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For most of us guys, being able to effortlessly chat up women in bars or clubs and take them home with us would be a dream.

I believe David Deangelo Meeting Woman In Bars and Clubs gets men several steps closer to that reality…

For those of you who are familiar with my blog, you'll know I've been a big fan of David's for over a decade back when his material helped me get over a terrible breakup…

I had been through most of his programs back in my 20's, but I hadn't been through this one yet.

My problem back in 2008 was taking care of my “inner game.” I worked as a waiter at a busy restaurant in Santa Monica, California, so I really had no problem meeting women.

It was the stuff happening in my head where I got tripped up…

I wanted to go through this particular program to see if my suspicions were correct and to offer my readers another resource, since I don't have any dating programs of my own yet.

My overall thought? It delivers 6+ hours of pure gold.

I write extensive reviews, so let's get into this…

: Meeting Women In Bars and Clubs (go to David's program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



The Playground Of No Consequences

Interesting subheading, I know. But that's how David describes what bars and clubs actually are…

You go into them, talk to women, attract some, repel others and there's absolutely zero consequence for you…

We as guys get so caught up in the end result, planning endlessly to get it right, that we forget to have fun!

The truth is a woman isn't going to remember you after she leaves the bar that night. The risk is low!

This was probably one of the most high energy, fun programs of David's I've been through. I attribute that to an audience that was clearly ready to learn. It's a rowdy bunch!

David fully goes into how bars and clubs are all about one thing: social capital.

Those who have information, like where an after party is, are perceived as having higher social value.

And attractive women crave validation and attention from higher value men…

Fortunately, this social capital game is easy for any guy to hack!

One thing he hones in on is the value of making friends with everybody at a particular bar (i.e. bartenders, door guys, regulars, etc.) to be in the inside social circle for all of your future visits.

I realized I already was naturally doing this back in 2008 at my restaurant, because I worked there.

When I would get off work, I always seemed to have women around me at the bar because I knew all the best bars and clubs in the area. Information = Value…

Finally Finding His Groove

Like I said, I think this was one of David's best-executed programs. When his buddy, Craig, gets up on stage (68 minutes into Session 1), things really begin to snowball from there…

They discuss the universal traits of a man who is naturally good with women and actually how to gain those traits.

Here's an interesting paradox…

If you observe naturals in bars, they're not pursuing women. Ironically, it's the guy who doesn't try to get girls who ends up going home with them…

Sessions 2 & 3 (yes, 3+ hours total) specifically walk through how any regular guy can mirror these “naturals” and change your luck with women in these scenarios fast.

There is no shortage of techniques or examples in Meeting Women In Bars And Clubs (go to David's program site here).

Along with Craig (who's hilarious, BTW), we meet a few more of David's guests: Ben, Will, Marie & Tyler.

Marie and Tyler certainly brought the most helpful information. I found Will to be a bit abrasive and arrogant, but that's just my opinion. Fortunately, he's only on for 15 minutes.

Like in my other David Deangelo reviews, I discuss how I think his sense of humor is a bit cheesy… he's actually quite funny in this program!

david deangelo on stage

What I Could Have Done Without

As always, I like to highlight some aspects of how David Deangelo Meeting Women In Bars and Clubs could use a little improvement:

1. Firstly, I wish David had a couple more female guests on.

Marie is fantastic (I cover more about her below), but just getting validation from other women of how these techniques would affect them would be an extra perk.

2. Secondly, seeing audience members in “break-out” groups would have been interesting.

It would be great to see these guys workshop some of these techniques live with David and his guests in small groups so they can jump right in and get used to the material.

3. Thirdly, Will's energy was just off.

It could have just been me, but I found myself tuning Will out, mainly because I wouldn't have approached situations in the same way he would have at all.

4. Finally, this program was shot a little over a decade ago.

I'll be honest, this didn't bother me as much because the material and techniques are timeless and effective. A little portion on texting would have been great, though. I have to call out the obvious.

You're getting 6+ hours of some really great material, so the negatives fade out relatively quickly as you go through it.

david deangelo pointing to chart

What Really Sealed The Deal For Me

Now I'd like to get into the reasons it would definitely be worth pursuing this program:

1. Marie Is A Total Champion – This gorgeous, young lady gives it to you straight.

She is probably the biggest validation source for all of what David is teaching as being super effective.

2. Craig Really Delivers The Goods – He has a very charming, “regular guy” vibe, but is a total master with women.

He's given the time (almost two whole sessions!) to offer every specific things he's tried with women and how it worked out.

3. Tyler Gets Deep Psychologically On Inner Game Stuff – No techniques work without understanding Inner Game.

With many of his own students in the audience, Tyler effectively addresses men's biggest hangups and how to deal.

4. The Price Of The Program Feels Like A No-Brainer – By the end of it, the $200 you paid seems very reasonable (go to David's program site here).

I felt like if I had known this stuff back in 2008, it would have saved me years of hurt and aggravation; no joke.

hot girl at a club

Why David Deangelo Meeting Women In Bars and Clubs Rocks

I want to reiterate something very important.

Some people want to rush to judgment and judge a book by its cover…

But when we do this, we sometimes miss out on information that can really change our lives immediately.

Don't let the fact that David's programs were done 10+ years ago turn you off. He's been and still is the best in the dating advice game.

And honestly, the facts of our evolution haven't changed! The techniques and tools are truly timeless

Sure, maybe the technology isn't, but who cares?

Here are some actual testimonials from guys who went through this program. You be the judge:

If you'd like to check out Meeting Women In Bars And Clubs on David's program page, simply click here.


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