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Feel a little unsure about how to rock a woman's world in the bedroom? Want to feel more confident escalating to sex? Then David Deangelo Power Sexuality has got a game plan for you.

There's a lot more going into sex than us guys could ever imagine…

It's such an emotionally-charged event that is influenced by so many things we can't even see or understand…

If you're here reading this now, perhaps you were like me over a decade ago, wanting to educate yourself and take charge when a sexual experience presents itself.

For those of you who've read my other reviews, you know I'm a fan of David's teachings.

He's the original “OG” when it comes to dating gurus for men. He's literally helped millions of men, including me.

David takes a very “tough love” type of approach, one that's very direct yet full of value.

Sure, his programs are 10+ years old… but the information in them about attracting women is timeless

If you read my About page, you'll see just how I applied David's programs to my own life after my ex broke my heart.

Now, I'm a confident (married!) man who had a hell of a lot of fun with women before I met my wife…

David Deangelo Power Sexuality takes you from wherever you are in your development.

It flips your sexual securities on their heads and builds up your sexual confidence through “inner game” growth and physical techniques.

Hopefully that's the kind of stuff you were looking for?… Sweet.

Let's dive into what you'll learn in this program, shall we?

: Power Sexuality (go to David's program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



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Creating Sexual Conflict Is Critical

David is HUGE on you making a 90-commitment to go through this and any of his programs, so keep that in mind.

First, let's discuss our sexual insecurities, that little voice that tells us we shouldn't be having sex…

Most of us growing up were taught sex as kids with a thick layer of shame slathered all over it…

This has created core insecurities in our subconscious that we need to correct consciously before having the confidence to be with healthy, good-looking mature women sexually, such as:

1. Another man will get the woman I want…

2. I won't be able to attract a woman…

3. The woman I want will want another man…

4. Another man will take my women, etc., etc., etc….

Really primal stuff, right?

David quickly gets to the core of this “inner game” strategy so he can move on to the good stuff: creating sexual conflict with a woman

He describes in details how to simulate being the hero in romance novels to a woman, how to be part “villain” and be a challenge to her and to have a core of steel!

Sexual conflict involves creating boundaries, telling a woman “no,” and teasing them to no end…

Sessions 1 & 2 build the foundation for Session 3, which is where everything comes together and specific mindset and techniques really open your mind to the possibilities.

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Awaken Her Inner Sexual Being

I learned this week in this program that most women are sexually dormant.

They haven't had a man really press their “mental buttons” very well…

If you're not hitting the right sequence of buttons, things can quickly get off track.

I've definitely experienced this, as I'm sure most of you have on some level too.

David Deangelo Power Sexuality (go to David's program site here) supplies you with crucial tools going into the sexual battlefield like:

1. How to maintain your composure at all times

2. How to use fantasy to amplify her sexual presence and energy

3. How to strip away the “sexual threat” element

4. How to not screws things up with your own emotions

**He is very clear on one point: If a woman say “no” or “stop,” stop everything you're doing immediately...**

We're here to make women feel good about themselves and us, not taking advantage of a situation.

I like that he called this out very prominently throughout the course, because it can be very easy to get carried away in the moment.

And how you look has nothing to do with how you make her feel. That means *any man* out there has a shot at success!

Finally, David really gets into detail about the moment rights before sex happens.

If she's emotionally and physically turned on, her decision about sex has already been made.

Session 3 was really informative, even for this ol' dating coach!

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Ways This Program Could Have Improved

Like with every review I write, I like to include areas in which I feel these programs could use a little improvement:

1. Firstly, I wanted to see a bit more engagement with the audience members.

David's other programs have more interaction/questions from actual men. It would have enhanced the experience a tad.

2. Secondly, there are no guest speakers for the Power Sexuality program.

His other programs add color by adding different expert voices in the space. Again, just would add a dimension to it all.

3. Thirdly, he made a lot of book references, which can pull you out of the moment.

He has many authors and quotes he calls attention to. This wasn't a big thing for me, just slowed me down a bit at times.

4. Finally, his movie recommendation list was definitely dated.

Again, his programs are older (10+ years), but he's the original guy. All that he was teaching could certainly apply today.

These were actually pretty minor things in the grand scheme. The 6+ hours of content for the $199 I paid was quite good.

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Why Power Sexuality Is For Every Sexual Man

I wish I had know 25% of the things from David Deangelo Power Sexuality (go to David's program site here) back when I got out of college. Here's why:

1. Pairing Inner Game With Physical Techniques – This program had a nice mix of inner game, mindset & technique.

When you fully handle those voices in your head, you get to slip into your natural sexual being and things come easier.

2. Session 3 Is All About Getting Closer To Her – It takes any gray area out of any sexual experience you've ever had.

Knowing why things are progressing a certain way and what to do next is worth the value of this program alone.

3. How Proper “Sequencing” Makes Your Job Easier – Knowing a woman's specific buttons to press is a great skill.

If you can figure out the proper order in which to press them, she'll experience amazing sensations and credit you for it.

4. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Two steps forward is you taking charge and leading the interaction.

One step back is the thing guys screw up with women. When you stop when she least expects it, good things happen…

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Don't Forget To Tease, Tease, Tease…

Whether you've had sexual experiences with a girl before or are still in search of your first time, this program can help.

The really interesting thing about the lessons inside here is that there's nothing manipulative about it…

You and her are both going through subconscious programs in a sexual event… you just now know what's happening!

The great thing about all of David's offering is his 30-Day Money Back Guarantee he offers, so the risk is little to you.

Normally, David hosts some testimonials on Youtube of each program, but I couldn't find one for Power Sexuality…

If you're interested in checking out David Deangelo Power Sexuality and would like to be taken directly to David's website, simply click here.


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