If he says he wants an open relationship, don't run for the hills just yet.

What are the main benefits of having an open relationship?

1. He’s Being Honest

2. You Can Play The Field

3. Allows Space For Self Reflection

4. Helps You Decide What You Want

5. Improves Communication

6. You Can Fill Your Needs

7. Erases Dependency

8. You’ll Find New Communities

9. Things Will Work Out In The Long-Term

Everyone loves the highs of being in a new relationship. Everything is fresh and it feels so great to be appreciate and loved…

The odd disagreement is the exception. Usually, new couples bask in the glow of passion and romance as they discover each other and become closer.

Eventually, drinks turn into some sort of physical connection, which then evolves into some sort of weird, undefined state where there is more than just a common affection.

Ultimately, the ‘talk’ happens, where one of you brings up defining exactly what you two have become, so if fits in one of the boxes society tells us we should be in.

However, sometimes you want different things. One party wants to play by a different set of rules…

Even though it’s a bit of a generalization, men are often the ones who struggle when the commitment talk comes on.

More and more, men have been wanting to keep relationships undefined.

They would rather not close themselves off to other partners, but also want to maintain relationships with women they’ve become attached to.

They want an open relationship. Watch my Youtube video called He Wants An Open Relationship here for a personal explanation of why this is.

Open relationships are nothing new. It’s just that society has become more accepting of casual dating and nebulous love.

Traditional people often struggle with the idea of an open relationship. How will things work? Won’t jealousy take over? What about protecting yourself from STDs?

These are all valid concerns, but if we're honest here, these are issues in any committed relationship, as well.

Open relationships also have some pluses. They allow us to delve deep into our motivations for love and the attachments we hold on to.

If you’re with someone, and he wants an open relationship, here are nine benefits that can help you adjust:

2 concerned couple by train tracks

1. He’s Being Honest

Men fantasize about other women. We stare at beautiful girls as they walk by. We look at porn, etc.

Some girls get freaked out by even the thought of their man fantasizing about someone else.

Whether it’s cheating or just a simple fantasy, no woman is going to completely hold their man’s attention for all of eternity.

Honestly, that would just be plain bizarre to think our partners’ minds don’t wander…

If we’re real, we need to accept that people cheat. Unfortunately, the odds you’ve been in a relationship where there was some level of infidelity are pretty high…

It’s extremely common. Cheating in a monogamous relationship can be devastating. It erases trust causes extreme hurt and feelings of betrayal.

If he wants an open relationship, at least give him credit that he’s being up front with you.

After all, he could be telling you and whoever else is out there that you’re the only one for him. He could be straight up lying to you that he’s faithful.

When men tell women they want an open relationship, it’s often done out of respect for themselves and their partners.

If he was a scumbag, he’d just lie to you

3 couple flirting during winter

2. You Can Play The Field

This is big, especially if you’re young.

We all know friends in college that got into serious relationships way too soon…

They latched on to the first guy that came their way and, two years later, ended up hurt and scarred…

Early adulthood is about exploration, and an open relationship is all about open borders.

Take the offer when he says he wants an open relationship for what it is; the ultimate hall pass!

You can keep developing the relationship you have with him, but also enjoy the freedom of meeting new people.

You don’t have to turn down that interesting hot guy at the bar because you have a boyfriend.

Open relationships give you the freedom to seize opportunities when they present themselves.

It’s the best of both worlds; you have a man that you can get to know on a deeper level, but you can also play the field casually at the same time.

4 he wants an open relationship girl taking journal notes

3. Allows Space For Self Reflection

Being in an open relationship certainly isn’t easy 24/7.

It might sound great being able to date multiple people and not be tied down, but it also carries a lot of hard growth along with it.

Open relationships really force people to adapt to scenarios that society tells us isn’t normal.

We have to overcome feelings we’ve been conditioned our whole life to feel.

Jealousy, possessiveness, bitterness, the need for attention, these are all things that will vie for our time and focus.

However, going through the challenges an open relationship presents only make us better people.

A lot of people who go through the experience of an open relationship say it made them stronger in the end. It makes sense.

Open relationships make people really examine why they are with someone, and what kind of people they want to be around.

In turn, it helps shape who they become in a relationship.

5 sad woman looking out the window

4. Helps You Decide What You Want

Before you shut down the idea of an open relationship completely, think about it.

Why are you looking to be in a relationship in the first place?

Most women will answer that it’s because they want to be with someone who they can trust, who they love, a person that makes them feel special and safe.

Well, how are you going to know you’ve found that person until you’ve met and dated enough people?

Everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve been dating someone monogamously for a while, and then they meet someone new and wonder, ‘what if?’

Maybe someone else could make you feel better or happier… You’ll never know until you try…

If he says he wants an open relationship, take it for what it is. It’s an offer to go out and narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

Maybe you’ve always dated extroverts, and you want to see what being with a quiet guy is like.

Perhaps it’s something as simple as dating someone with different physical attributes than what you typically date.

The point is, you can go out and literally check off what you do and don’t like. It helps you become more confident and avoid settling for less than you deserve.

6 pensive couple staring at each other

5. Improves Communication

Open relationships require frequent, honest communication.

It’s important that respect is built into the way you go about your business.

You don’t want to think he’s coming over one night only to find out he’s seeing someone else…

You also don’t want to find out you’ve slipped from being his main thing into a casual side piece…

Respect for each other should drive all communication in an open relationship. If things change, then it needs to be said.

There should be no ambiguity about how each other feels. That’s only going to cause hurt.

Open relationships actually help people’s ability to communicate because they’re required to mature more quickly than normal.

People in open relationships don’t take each other for granted.

They value how the other feels and want to do what it takes to make them feel secure in the relationship.

Couples working their way through these arrangements often find themselves having regular check-ins with each other to make sure everything is OK.

You’ve got to be able to give and receive candid feedback and follow the feedback up with affirmation to make sure he or she feels confident about things between you.

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6. You Can Fill Your Needs

The more you date, they more you discover that there’s no perfect man. It’s a fact that at some point, he’ll disappoint you

All those quirks you said were cute and endearing at the beginning of the relationship turn into annoyances…

Sometimes you wish he’d just get lost and give you some space. This is one of the best benefits that should come to mind when he says he wants an open relationship.

You don’t need to sit there wishing he would do something; you can go out and find someone who will do it.

It’s really ideal, if you think about it. You can have a partner who fills most of your needs, and then find other men who pick up the slack.

If he’s great at showing you love, but doesn’t like the kind of movies you do, find a man who will take you to the movies!

If the sex is great, but it doesn’t happen often enough, that shouldn’t be a problem either. I’m sure plenty of guys would be willing to step up.

If you’ve always wanted to date someone from another country, you can do that too.

Women can find men to listen to them, to pamper them, and fill any other need that their main partner maybe struggles with.

Trust me, he’s doing the same thing.

8 girl dancing by herself

7. Erases Dependency

For whatever reason, some relationships develop into an unhealthy dependency.

Whether it’s jealousy, or just a lack of self-confidence, some people have a hard time being alone.

Others can’t stand the thought of their boyfriend, husband, or whatever, being away from them.

It doesn’t even have to be with another woman. Some people refuse to let their partner out to see their old friends without them.

If they do, then they sit at home texting them the whole time and obsessively checking their location on the phone…

Obviously, this kind of behavior will end an open relationship rather quickly. An open relationship teaches people they have to let go.

It helps people discover that if someone really wants to be with you, there’s no reason to feel unease when they’re not around.

There’s nothing better than dating someone you know wants to be with you because they want to, not because you happen to be the person they’ve become accustomed to.

It builds self-confidence in people that they are worthy of being with, of being desired. That’s one of the best gifts any relationship can give.

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8. You’ll Find New Communities

The fact that someone is in an open relationship isn’t likely the first thing that comes out of their mouth.

But it’s become so common that people are pretty upfront about it.

Indeed, there are entire communities, online and in-person, that are dedicated to exploring open relationships.

Whether you’re a newbie looking for support or information on if open relationships are for you, or you are looking for like-minded friends, there are communities out there.

You’ll end up making friends and connecting with people you otherwise wouldn’t have.

It’s one of the best things about life, discovering new parts of our experience and exploring different paths.

10 he wants an open relationship couple holding hands walking away

9. Things Will Work Out In The Long-Term

The ultimate benefit of an open relationship is what it tells us in the end.

People get so worked up over the thought of their man dating multiple women at the same time.

Maybe if he sees someone else, he’ll realize I’m no good and won’t want to be with me…

This is a poor way to approach life and love, in general.

When we boil it all down, we realize that open relationships are pretty much the same as monogamy.

People who become comfortable in open relationships carry a certain confidence knowing that their lover, or lovers, are with them because they are valuable.

They’re beautiful, smart, funny, kind, or any number of other values that make someone attractive. In the long run, you’ll be who you were meant to be with.

When he says he wants to be in an open relationship, you should feel assured that things will work out if they are meant to.

So, there you have it, nine benefits to open relationships.

They’re not easy, but no one wants to look back on life kicking themselves wishing they’d dated more and found out what really made them happy.

Too many folks get attached and lock themselves down too early in life. It’s essentially robbing yourself of growth that will make you into a more complete person.


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