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If you haven't heard of David Deangelo 77 Laws, this is one of his cornerstone programs that really brings “tough love” to a whole new meaning.

David organizes these “laws” in his 3.5-hour course into three main buckets:

1. Concepts/Paradigms

2. Principles

3. Techniques

I originally digested this material as an audio book over a decade ago (2008) after my heart was ripped out of my chest by my ex.

It was a rough couple of years…

After watching the video version a couple of days ago, I found myself taking notes, even as a married man!

If you've ever read any of my other reviews on David's teachings, you know I'm a fan of how much value he's able to pack into each program.

I look at David Deangelo 77 Law” as the menu to the “main dish.”

Let me tell you what I mean…

77 Laws (go to program site here)

Type: Video Series

Teacher: David Deangelo

Company: Double Your Dating



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Exposing The Tip Of The Iceberg

With 77 Laws, concepts set the stage for techniques.

It is done in a “rapid fire” style execution, where these “tough love” concepts initially are meant to bulldoze your currently mindset about women.

I imagine it's very similar to how basic training in the military is designed to break you down – then build you back up

It's not so much about how David is delivering the material, but more about how I felt about myself when I realized I had been doing the opposite with women all along…

For instance, Law #6 says to “Move your frame of reference inside.” That is to say, don't seek validation from other people.

“Oh no. This is gonna get rough,” I thought…

I saw David as the person to help me pick up the pieces and then rebuild myself into a strong, confident man who now gets it.

David Deangelo 77 Laws is like a buffet. It pretty much touches on a little bit of everything when it comes to women and dating.

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Back in 2008, I would listen to the audio version at the gym. David encourages you to go through each of his programs 3 times to fully digest the material.

His voice tone is very calming, kind of how you'd imagine a great hypnotist sounding.

When you make the decision to handle your dating game, it's a big move. It can be overwhelming.

That's because all the work you do on yourself is front-loaded, meaning changing your mindset is where the real heavy lifting is.

But once you alter your thinking, embed some core principles and apply a few techniques, the knowledge is with you forever.

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The Rules Of The Game Remain The Same

Only one thing has changed about the dating scene since 2008: the introduction of dating apps.

But that's about it.

Above all, women still don't want you to buy them things or kiss their ass!

Going through David Deangelo 77 Laws (go to program site here) again this past week reminds me that the “rules” have remained the same for ions

As you move from his main concepts to his more focused principles, that's where he helps convert knowledge into action.

Like Law #27, “Become selfish so you can become generous.” Not in an arrogant way, but take care of yourself so you can be there for others.

Things like this begin to completely rip out that “hard-wiring” we were born with and tap into our subconscious.

How about Law #48, “Stop idealizing relationships.” That's because no relationship or woman is going to fix your life

Putting the effort in to learn and adopt even a few of these ideas would garner new and positive results for any man.

What I could no longer live with was the alternative: being just another guy that doesn't get it

David Deangelo 77 Laws is a great way to tee off the process, but it isn't perfect.

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Some Downsides To Point Out

While I'm pointing out the good, I have to balance it out with the not-so-good:

1. Firstly, if you're looking for a “deep dive” course, this isn't it.

David Deangelo 77 Law is more of a *road map* that points in the direction at more of those nuanced details you may be seeking. You have to know the bigger “bucket” items first.

2. Secondly, certain concepts are intriguing, but could have used many more examples to explain them.

The problem is the format and pace of this program does not allow for too many details. He moves it along quickly.

3. Thirdly, when it comes to the technique “laws,” I wanted to see those in action.

He certainly paints a clear picture of what the technique looks like being implemented. I just wanted to see the darn things implemented, at least sometimes.

4. Finally, David's sense of humor is just off from my own.

I mention this in just about every review I've done on his programs. He always manages to slip in some awful jokes that miss the mark.

If you can focus on the content of his words, these four negatives are simply a mild distraction in the grand scheme of things…

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Why David Deangelo 77 Laws Brings The Heat

Finally, let's get to the reasons you should probably check this program out (go to program site here):

1. A Price Of $89.95 For Nearly 3.5 Hours Of Goodies – If you liked Double Your Dating, 77 Laws is your next step.

You can only imagine the amount of value that's packed into just one hour let alone 3.5 hours. Money well spent.

2. If You Know The Principles, You Know The Game – David has a way of making you feel confident after each program.

It's almost like having a personal “wing man” with you at all times to apply the lessons. He's got your back.

3. He Provides Several Ways You Can Take ACTION – Concepts and lines are fine, but how do I really do it?

David is a master at holding you accountable for implementing his material immediately. All you need is momentum.

4. This Stuff Works When You Work It. Period. – After my split with my ex in 2008, I worked David's material hard.

I changed my thinking, went out to bars and other places and had all kinds of success in my 20's. It really works!

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You've Got To See It To Be It

In conclusion, David Deangelo 77 Laws is the catalyst program that moves you from theory and “inner game” to taking action.

When my heart was broken and I felt like a massive failure with women, it's a hard place from which to start.

Certainly, I didn't really want to see how big my problem actually was.

I was very resistant. In short, my goal was to avoid more pain at all costs.

David unveils the truth, pats you on the back and then basically tells you “we're gonna get you right, don't you worry.”

Click on the video below to see what a few other guys said after going through David Deangelo 77 Laws…

Ready to check out 77 Laws? Just click here to be taken directly to David's 77 Laws program page.


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