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While sugar daddies have always been a thing, general acceptance of these kinds of arrangements have only recently become more accepted by the public. Now, it’s becoming the trend that younger men are seeking ways in how to find a sugar momma, a wealthy woman seeking a specific arrangement with a younger, attractive man.

Sugar daddies have been around forever.

Beautiful young women have been able to use their looks or youth to keep wealthy men entertained.

In exchange for their time and attention, these successful men keep their ladies laced with the finer things.

Rent is paid, there are shopping sprees, and of course the luxury vacations…

Essentially, sugar daddies are paying so the women they are interested in can be available when they need them.

Trailing closely behind the rise of women in the workplace, kept men have become more and more popular.

Sugar mommas who have achieved a great deal of success in their careers are enjoying the many benefits of having a boy toy at their disposal.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons that drive sugar mommas.

Many of them have a hard time finding a man their caliber who doesn’t mind the amount of dedication they have to their career or business.

They also may not have time or interest to balance a full-time relationship or family. Paying for a younger, handsome man to flirt and date casually fits with their lifestyle.

Not every sugar momma wants you to sign a contract. A lot of the time a sugar momma relationship is entered casually.

Successful women put much less emphasis on money. Sharing and giving money is a way they can show you they appreciate you.

This can sound like a dream to a lot of young men.

Guys think about how to find a sugar momma to help out financially or as a mentor can be a great way to get through tough times.

These younger men can navigate the early days of school, finding a job, and making their way up the career ladder much easier.

However, finding a sugar momma isn’t always super easy. They rarely flash what they’re looking for out of fear of public judgement.

They’re out there, though. Here are ten places every man can start searching for their dream sugar momma:


1. Online

It’s crazy how far dating has come. Just over ten years ago, people were embarrassed to admit they met their partner online…

There was sort of this general perception that only people who couldn’t meet someone in ‘real life’ would finally turn to online dating sites.

These days, though, online dating is how most people meet.

Whether it starts with casual chatting on Tinder or Hinge or is a more focused effort on or, there’s something for everyone.

There are even websites totally dedicated to sugar momma arrangements.

If you're looking to find a sugar momma locally near you, I'd suggest creating a free profile on Ashley Madison (go directly to site here) first. It's by far the best sugar dating platform out there right now.

Ashley Madison has recently rebranded itself as the top, “discreet arrangement” dating site available. They cater to sugar daddies, sugar babies, sugar mommas and, of course, sugar “cubs” (guys looking for sugar mommas).

They have the largest pool of potential sugar mommas I could find, so it's a great place to start. *Pro Tip*: Post the three (3) best photos of yourself. If you have one in a sharp suit, make that one of them.

These types of sites cater to people looking for millionaires to date, younger men seeking older women, and even tend to lay out specific “sugar momma” terms.

Just a heads up, though; not everyone makes the cut and can participate. A lot of the best sites are good because they place certain restrictions on guys looking to sign up.

Whether it’s physical attributes, education levels, age limits, or some other category, read the fine print.

3 cougar at a hotel bar

2. Upscale Hotels And Restaurants

As with any locations I’m going to cover, keep in mind that sugar mommas are women who can afford to pay for their high-end lifestyle AND someone else they want to take care of.

These aren’t people who take the bus and stay in a motel. They can be found in the most expensive joints in town.

One of the best places to look for wealthy women is luxury hotels and great restaurants.

Wealthy people are keenly aware of service and personal space. Time is money to them.

They have a super drive to be productive, so they want to be in places that will cater to their needs, no matter the cost.

For men searching for sugar mommas, spending time in the best hotels and restaurants puts you in an environment where you can observe and interact with people. Like the sugar momma you want to meet.

Definitely check out the hotel lobby bar!

Once you get comfortable, you just have to keep your eyes open and that’s how you'll find your sugar momma.

4 how to find a sugar momma at the gym

3. Exclusive Gyms

Unless you’re extremely shallow, attraction will still play a major role in how to find her.

The examples of young women dating elderly sugar daddies are the exception, not the norm.

Most of the time both parties are attracted to each other, but not really into exclusive, serious dating.

Young guys looking for a female benefactor should look for someone they wouldn’t mind getting close to.

A great place to look is in an exclusive gym.

Gyms, like hotels, come in a variety of classes. High-end gyms have in-house spas, restaurants, and other amenities that attract a wealthy clientele.

Joining the nicest gym you can find is a perfect way to increase your odds of finding a sugar momma.

5 hot guy at the hotel pool

4. Places Where Other Hot Guys Hang Out

This is an often-overlooked spot for how to find a sugar momma. I’ve mentioned that wealthy people hate wasting time.

Successful women looking for boy toys want to optimize their search. They want to get in a target rich environment where they can meet a lot of handsome men.

Don’t sleep on putting yourself in the right place so you can get picked up. Believe it or not, this is the way a lot of sugar momma relationships happen.

After all, these women got where they are because they were assertive and ambitious. They know what they want and don’t have a problem going out and getting it.

If there’s a neighborhood known for where fashionable, beautiful people hang out, then spend time there.

If you live near a beach, make sure you’re on it enough.

6 rich woman at a charity event

5. Charity Events

When people get wealthy enough, they start thinking about legacy. That means they start planning how they want to use their money for good.

Rich people are very involved in charity work.

Working your way into charity events, be it auctions, races, or service projects will put you in proximity with plenty of people with deep pockets.

Some work will have to be done, though, to work your way to the top of the charity crowd. There are plenty of people who just go to help, so you never know who’s who.

The best way to increase your odds is to get involved.

By volunteering, you have a better chance of getting to know the wealthy donors and organizers who might be on the prowl.

What’s more attractive than a handsome young man who loves to give back? Not much.

7 how to find a sugar momma at a horse race

6. Pick Your Sports

Almost every man knows it’s tough to find a real, dedicated female sports fan.

It’s even harder to find a woman who’s risen to the top of her field who has the time to catch a game on a Wednesday night.

Men who are looking for a sugar momma need to focus their search when it comes to sports.

Think about it. If you try to meet a sugar momma at a basketball game, do you think you’ll meet her in the nosebleed seats you can afford?

Not likely, because she’ll be sitting court side…

There are, however, some sporting events that rich people love to go to where there is less class division among the public.

Sports like golf, tennis, polo, horse racing, and other less traditional sporting events are great places to meet wealthy women.

A lot of these sports, including sailing, are typically connected to some charity effort, so they go hand in hand with the last place we covered.

Additionally, wealthy people who go to these sport events usually participate on some level, and they love to share their knowledge and passion about the game.

Strike up a conversation by asking them questions about how the game is played and ask them for some advice on how to get started.

They’ll think you’re cute and your questions will be flattering.

8 young guy tennis coach

7. Get A Job At A Club

Clubs are the ultimate exclusive experience. There are certainly tiers to private clubs, but those in the highest tier are fantastic.

Valets take your car, hang your coat, and wash your car as you dine in five-star restaurants and get spa treatments or talk about investments over a tennis match.

Trying to sneak in to meet someone is a no-go. This isn’t your neighborhood YMCA.

In most of these places, membership is so exclusive that members are treated like royalty. Everyone is known and everything is managed with a great level of detail.

Try instead to get a job at one, and that may be your way in. How to find a sugar momma involves a certain sense of adventure.

One minute you’re taking her drink order, then you slide in a playful comment about how you’d love to take her out for one another time.

Who knows, she may just smile and take you up on it.

9 woman at an art show

8. Art Shows

Aside from giving their money away, the wealthy love to spend it on things the rest of us don’t understand.

If you read the headlines long enough, you’ll eventually come across a story where someone billionaire spends millions on a piece of art that you’ve never heard of.

The world of art is complex and takes years to understand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake like you do.

In fact, what’s there to fake if you really like art and just happen to find yourself in a very expensive, upscale gallery?

There isn’t a great chance of you getting invited to private showings or gallery openings.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find out where some of the most expensive art is sold and make a point of being there from time to time.

Remember, sugar mommas will love it if you’re fit and good looking, but they also want someone they can talk to about mutual interests.

Spend some time getting to know the world of the rich and famous so you can converse fluently in their language.

10 older woman at a winery

9. Wine Tastings

Alcohol is always one of the best answers to the question of how to find a sugar momma.

Taking a trip to the vineyard is possibly the most fun and the most effective answer you’ll find. The wealthy love wine, both as a hobby and an investment.

Wealthy women love wine even more.

As a bonus, almost all the best vineyards in the country are in affluent areas like Napa Valley.

The odds are in your favor because rich people like nice wine and nice wine is near where rich people live. It’s a double whammy!

Vineyard tours and wine tastings are a relatively inexpensive way you can get to know some wealthy women in search of love.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to stumble on a rich single vineyard owner who wants someone they can have fun with on the weekends.

11 how to find a sugar momma hotel bar

10. Quiet Bars & Lounges

I’ve touched on sugar momma’s preference for service and efficiency, but they also love to relax.

Wealthy people go full tilt when they’re running their business.

It comes naturally because they’re driven to begin with, but also because their professional is commonly intertwined with personal passions.

That’s why they’re so successful. They go so hard that downtime is very valuable.

Rich, successful women don’t want to be in places where they get ramped up by loud music or crowds of people.

They want quiet to balance out the chaos of their everyday lives.

Rich people put as much focus into their limited free time as they do running their empires.

If you’re ever wondering how to find a sugar momma, try looking in exclusive bars and lounges.

Even better if said lounge specializes in some drink, music, or décor that’s rare or cutting edge.

It’ll be way easier talking to them than any girl you tried to chat up at a club on Friday night in college.


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