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So what does David Deangelo Sexual Communication attempt to accomplish in this 6-hour video series?

Imagine being able to speak a *special language* with a woman that would spark attraction within her, dial up sexual tension and have her see you as a confident sexual being

I have to admit, when I first ran into David's programs a little over 10 years ago, I was extremely skeptical.

I was like “this is another one of those pick up artists guys charging big money for canned lines…”

In my late 20s, I definitely needed help with women after my ex dumped me, and I was the first one to know it.

Something just felt off, like I had an inability to connect with them in virtually every scenario I'd find myself in with them…

I made a choice to pursue David's teachings and give them a try. I began with reading his “Double Your Dating” ebook (my review here).

David Deangelo Sexual Communication was the second program I originally went through.

Sexual Communication (go to the program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



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From Desperation To Inspiration

I was hurting big time after my breakup with my ex-girlfriend in 2008. I had no idea why things turned sour and it certainly left me with a lack of confidence in pursuing other women.

Instead of being stubborn and continuing to feel helpless, I made a decision: get this women thing figured out now.

I originally went into “Double Your Dating” with an open mind, probably because I had no other choice. It was not the time for me to be judgmental.

I was losing ground with women everyday…

It was apparent pretty quickly that David's teaching style came from a place of heart rather than a place of superficiality.

I had seen those other pick up artists guys, you know, the ones that tell you to treat women like crap to get them into bed with you

Yeah. Not my bag.

By the time I finished “Double Your Dating,” I felt like David really cares about his readers' results.

It made me excited to dive into one of his larger “core” programs, like Deep Inner Game (my review here) or Sexual Communication.

I chose David Deangelo Sexual Communication, because it was a little cheaper than his other programs, and the name was enticing to me.

What the heck was sexual communication??

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Making The Purchase And Diving In

Back in 2008, I was waiting tables, and dropping $150 on anything was a major decision for me. During that time, all of his programs were distributed on DVD only.

They since have posted all of their video programs on their website, making them much more accessible today.

When I opened up the first DVD and saw David with his big red shirt on stage, I remember thinking I had made a huge mistake. “Crap, what can I possibly learn from this guy??

My judgment crept in hard

David Deangelo Sexual Communication (go to the program site here) is a video-recorded seminar in the company of about 150 men seeking advice from David on their dating game.

It took a minute to adjust to the format of how I would be learning these new skills.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting.

It's funny, because I have since gone through this entire 6-hour Sexual Communication course in the last two days of writing this review.

I'm just reminded of all the emotions of my perceived failures with women, and my ex…

I had a ton of work to go through on myself when I started David's programs. It all came rushing back the other day.

Ironically, there really hasn't been a dating coach to rival or compare to David's teachings even today, hence my reviews of him on DaterBoy.

I wanted to write my thorough and honest take on him with fresh eyes. Let me describe to you why right now…

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My Biggest Hangups With This Program

I'll admit, there were several things that bothered me about this course:

1. Firstly, David Deangelo Sexual Communication should not be 6 hours long. I feel they could have easily cut it down to 5 hours.

Instead of having a natural-building progression to the material, it can feel jumpy and meandering at times.

2. Secondly, I feel David could have gotten more value out of his guest speakers, particularly Ben and Patty.

It was almost as if he was throwing them curveball-type questions and they weren't really keyed in ahead of time.

3. Thirdly, some of the interactions with audience members dragged on way too long.

I get it – they're not used to getting up and speaking in front of an audience – but spit it out man!

4. Lastly, David can tell some really terrible jokes. I recognized he was trying to transition to different topics through humor, but my eyes rolled occasionally.

If you can get beyond these things and maybe break up the course in two 3-hour chunks over two days, then I believe you start to see how your $150 investment goes to work for you

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Why Sexual Communication Changed My Mindset

Sure, in 2018 the program did feel a little dated and even “cheesy” at times. After all, it's been 10 years!

But the real golden nuggets of this course plainly overrode the negatives for me in the end:

1. Approaching Women Logically vs Emotionally – The first nugget came when I realized my communication with women was stemming from the wrong mindset.

David thoroughly goes through the ways in which men do not spark attraction from the first second of interaction. This was painful to watch, because I'm guilty of many of his examples.

2. Cocky & Funny Busts Barriers With Her – This concept is addressed throughout the course, but his guest speaker Tyler toward the end was huge in helping demonstrate ways in which men can trigger attraction in women.

What made it even more interesting was hearing from Tyler's students in the audience that had workshopped these concepts out in the real world. Tyler's presentation is in Session 3 between minutes 7 & 73.

3. Deep Psychological Understanding – Unlike the surface crap I see all over the internet, David's teachings come from his direct personal failures with women and his desire to figure it all out.

He starts with a “book smart” approach to understand the underlying concepts, then gradually converts that to real world application with women.

4. Practical 4 Steps To Attracting Women – David does a great job guiding you through the four main pillars, or steps, of David Deangelo Sexual Communication:

1. Sparking The Initial Attraction 2. Building Sexual Tension 3. Amplify The Attraction 4. Physically Advancing, in that order. (Go to the program site here)

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Final Thoughts on David Deangelo Sexual Communication

I can attribute a majority of my dating “learning curve” being cut down by David's teachings, particularly with both Sexual Communication and Deep Inner Game, back in my 20's.

He puts a sincere emphasis on accountability, making sure you go through his courses multiple times so that you properly absorb the information.

I was one of his students that took it to heart, went full tilt and put what I learned into action on a massive level.

I found confidence back in 2008 with this newfound knowledge, and I still use many of his principles with women today (and didn't even realize until this week!).

Not to pick women up, of course, but to make them feel good in our exchange. My wife always gets the best of what I've learned.

I was fortunate not to “muddy the waters” after my breakup with my ex by trying to learn from a bunch of dating *gurus* who knew nothing about attracting women…

David Deangelo Sexual Communication will teach you the following:

-Creating emotions in women

-Handling a woman's tests

-Dialing up sexual tension by using Cocky & Funny

-Converting her attraction for you into getting physical

-How to *handle* this part of your life for good

Here's how David describes Sexual Communication in his own words…

If you'd like to be taken directly to David's Sexual Communication program page, simply click here.


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