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eHarmony is one of the oldest, most popular, and most successful online dating sites available. While it boasts an amazing success rate and high satisfaction, is the cost worth it? The following is a comprehensive eHarmony review I've put together for my readers.

While it seems certain eHarmony will get a high grade, it has a few limitations, which hurt its score.

Its price point, all or nothing accessibility, heterosexual normativity, and low quality mobile app are all issues that need further examination.


Dating Site:

Niche: Personality Matching

Market: Mostly the U.S.

Recommendation: Great for men & women





eHarmony is one of the most inclusive websites available: with dozens of affiliate sites, just about any demographic can find love using their website.

However, there seems to be one group excluded as the site seems to be geared almost exclusively towards heterosexual couples.

While normative couples of any demographic may find some of the best options, non-heterosexual couples will reportedly be left cold.

However, I could not personally verify this fact, but heard about it on numerous third-party sites.

Because of its high but imperfect level of inclusivity, this eHarmony review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

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Number of Users

eHarmony hosts about 13 million users worldwide, but only about 775,000 which are paid members. The difference, I assume, comes from lapsed or free members who retain their profiles.

These technically can be counted, but they really are not active on the website.

Still, over three-quarters of a million active users is incredibly impressive. While debatably not the largest pool, it still makes for a really good chance you’ll find someone.

You’ll probably always have messages in your inbox and people to talk to. While subscribers find marriages every day from eHarmony (and thus go inactive), just as many or more are joining the service.

This keeps their active numbers high, which is great for all users. It is believable that there’s someone on there for almost anyone!

Because of its high numbers of active users, this eHarmony review factor receives a User rating of A.

2 dating site pricing by month


eHarmony is the most expensive dating site available, and many would say for good reason.

Your monthly cost is going to range anywhere between $10 per month (for a 24 month commitment) to $60 a month (if you pay month by month).

The average subscription seems to be in six-month chunks, which is going to cost you $240 for that length of time.

While this pricing structure is typical for just about any online subscription service, it seems more high risk for the dating realm.

For example, the 24-month subscription saves you money per month, but who wants to gamble on taking two years to find a lasting relationship?

How many months will you “waste” after you’ve found your match?

I suppose it makes sense if you're looking at it as an investment. I mean, what's finding a real, long-lasting relationship worth to you?

That's for each individual to decide for themselves, of course. That price will be different for everyone.

There’s no data that shows what the average length of time on eHarmony is before finding a date. So again, you’ll have to decide for yourself what your best plan is.

But the 24-month, $240 package is probably the best value.

Finally, eHarmony is pretty much “all or nothing.” I wasn’t really able to make an account (more on that later), you can really only “have” a profile if you’re a free member.

Your profile is allowed to exist and that’s about it…

You can’t send messages, though you can “flirt.” This encourages you to buy a premium membership to speak with the person flirting with you.

Your picture can’t even be seen by other people if you don’t pay. So, unless you’re committed to actually paying, don’t bother going through the long questionnaire.

There are basically no free functions.

Because of its high price, this eHarmony review factor receives a Price rating of B+.

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User Experience

Though I was unable to access a large portion of the website, what I saw was well-designed, sleek, and intuitive to use.

You can tell that the website has a good design team and that everything is responsive and looks modern.

From what I’m told, everything in the website is easy to find and has an almost non-existent learning curve.

The blue color scheme is calming and easy to look at, and the fonts, pictures, and general layout make you want to spend more time on the website.

eHarmony does have a mobile app, but it’s very poorly rated at a C-.

With frequent glitches and log-in problems reported for the app, it becomes more of a liability than it does a convenience.

While the user interface is nearly perfect, the lack of viable mobile app lowers its score. This eHarmony review factor receives a User Experience rating of A.

5 eharmony personality matching


eHarmony is famous for their 200 question survey. It's used to measure people’s personality and ensure compatibility.

The system is well revered and for good reason. By all indications, it is one of the most accurate and scientific methods of matching available.

It is probably the primary reason for eHarmony’s success.

But this method comes with some downsides, as well. It takes a long time to create a quality, viable profile–usually about 2 hours.

I sped through the questionnaire and filled in only one or two words for each profile area. It still took me about a half hour.

However, the bigger problem arises if you don’t have a compatible personality. Apparently, I suffer from this complication.

While I answered the questions honestly, the metrics they used must have thought I didn’t have a personality that fit into their algorithm.

While this is rare, I’ve heard of it happening to other people. There is now no way for me to make a profile or even access the website!

This is a big problem with their system for these specific users. But at least you'll know before you pay.

The questionnaire itself, however, seemed solidly based in the most recent personality science.

Combining elements of the Meyers-Briggs, Temperament, and Big Five personality tests, it the most comprehensive dating survey that I’ve seen.

While eharmony’s matching algorithms and personality metrics are among the best in the industry, their limitations and the time it takes to create a profile lower its score slightly.

This eHarmony review factor receives a Metrics rating of A.

6 eharmony review spheres of matched personalities

Success Rate

eHarmony boasts an impressive success rate, largely in part to the metrics they use. They double down on this success by offering the eHarmony guarantee.

Basically, if you make an effort and fill out your profile and message people, eHarmony will give you three months free if you’re unsatisfied after 3 months.

eHarmony boasts that someone finds love on their website every 14 minutes. While that’s ambiguous, third party sites confirm eHarmony’s success.

Specific statistics vary from site to site, but some things are relatively certain. eHarmony is responsible for about 500 marriages a day, or anywhere between 2-4% of all new marriages.

Also, the divorce rate for marriages found on eharmony is about 4%, well below the national average.

There is no denying the immensity of their success. Therefore for this eHarmony review factor, they get a Success rating of A+.

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eHarmony Review Conclusion

Though it suffers from a few weaknesses, overall eHarmony is one of the best dating websites available.

They have a large number of users, which is fantastic. Also, they have a place for almost everyone unless you are not heteronormative or “fail” their personality test.

The site is sleek and easy to use, but lacks a reliable and usable mobile app.

While their success rate and metrics are exceptional, you pay a high price for it.

Overall, eHarmony receives an A Rating.

If you'd like to be taken directly to eHarmony's website, simply click here.


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