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Ever feel like pick up lines weren't enough with girls? Have you ever felt like you had issues that were stopping you from success with women? Chances are, that's probably the case. David Deangelo Deep Inner Game seeks to fix all that quickly.

When my ex broke up with me nearly a decade ago, I was a broken man

All I wanted to do was go out and find another girl to give me validation, since my self-esteem was ruined…

When that didn't work, I made the decision to get this ‘women and dating' thing handled for good.

It was right around that time that I discovered David Deangelo and the things he was doing for men.

I subscribed to his newsletter, then read his first ebook, Double Your Dating (my review here), which really pointed out everything I was doing with girls was just plain wrong.

David Deangelo Deep Inner Game was actually the first in-depth program of his I went through. All 13+ hours of it!

I thank my lucky stars I chose to do that program first before any of his dating technique programs, because none of those would have helped me without getting my “inner game” handled first…

It left such an impression on me and really opened my eyes to the needless suffering I had been putting myself through…

This past week, I decided to go through the entire program *again* so I could write a fresh, in-depth review for other guys that may be experiencing what I went through…

I hope psychology doesn't scare you, because it's the secret sauce to your success… Let's get deep!

: Deep Inner Game (go to the program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



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The Journey To Evict Your Inner Wuss

An interesting concept jumped out at me in the very beginning: “Let the boy inside you die…”

On our paths to becoming men, we all nurture this inner child that's constantly scared, hurt, sad…

If we're not careful, this person can run our entire lives

Most cultures have a rite of passage for boys becoming men. Some involve actually beating the boy up to get him to that next stage…

But many of us, including myself, go through adolescence to adulthood thinking we've become men when we really haven't…

That was one of the biggest revelations after going through David Deangelo Deep Inner Game… I hadn't grown up!

The best way I can describe this program is this… It's like taking a college course to becoming a strong-willed man who has mastered his emotions…

David co-teaches the course with a guy named Dr. Paul, an award-winning psychiatrist.

Dr. Paul ends up walking you through every emotional issue you've ever had and how to *re-engineer* them in the future…

Pretty insane, actually. I'll admit, there were definitely a few parts that were over my head, but that education on my “inner-wiring” really ended up opening my eyes to my blindspots with girls!

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Going Deep And Never Looking Back

Have you ever had a woman completely come in and take over your decision-making abilities?

Have you ever been so scared to talk to a girl, so you never end up approaching her?

David Deangelo Deep Inner Game (go to the program site here) looks at these issues in detail.

It was hard for me to take an honest look at myself and say I had these problems… because I 100% did.

I was so stubborn about addressing them that I went along thinking I wasn't supposed to have success with women for years

Part of that was because my inner boy was running the show!

Once you purge him for good, you get equipped with a new set of tools to be much better with women, your career, your health, you name it…

Dr. Paul fully lays out how to use something called “Observing Ego,” a way for you to audit yourself in real-time in any situation.

Consequently, he says “never give a woman all the keys to the castle!” We relinquish our power to women so quickly that we don't even realize it's happening

Kind of a scary realization, actually.

He identifies the common signs your inner game isn't handled, like having “analysis paralysis.”

Maybe you can't stop thinking about a girl, you're giving up too early on big things, avoiding conflict or even attracting women who aren't good for you

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A Few Hangups With The Program…

As with every program I review, I like to mention some of the areas of David Deangelo Deep Inner Game that lacked:

1. Firstly, I think Dr. Paul could have come off as a little less… clinical.

He conveys a wealth of valuable nuggets pretty concisely throughout. It just got a little monotonous in some areas.

2. Secondly, because it's a deep-dive type of course, it's bound to get “in the weeds” sometimes.

If you're at all interested in psychology, you'll find this course very engaging. It was just a little too heavy at certain points.

3. Thirdly, the circling back got a little confusing and redundant.

I get it. He's packing all of psychology into a tight time frame. I had trouble tracking with him on the personality archetypes.

4. Finally, I wish the environment had been mixed up more for better variance.

The course takes place on stage in front of 150 men with a black backdrop. I really had to focus and take regular breaks.

These things aside, for the $299 you're spending for 13+ hours of material to become a brand new man is quite a reasonable exchange.

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Why David Deangelo Deep Inner Game Is Worth The Investment

Finally, the fun part! These are some the reasons I was hoping this program (go to the program site here) was all going to pay off:

1. You Get Practical Tools To Master Emotions – A man who masters his own emotions *wins* with women, period.

I can now diagram my previous neediness with women and how to put those negative aspects to bed forever.

2. Newly-Found Awareness With “Observing Ego” – Checking yourself in real-time; it's more than empowering.

The ability to self-audit a conversation with a girl is great, but this tool extends to everything in life, including career.

3. Richard Was The Perfect Guest At The Right Time – He's introduced right after the heavy stuff, and crushes it.

He comes in at Minute 52 in Session 5 for a full hour and is absolutely hilarious. His story and rate of growth is incredible.

4. The Breakthroughs Are The Best Part – The audience members share their 48-hour turnaround (Minute 65/Session 7).

They apply their techniques with women in bars in Las Vegas the night before. Many guys actually got lucky that night too.

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Get Your Inner Wussy Ejected For Life

Above all, a wussy is defined as someone who suffers endlessly, has few preferences, and craves a woman to cross his boundaries…

Something you'd prefer to not have anywhere near you, right?

Therefore, I really believe this program can help find the success they're looking for. You just have to put in a little work is all.

David offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so fortunately, the risk is quite minimal.

Back in 2008, I stuck to David's prescribed “90-Day Commitment” and applied what I learned regularly. That paid off!

In short, if you're fed up with low quality women in your life and want more control of your options, start with this course.

Here's a 2-minute clip of how David himself describes David Deangelo Deep Inner Game…

If you'd like to check out David's Deep Inner Game program page, simply click here.


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