on their photos – invest in their words!

couple at a picnic table

Stage #3

Attracting Her Into Your Life

51. Spend 20 Minutes Per Day On Messages

Don't toy around with girls you're not interested in. No need to waste your time like that. Try to answer messages within 24 hours. Limit yourself to three exchanges back and forth. Then you'll make your next move

52. Set Up Coffee Dates 

No lunch, no dinner, no crazy expensive first date ideas. You're not trying to “buy” her affection. Slow your roll and keep it to coffee (or check out my article on other cheap first date ideas here). Keep them to no more than 45 minutes. Then, be the first one to end the date and thank her for her company.

53. Have Your Male Friend Watch You With Girls 

We're looking for small movements of improvement. Tell your friend to be straight up with you. Are you calmer and cooler approaching girls? If you need to speed up your learning curve meeting women, this 6-hour course will help solidify your skills.

54. Ask Your Female Friend For Advice

It's always interesting hearing how the opposite sex perceives us as men, if they're being honest with you. Let her know you're trying to gain insight about what women first notice about you. It's research; you're not just fishing for compliments.

55. Have Her Give It To You Straight

This will prove to your friend you are trying to improve as a human sexual being. She should level with you since you're friends, so take mental notes. She's revealing to you your “blind spot” with women it takes most men years to uncover.

how to get a girlfriend personal hygiene

56. Be On Top Of Your Personal Hygiene

This encompasses everything from using deodorant, trimming body hair (yes, downstairs too), and doing laundry more than once a month. I wrote an entire article dedicated to this topic here. You should moisturize your face regularly, too, to always look refreshed.

57. Scan Your Place For Weird Things 

Your homeboys might love your bong, but she may squirm at seeing it as your coffee table centerpiece. Look at each room with objective eyes. If things are kept tidy, you're generally okay. You may need to add some elements to show you pay attention to the details

58. Try Neutral-Scented Candles

Women LOVE this kind of thing at a man's place. It puts them in a relaxed state. My wife loves candles that are stylish but have subtle scents (link to our favorite candle on Amazon here) that properly accent a space. Do not get anything like patchouli or any super cheap candle scents.

59. Curate A Few Great Laid-Back Playlists

Make your own or bookmark your top favorites on Spotify each having a slightly different vibe to them. The “Chill,” “Mood” & “Jazz” genres on Spotify are perfect for hosting a pretty lady at your place. Just keep the volume down low enough so you two can talk.

man cooking at home

60. Practice Cooking Your One Great Dish 

You want to nail this dish not just for her, but for yourself. When you know you've cooked something she thinks is delicious and you see that sparkle in her eye when she's smiling at you, it's all worth it. Go on, dust your shoulders off.

61. Get Your Drinking And Smoking Under Control

If this is something you normally try to conceal from people, you better believe your girlfriend will be onto you fast. Focus on quitting smoking first, since that is the most obvious and objectionable, in general. Keeping these habits flourishing will decrease your chances in finding a girlfriend.

62. Expel One Negative Influence From Your Life

It's been said that we are a product of the five people we spend the most time with in our lives. Are all of these people serving you positively? If not, ditch 'em. Life's too short. It requires getting right with yourself mentally and spiritually to make room for that special girl in your life.

63. Chat Up Girls At Your Weekly Hobby Group

Girls want to be around a guy whose in a great mood and can make them laugh. You don't want to be arrogant with your humor, but you also don't want to be a clown either. If you want to master this, I've got just the guy who teaches this very skill set to crush humor with any girl. It's a fine line, but one worth figuring out.

64. Chat Up Girls At Your Weekly Coed League Group

Once you have a few positive interactions under your belt with your newfound lady friends, you'll gain momentum and confidence. This is the stuff that girls really gravitate towards. Draw them in and don't be a pushover! For more on this, check out my article on why nice guys finish last every time here.

coed sports league

65. Chat Up More Girls Along With Your Male Friend

Keep the momentum going! Remember, your buddy has your back. You've created this infrastructure and support system for yourself early on in the steps. This is how you test the waters and learn how to communicate with women. Also, check out my article on meeting girls at bars here to be prepared for every scenario you could find yourself in.

66. Ask Your Female Friend If She Knows Any Single Girls

This is an interesting one. You may or may not get an awkward response from your friend at this point about introducing you to other girls. It all depends on how your relationship with her has progressed. Be in tune with her response and go with whatever she's comfortable with.

67. Decide Which Girls Will Upgrade to Date #2

By now, you have your favorites. Coffee dates are great because they take the pressure off of having a more formal date (which are terrible in a lot of ways too early on…I digress…) You want to have about three girls you're considering for Date #2.

how to get a girlfriend actively invested

68. Be Fully Engaged In All Of Your Newfound Activities

This is the new life you've built… so enjoy it! This endeavor may have started as checking off a checklist, but it's evolved. YOU'VE evolved! There should be plenty of girls around you. Who needs a dating app now??

69. Do NOT Re-install Your “Dating” Apps Ever Again

If you were thinking you missed your dating apps, it's only because of the addictive behavior they cause. You never really needed them. They just rushed a delicate process to save you a little time. Are they notorious for creating hook-ups or relationships?

70. Organize An Outing With Your Friends

Be delicate with this one. Some friends from different groups are never meant to meet each other and can shift the social dynamic out of your control and create negativity and stress. Be picky with the group you assemble! For more insight on taking charge, read my article about naturally becoming an alpha male here

man helping elderly woman with groceries

71. Do One Kind Thing For a Stranger

Give a buck to a homeless vet. Help an elderly person carry groceries to their car. Pick one distinct act spontaneously when the moment presents itself. It will keep your good vibes flowin' and keep you smiling 🙂

72. Text One Funny Thing to Each Girl

The texting game falls squarely on the man's shoulders to keep things fresh. If you need some pointers in what to text a girl, read this article I posted a little while back. Short and sweet should do the trick.

73. Set Up Individual Dinner Dates With Each Girl

I'd suggest dinner on Dates #3 or #4. You want to send a signal that you're not cheap and you know how to curate a fun night out. Separate the dates a couple nights apart so you're not burnt out at all. Prepare to tease and flirt your tail off!

74. No Sex With Any Of These Girls For One Month

That's right. This is the “moneymaker” for how to get a girlfriend, in my opinion. You can let a couple of weeks play out with each girl before final decision time, but you are controlling when things get to sex. It's a sincere practice in self-discipline. Trust me, you'll be a stronger, more fulfilled man for it in the long-run. If you're dating a cougar, read my article here on how these rules change slightly.

75. Pick The Girl That Has The Best Chemistry With You

We don't want to lead anyone on. Like I said, a couple of weeks is fine and to be expected, but if a special girl is in this mix of three, it's time to select her. You don't have to ask her for exclusivity quite yet. Just make sure the feeling is mutual with her first before calling it quits with the other girls.

couple in new relationship

Stage #4

Building A Relationship With Her

76. Give Up Masturbation For One Week A Month

First no sex, now no masturbation?? I know, I'm really putting the screws to you during this particular month. But, do you want to have the best sex of your life with your girl the first time? Believe this, she'll be ready to attack you when the deed goes down.

77. Get Deep With Your Chosen Girl 

You've invested yourself in this girl up until now. Bonding with her on deep topics and talking about your unique vantage points on issues is a wonderful way to further understand her emotionally. Women love this activity with men.

78. Do Not Introduce This Girl To Your Friends Yet

Wait one month. Starting a new relationship with a girl is like writing a new movie script for your life together. It's important for you two to control the narrative of how you want things to go without distraction. Your friends can chime in later once that's established.

79. Plan Only One Date Per Week With Her 

At least for the first month. There's a great saying that applies early on in a relationship: “Give her the gift of missing you.” Seeing her only once per week will extend your ‘honeymoon period' with her. I wish I had made this choice with past girlfriends for that reason

80. Tease Her About You Being ‘Hard To Get'

This is something I have seen play out with a high rate of success between myself and my male dating clients. Let her know she's not getting any for a while. All of a sudden, you become a challenge and that will drive her wild.

kissing her passionately

81. Kiss Her Passionately At The End Of Each Date

This is your time and space to get physical with her. Go slow and move with intention. Look deep into her eyes. Smell her neck and hair. You're probably the first guy she's been with that's had this much self-control. If you'd really like to get good at the first kiss with her, read my article here on exactly what steps to take and when!

82. Invite Her To Spend The Night

On Dates either #5 or #6, now's the time to add a new ending to the mix: Invite her in! You've held out as long as you could, and she knows it! It's time you both allowed yourself to have a little action with one another that isn't short-lived. Get to it.

83. Let Yourself Go With Her

When making love, change up your pace. By doing this, you're leading the intimacy, which can be powerfully attractive in a woman's eyes. Pace yourself; you have all night. To learn how to become a master in the bedroom, I highly recommend this course to drive her wild. And obviously, make sure to use protection.

man making a phone call

84. Call Her The Next Day To Say You Had A Great Time

Be a gentleman; don't wait around all day to let her know you enjoyed yourself. Those are games children play. This is a girl you see sticking around, after all. Let her know she's not just some other girl.

85. Keep Your Individual Lives And Dating Lives Separate

It's common for people to lose their own self-identity in relationships. Therefore, always keep doing the things that make you happy and don't ditch your friends. If times get tough and things are broken off with her, you want your life still intact.

86. Create Boundaries With Her

Let her go out and be with her friends. That should never be an issue. Make sure your still making time for your friends in all the ways you've made above. You should both have things that make you happy outside of your relationship. If your a single dad, read my article on how to incorporate this step with your kids here.

87. Be Spontaneous

I had a female client who had a boyfriend from long ago leave a squirt gun with a note for her on the kitchen counter when she returned from work. The note said “DUCK!!!” That's just fun! Never let things go stale.

asking her to be his girlfriend

88. Let Her Know You Want To Be Exclusive With Her

If you haven't already done this with her, it's an important conversation to have with her. It sets clear expectations of their being no other external romantic relationships in play. This sets your trust in motion with her.

89. Be Present With Her

It helps to have at least one little activity you do every night together. Whether it be dinner, a card game, or binge watching a TV show on Netflix, give each other that time. It will bring you closer to one another. It's not just about how to get a girlfriend, it's about how to keep one now.

90. Let Her Life Be Her Life

Men like to fix things. But when it comes to our partners' struggles, unless you are directly affecting them, let her problems be her own. Sure, you can offer to help. But always allow her the space to grow and figure things out on her own.

91. Throw In A Road Trip To Mix Things Up

You want to get to know somebody you think you know really well? Take them on a multi-day road trip. Have a loose itinerary to leave things open-ended. You'll learn that much more about her in the process.

man and woman cuddling

92. Constantly Reevaluate Your Level Of Happiness 

Happiness will always be in a constant state of fluctuation. If you're not in tuned with where its trending, problems may arise quicker than you can fix them. Always be in touch with how you feel about her.

93. Introduce Her To Your Friends In A Group Setting

Now it's time to show each other off to your friends. Let them tell you how great she is. Hear all the feedback she gives you from her friends. It's kind of a weird, whimsical point in your relationship, but enjoy the reaction!

94. Be Supportive Of Her Passions

If she asks you to participate in an activity that involves her passion, don't pass it up. Support her wholeheartedly. In turn, she should offer you that support for the things you love. Balance is key here.

95. Listen Before Speaking

My Dad has this saying, “You never learn anything with your mouth open.” Oh so true. The more active listening you can do (i.e. rephrasing what she's saying back to her), the better. It will confirm to her that you're dialed in to her needs.

kissing on a pool table

96. Make Date Night Unique

Sure, you can have your favorite spots to go out, but how about attempting to cook a new dish at home? The prospect of succeeding (or severely failing) with a new recipe can be quite exciting! Never let your creativity fade.

97. Leave Her Little Notes

Writing physical notes, like post-its, can keep a fun keepsake for her to collect. Especially ones that tell her how much you care about her. Try it out! Write a note and put some heart into it.

98. Evenly Split Time At Each Of Your Places

This is important early on to have a balance between where time is spent. You both love your own places, otherwise you wouldn't live there, right? Have a conversation about this. Show both your places love.

99. Tell Her You Love Her

You've done a fine job, sir. It's now time to tell her something you've probably been waiting to tell her.

Take her out for a special evening and lay it on her. My guess is from this point on, you're going to be just fine. Enjoy the ride.

I sincerely hope you've enjoyed this super long post and that it spurns greatness in your dating journeys.

For more tips and recommendations on making a smooth transition into a great relationship, check out my Resources page here.


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