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Want to break the ice with an attractive woman immediately with little to no effort? Then It might be worth giving David Deangelo Cocky Comedy a look.

Those of you who have read my other reviews know I'm a fan of David Deangelo, so let me be forthcoming with that.

But Cocky Comedy is very different from his other programs and it's one I hadn't gone through up until a few days ago.

My sense of humor and David Deangelo's humor do not align at all.

If you've read my other reviews of his programs, like Sexual Communication (my review here) or 77 Laws (my review here), you'd definitely know that.

I'm much more of a sarcastic, dry guy and he can be much more overt and “slapstick” type.

He infuses humor here and there with his other programs…but this one was ALL about humor.

When I began to look past his poor humor choices (and that ugly green shirt), I allowed myself to open up to the core messages he was trying to deliver.

Here's what I found to be true with David Deangelo Cocky Comedy…

Cocky Comedy (go to the program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



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Doing The Same Boring Stuff Other Guys Do Is Silly

When I was younger in school, I was considered the “floater.” You know, the guy who could float in and out of any group and not stick out too much?

At the time, I thought I had this *amazing* ability.

I thought I had so many friends, guys and girls, and that my popularity was on the rise…

Sadly, I was far from this fantasy I had envisioned.

One thing that resonated with me immediately with Cocky Comedy was how I was giving my power away to all the people in these groups so they would like me

I would never challenge anybody, never speak up, and never ruffle anybody's feathers on any level.

Consequently, it wasn't ‘making friends,' it was making me a low status individual.

You see, I'd never ever present a problem for the higher status people who'd walk all over me ever chance they got…

Then, I continued this ridiculous cycle into my adulthood with every interaction with women!!

The first twenty minutes of Cocky Comedy hit home for me.

If we were in medieval times, I was totally the idiot “jester” performing for other people's amusement (and definitely wasn't getting any either)…

Thankfully, I don't behave this way now and knocked it off about ten years back.

But it can be painful going through these programs to shed light on just how bad things were.

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The Things That Struck A Cord With Me Specifically

The program is broken down into three 2-hour sessions totaling 6 hours of video content. (go to the program site here)

Let's get into several little gems from David Deangelo Cocky Comedy that I feel men need to adapt into meeting women:

a. It's the laughter of a woman, not a man, that tells you how healthy a relationship is (Session 1 – Minute 26)

b. The power of not laughing at your own comedy shows you're not seeking approval from her (Session 1 – Minute 41)

c. The process of “stickiness” (get her attention, trigger attraction, differentiate yourself, etc.) (Session 1 – Minute 60)

d. How to “mess” with her the right way to heighten the level of attraction (Session 1 – Minute 91)

e. Being the “counter-productive cool guy” that she'll never be impressed with (Session 2 – Minute 7)

f. How to deal with “normal” conversation by answering her questions in rapid-fire mode (Session 2 – Minute 30)

g. Making the mistake of trying to trade advice for romance (Session 2 – Minute 82)

h. Breaking all the rules with women and them thanking you for it (Session 3 – Minute 11)

i. His guest, Richard, whips out his best material on approaching and engaging women (Session 3 – Minute 66)

j. Creating a “moment” with her out of thin air (Session 3 – Minute 79)

These are only a few morsels from this program I fully engaged with while writing a bunch of notes.

If you haven't read any of my other reviews on David, the information is delivered in a very conversational, digestible manner.

I have more of a preference for the mindset stuff, only because if you get your mindset in line, the techniques tend to follow naturally after that.

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Minor Hurdles to Clear With David Deangelo Cocky Comedy

I'll be honest with you: it wasn't my favorite program.

His programs tend to stack in either the “mindset” pile or the “technique” pile.

David Deangelo Cocky Comedy definitely falls into the technique pile, so if you like a more practical, hands-on approach, this might be just for you.

I'm noticing a trend among his programs when it comes to things I don't like. Cocky Comedy is no exception:

1. Firstly, this program was shot back in 2007. Sure, it's outdated and even showcases a flip phone or two.

The good thing is it only takes about ten minutes to get over its ‘outdatedness'  once the techniques start firing off.

2. Secondly, his guest Will was way more arrogant than funny. He kind of comes off like a total jerk (Which, ironically is funny to watch).

The good thing is he's only on for 9 minutes and it's clear Cocky Comedy needs a balance of being cocky and funny.

3. Thirdly, his guest “TwentySix” was way more funny than arrogant. He's kind of clownish and lacks that smoothness needed.

The good thing is he's only on for 6 minutes and his story of why he changed his name to “TwentySix” is pretty funny.

4. Lastly, he allows his audience members to ask some really dumb questions sometimes. They just add up.

The good thing is they're spread out pretty evenly throughout the program, so it's not too heavy-handed in one area.

All in all, the negatives are noticeable, but if you need material to break you out of your shell, David's techniques are pretty solid.

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Major Perks To Going Through This Program

All in all, David Deangelo Cocky Comedy (go to the program site here) delivers on its message: boring drives her away all day!

Here are a few specifics I want to highlight where things really get interesting:

1. Having A Game Plan Gets Rid Of Fear – I pictured myself having 6 or 7 comedy routines I could immediately go into with women as a single man.

The idea is to always know where to start and never have to worry about running out of funny things to say.

2. Sean Steals The Show! – Sean is a little man who delivers a big message. As a result, it's a very uplifting part of the program.

As David's guest, Sean takes the stage for over an hour in Session 2 (starts at Minute 78) and really drives home how easy it is for any man to make a woman laugh.

3. Richard Is The Perfect Finisher – David's final guest is a natural comic. Therefore, he's really smoothes out many of the techniques out of David's awkward comedy.

Richard pushes the envelope and easily gives 50 examples of how to establish rapport with a woman through humor.

4. Sometimes The “HOW” Is More Important Than The “WHY” – It makes sense that this program would be technique-heavy and it totally works.

The fact that these are things you can practice way in advance before even using them on women is great for shy guys.

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David Deangelo Cocky Comedy Warms Up Eventually

With a bit of a slow start, Cocky Comedy ultimately reveals itself as a means of triggering attraction in women and bringing any woman into your sphere.

The idea is to not force the moment to happen but to have fun being a challenge in a woman's eyes.

It lets her know you're much different from other men who kiss her ass.

The techniques do require some practice and David does encourage his students to make a “90-day commitment” to working the material so you'll feel confident using it.

To sum up David Deangelo Cocky Funny, here are a few key additional things you'll learn:

-Why Cocky Funny is counter-intuitive and why you need to be doing more of it

-Retrace the anatomy of the laugh and how to use it to your benefit with women

-Utilize the best characters and themes that work like a charm for Cocky Comedy routines

-Conversation “Do's” & “Dont's” to keep you on track every time

-Reframing any conversation so that it leads to exactly where you want with her


Click the 2-minute video below to hear from David directly about his popular program, Cocky Comedy…

Finally, if you'd like to check out David's Cocky Comedy program page, simply click here.


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