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With 93% of all human communication being done non-verbally, you better believe decoding female body language is a valuable tool for meeting and dating women.

What are the negative female body language signs?

1. She Gives You Zero Eye Contact.

2. She Sits Far Away From You.

3. She Avoids Physical Contact.

4. She Keeps Her Arms Crossed.

5. She Points Her Feet Away From You.

6. She Angles Her Entire Body Away From You.

7. She Appears Annoyed By Your Presence.

8. She Seems Cold And Detached.

For men, we tend to have a much more optimistic perspective of how things are going on a date rather than an objective one.

Her body language says it all

Here are the eight above signs about her female body language that tell you she's losing (or lost) interest in you:

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1. She Gives You Zero Eye Contact

This is the coldest and most obvious sign you'll experience if she's not interested. Typically, people will make a polite effort with strangers to look you in the eyes during an exchange.

If a woman is done with you, all bets are off.

She can't even look at you

I've experienced this many times and usually had become aware of woman's detachment within a few minutes.

Sometimes, it was even paired with me catching her looking at other guys on our date! Talk about a sign…

But really, try not to take it personally.

Trust me, it's much better to know up front if it's not going anywhere with her. If you think about it, she's doing you a favor.

It might feel cruel or mean in the moment, but not all people are meant to vibe with one another.

woman sitting far from man on bench

2. She Sits Far Away From You

I'll make a bit of an admission… I was definitely a paranoid dater

For me, I tended to pick up on the negative female body language signs quickly, because something just felt off.

The little voice in my brain would shout out, “Ryan, why is she sitting way over there??” “Are you wearing deodorant??” “Does your breath reek??”…

If she's into you, you can bet she'd rather be physically closer to you than not. Ever been out with a group of friends and she never ends up anywhere near you?

Unfortunately, that's not by accident. She's telling you “No thanks, pal.”

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3. She Avoids Physical Contact

Ever go in for a hug with a woman that just felt so awkward? Maybe she put her hand in between your bodies to shake instead?

Or even worse, you got the ol' “shuffle back?”

Female body language might as well come with a bullhorn. (**Sigh**)

The most blatant sign I remember is a girl who wouldn't even shake my hand. She looked at it as if to shame it away

As a result, these moments can cut right to your core and make the rest of the date excruciatingly tough. But at least you know the truth now.


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woman with her arms crossed

4. She Keeps Her Arms Crossed

I'm realizing now, in the middle of writing this, how painful some of these moments can be.

Especially when you see these clusters of female body language on back-to-back dates…

You seriously feel like there is no woman out there for you

Crossed arms are just that. One more sign things are going nowhere with her.

But you know what? There are plenty of women who will not cross their arms with you.

womans feet pointed away from man

5. She Points Her Feet Away From You

This one is much more difficult to spot because her feet will be under a table out of view.

It can be almost bizarre when you see this female body language signal in action, because it almost feels conscious and intentional.

I want to remind you of one important thing: she doesn't know she's doing these things.

Therefore, when you catch her feet pointed in another direction for minutes on end, it might be time to wrap things up with her.

woman angled away from man at bar

6. She Angles Her Entire Body Away From You

I've definitely misinterpreted this female body language red flag many times looking back.

Because I actually thought this was a sign she was flirting with me…

It was something about her being asymmetrical that totally misled me.

But, it always leads to the same place. Something at the end of the night that goes like, “I had fun…You're really nice.”

In short, if her shoulders aren't square with yours for a majority of your time with her, she's moved on in her mind.

girl annoyed by guy on a date

7. She Appears Annoyed By Your Presence

She can try as hard as she wants, but she can't hide her disdain and annoyance when she's not into you.

Typically, you don't see this sign because it can feel rude and blatant. She'll try to mask it…

I'm pretty dismissive of the girl if this sign becomes apparent, because if she's that uncomfortable or annoyed, she should just end the date.

It can also be a sign of immaturity if it feels she's not trying to be polite at all. Therefore, it is important to be proactive, stand up, pay whatever tab you've racked up, and say “thank you, I have to go now.”

You've just salvaged the rest of your evening.

woman dismissing her date

8. She Seems Cold And Detached

I know I was a little harsh on the woman in the previous female body language scenario.

But, someone has got to put an end to things when the interaction clearly is not working out.

It could very well be she's uncertain about how to tell you and will just stick it out.

If I sense this, I usually check in at this moment and ask “is everything OK” even though I already know the answer.

By asking her this question, it gives her space to let you know in a more direct, verbal way she's not interested.

Reading Female Body Language Will Help You Sort Faster

Time is always the thing of which we wish we had more. Let's face it, we've all been in relationships that should have ended ions ago…

Firstly, if you see any of these signs in talking with her, politely exit the conversation and move on.

Secondly, if you're on a date, subtly mention you sense “the vibe might be off” and wait for her reaction.

She may be thrown off and ask “really?? what do you mean?,” which means you may have misread the moment. I've witnessed all of these possibilities personally.

But if you've read her correctly, she'll probably nod in agreement and the date should wind to a conclusion quickly.


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