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I get it. Many single moms can be very anxious about reentering the dating scene. Many feel like their kids and their exes will be considered “baggage” by the men they date. But the truth is, dating for single moms has never been better

What are the reasons men want to date single moms?

1. Your Focus Is On Who They Are.

2. You're More Confident.

3. The Sex Is Good.

4. There Are Fewer Illusions.

5. Space And Personal Time Is A Must.

6. Your Intentions Are More Transparent.

7. You're More Affectionate.

8. Men Crave Feeling Like A Provider.

9. You're More Grounded.

10. You're More Real.

Now, you may feel burnt by your past relationships and are wary of becoming emotionally attached to someone new.

And yes, getting back into the dating scene is hard, especially with kids in the picture. There’s more at stake this time around…

It’s not just about whether or not your heart gets broken, but your kids are along for the ride, as well.

Ultimately, how your relationship turns out will have a real impact on them, possibly for the rest of your lives.

It’s a weird balance women have to walk to find time for themselves, but also balance the needs of their children. Nothing’s simple.

It’s harder to have a casual fling, but it’s also hard to let your wall down and allow someone inside your life.

But I have a secret about men you may not realize…

There are tons of men who are very into dating single moms. Why, you ask?

Because the growth women go through having to raise kids is a major turn on for us. Mmm hmm

A lot of single moms feel so hesitant to share the details of their personal life with someone new, but when they do it’s like we’re even more drawn in…

Almost everyone who has overcome the stigma of dating as a single mom, whether self-imposed or not, has been pleasantly surprised at how people react.

Here are the top ten above reasons, in detail, men are grateful to date single moms like you:

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1. Your Focus Is On Who They Are

First off, this may sound a bit weird because us guys should feel that you’re focused on us regardless if you have kids or not, right?

This isn’t to say that dating for single moms is somehow different because you care about him more.

There may be some single women without kids who date people with ulterior motives.

Maybe dating a certain guy brings along benefits that you’re willing to put up with some downsides.

Perhaps some women date someone because he has a nice car or pad, or you think they’ll make good marrying material.

The point is, men who date single moms know that you’re not dating them for any reason other than you like them, otherwise you wouldn’t go through the trouble.

Men feel great knowing the girl they’re dating is into them because they dig who they are and what they’re about.

There are no strings attached, there's no pressure to get married, and you’re not into dating someone to win some popularity contest…

You grew out of that the second you had your first kid. Men feel like dating a single mom washes away a lot of the drama mixed up in the younger scene.

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2. You’re More Confident

That’s right, you are more confident.

Some single moms may not feel like it, especially when they’re thinking about dating again. But take a moment to think about what a typical single parent overcomes…

They’ve gone through raising a kid, likely some sort of difficult separation from their spouse or partner… and they’re still kickin'!

Single moms carry a quiet confidence about who they are because they’ve been through the fire longer than most people their age.

There’s something about those sleepless nights, the worrying, the nurturing, and everything else that goes into being a parent that instills confidence.

That confidence carries over into relationships. Dating for single moms is less about games than it is about connection.

You know who you are and what you want.

You're less likely to settle for something that doesn’t make you happy or risks upsetting your family dynamic.

Men love dating single women for just that reason. We feel lucky to have won you over and know it wasn't easy.

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3. The Sex Is Good

As a single mom, you’re mostly likely real careful about the men you let anywhere near your bedroom.

The stakes of some fling gone awry in the presence of the home and life you’ve built for you and your child are sky high.

That being said, when the right man comes along and jumps through your hoops with precision over time, you both deserve a prize.

That prize is connection, intimacy and mind-blowing sex

Your confidence as a mom and as a provider naturally translates over to romance. And guess what? Men pick up on that quickly and relish in it

From the male perspective, single moms are natural challenges worth pursuing, because the payoff has major upsides.

The most obvious is that he knows you’re not getting into anything to play games. With younger women, games is what he’s dealing with most of the time…

You present a clear option for him. All your cards are on the table.

So when you two do make it to the bedroom, you can bet he doesn’t take that act lightly. He full well understands the stakes for both of you at this point.

Embrace this process, vet him to no end and, if he passes the test, let the good times roll…

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4. There Are Fewer Illusions

The “talk” comes a lot earlier as a single mom.

People without kids live with the angst of not knowing how the other person feels for much longer than single moms.

There’s just no time to waste when there are kids involved. The good news is, men love this as well.

Men who are into single moms know what comes along with the package.

If things are casual, that’s fine. But unless he’s a complete idiot, he’ll know that eventually the relationship’s going to be about more than just the two of you.

Men are anticipating a pretty early talk that will define the relationship. They know what dating a single mom involves and if they’re in, they’re all in.

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5. Space And Personal Time Is A Must

Men view relationships with needy women as tortuous. We often need social time with the other guys to connect with our masculinity and reset…

Some younger women struggle with this drive for independence. They want to monopolize their boyfriend or husband’s time for themselves.

The last thing men want is to have to deal with the anxiety of what we’ll get when we walk through the door after a night out with the boys…

We dream about our girlfriends or wifes developing relationships of their own outside of our relationship.

Dating for single moms comes with the understanding that you’ll have a lot of demands on your time.

Men know that your kids come first and will give you the space you need to handle your business.

Guess what? Men are generally OK with that.

In fact, most men love that. Dating a single mom means you each get to see each other when you want to, and not when you feel obligated to.

If schedules line up, perfect. If not, well then you can try again next weekend.

Men love dating single moms because there’s more autonomy and time spent together is high quality time.

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6. Your Intentions Are More Transparent

Single moms who are dating men learn to send clear signals pretty quickly.

You know that they have to be super clear about your intentions, so he knows what you want so you don’t waste your time.

This is such a breath of fresh air for men!

We love dating women who are transparent and direct! Men thrive on being told what to do and what women want.

They like to know what the problem is when there is one and how to solve it. A single mom’s directness plays out in the dating progression, as well.

Men know that if they make it past a few dates, they’re looking good. Single moms don’t waste their time with men they don’t feel strongly enough about.

Making it past the first few dates makes a man feel like he’s cleared a hurdle of trust. We know where we stand.

This is a huge draw for men that love dating single moms.

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7. You’re More Affectionate

I’m painting moms with a broad brush here, but in general, single moms are more affectionate and nurturing than women who haven’t had the experience of raising a kid.

Men will often take notice of how single moms interact with their children. It’s a huge positive sign if men see you being affectionate with your kids.

They take it as an indicator that you’ll be the same with them. When it all comes down to it, most men yearn for support and affirmation.

They love being with someone who can nurture them, someone who can lick their wounds, patch them up and shove them back out into the world.

Single moms know what it takes to help people heal emotional wounds and to build them back up again.

Deep down, it’s something most men crave from the women they date. They love when it’s on display with single moms.

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8. Men Crave Feeling Like A Provider

I’ve generalized women a bit, so I might as well do it for men now, as well…

Most men, not all, love to provide for the people they love. There’s some drive inside them that pushes them to protect and provide.

Dating for single moms will often draw good men who see your situation and want to help.

Now, you have to be careful to vet their motives, but don’t discount men’s desire to provide.

One of the ways men will show love is through acts of service to you and your family. So, if you’re into him, learn to let down your walls and accept him.

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9. You’re More Grounded

As we've discussed, single moms have been through the fire and back.

Many have had to fight custody battles, struggle to finish school or balance a career with family…

All of this is hard enough for a loving partnership between people. Single moms do it on their own…

Raising a kid on your own is a life experience like no other. No one who hasn’t been through it can fully understand.

What it does, though, is make you appreciate the good things in life.

Single moms know to soak things in when they’re good. They don’t take things for granted like some other people.

Dating for single moms is easier because women with children have more perspective. They’re grounded, knowing who they are, what life is about, and what makes them happy.

Men love dating women who are actively trying to feel good and live a full life.

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10. You’re More Real

This is especially true if you’re dating someone who’s a bit older and has some life experience.

One of the biggest issue men fear when they start dating is how they’ll get along with you.

The sex might be great, and he might be super attracted to you, but if you're jealous or always keeping tabs on where we are and what we're doing, then it gets old quick.

Moms have too much on their plate to worry about if it’s been too long since he texted last.

Men love dating single moms because things are more real. The focus is on the positives more than the negatives.

They know women with kids aren’t interested in volatile relationships. For the most part they want love, stability and support, all things men are usually eager to provide.

Men get easily exasperated when women want them to deal with things they don’t think are important.

Things like what someone said in passing or whether or not someone liked an Instagram post.

Single moms deal with real issues in raising their kids and providing for a family every day. The truth is, men are extremely drawn to all of those single mom challenges.

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