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Elite Singles is relatively new to the dating website scene. Here, I'll do an deep-dive Elite Singles review that will explore all the relevant areas of this site.

Founded in 2008, they have been committed to quality, personal service and maintaining the highest industry standards. But do they live up to their own standards?

While Elite Singles has a lot of things going for it, their lack of genuine free options seriously hinders the integrity of their claims.

They need to make money, of course. But there are a few problems that make the site seem less like a quality dating site.

Sometimes, it felt more like a money grab attempting to take advantage of desperate singles.


Dating Site: Elite Singles

Niche: Educated Singles

Market: U.S.

Recommendation: A good option for educated men and women



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Elite Singles has no real niche except that it seems to be made for “those who want the best.” But really, who doesn’t want the best?

Elite Singles is one of those “generalist” dating websites. There is almost no restriction on what type of relationship or person you can look for.

However, they do market themselves to “educated” singles.

As far as demographics, Elite Singles does seem to draw a more educated group of singles. Other sites report that 82% of Elite Single’s users have a university degree.

Since similar education and level of intelligence tends to be important, users are more likely to be successful and satisfied with the site if they also have a university degree.

While Elite Singles is technically open to everyone, it tends to market itself towards, and is best suited for singles with post-secondary education.

This Elite Singles review factor receives a Niche rating of A.

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Number Of Users

Elite Singles seems to have a reasonable number of users. Their website says that, since their founding in 2008, they’ve had 13 million users.

If you do the math, that's over 1 million users each year!

Also, if you consider that their user base started really small and has been growing every year, it’s possible that their users are around the 2 million mark.

It is more difficult to tell how many of these users are actually active, however. I feel you can really only tell by trying to use the site.

After I created a profile and entered what type of woman I was looking for (I wasn’t too picky), I was shown 54 “daily” matches.

This may seem like a small number, but compared to other sites, it’s about average.

Part of the problem was that I had only a few matches above 90%, and many as low as 70% compatibility.

So, while there’s good numbers for each person, whether they are compatible just depends on what you’re looking for.

One thing Elite Singles had going for it is that they are very vigilant about purging non-active users. You can be relatively sure that anyone you see on there is active.

This increases the likely hood of finding someone, and it is a very secure and protected site.

Overall, it seems that the website has a good number of users. While compatibility may vary, you’ll likely have plenty of options to choose from.

This Elite Singles review factor receives a Users rating of A-.

4 elite singles review pricing


Elite Singles is significantly more expensive than many other dating sites, unless you’re committing to a six-month period.

Its single month plan is a whopping $64 dollars for the month. This is more expensive than any other dating site I’ve seen.

Their six-month plan is $18 a month, which is comparative to a lot of 12-month plans, but less commitment. That, however, is about all that Elite Singles has going for it as far as price.

The absolute worst part? You can’t even view photos without paying…

Not being able to see pictures without paying, coupled with the fact that there is no “free trial” (though you can still view the rest of the profile), makes this website nearly useless unless you pay.

Even the most expensive dating sites have more free functions than this site!

Elite Singles is moderately priced if you’re willing to commit to the whole six-month period, but otherwise comes across as a greedy money-grabbing scheme preying on singles.

This Elite Singles review factor receives a Price rating of C.

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User Experience

Overall, Elite Singles looks nice and is relatively easy to use. The color scheme is attractive and looks modern and up to date.

The profiles are prominent and feature large pictures as well as the percentage to which you are compatible.

Fortunately, search criteria are easily accessible and changeable, and you can choose to view your results in either list or grid view.

Profiles are laid out nicely and feature a bunch of information. Similarities are highlighted so you can easily see what you have in common.

There are different ways to search, including “daily matches” and “have you met?” The first updates daily and gives a lot of pictures for you to browse.

The second features just a single profile at time, but with more info present and the ability to “like” or to “skip.”

Perhaps the biggest complaint I have about Elite Singles’ user experience is that there’s no way to sort your matches by compatibility.

Your 90% matches are scattered throughout the entire list or grid, so you really do have to look at every single option to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Finally, the site does have a mobile application, but it’s one of the most poorly rated at a D.

Most of these complaints are about the website as a whole (in particular the price), but a fair amount of them report that the app just doesn’t work well.

Elite Singles has a relatively intuitive and pleasant looking website but suffers from a few filtering and mobile app weaknesses.

This Elite Singles review factor receives a User Experience rating of B.

6 elite singles review metrics



Elite Singles uses the Big Five Personality Factors to help gauge your personality. I am a big fan of this popular personality test as it’s very informative.

But it seems that rather than using this information to match you, they just display it on your profile.

Therefore, while it is readily accessible and you can see people rate, there’s so much more they could do with it.

Elite Singles could use the psychologists it has hired to better match people based on their personality profile.

Instead, it seems like your compatibility is based mostly on your search criteria, which while extensively detailed, isn’t up to the full potential of the site.

Many of my matches were significantly outside the age range or distance which I selected. Other customer reviews of the site echo this concern.

This Elite Singles review factor receives a Metrics rating of B.

7 elite singles success story

Success Rate

The only indication the site gives of their success rate is that they create an average of 2,000 “couples” a month.

It’s impossible to tell how many stay together though, and I didn’t even find more than a couple “success stories.”

Wouldn’t a successful business and dating website want to advertise how successful they are? The fact that they don’t is concerning.

When you pair it with their low customer reviews, it's troubling. It's further evidence that this site might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

I don’t have much to go on here, unfortunately, so this Elite Singles review factor gets a Success rating of B-.

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While Elite Singles has a lot going for it (decent metrics, UI, and generalized niche), it crumbles when it comes to pricing.

Hopefully the website isn’t as overly concerned with money as it seems to be.

But without better publicized success rates and offerings for free users, it’s really hard to get onboard with the “all or nothing” mentality.

Overall, receives a B.

If you'd like to be taken to Elite Single's website to check it out, simply click here.


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