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If you’re here looking for dating tips for older women, it’s probably because you’re worried you’re at a disadvantage. But don’t worry… you're far from it.

Why is this such a great period of time in dating for older women?

1. You Know What You Want.

2. You Know How To Play The Game.

3. You’re Financially Stable.

4. Older Men Commit.

5. Experience Is Attractive.

6. There Are More Tools Than Ever.

7. Cougars Are “In.”

8. The Connection Will Be Deeper.

9. They’re The Best Years Of Your Life.

The dating scene has never been better for older women and your odds are fantastic, actually.

With the right attitude, age can be just a number. Mindset, physical activity, and taking care of yourself make you look good, feel great, and appear younger.

Not that you’d want to appear younger, because there are plenty of attractive things about older women.

Even so, here are those nine reasons, in detail, of why men of any age are going to find you a catch:

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1. You Know What You Want

The worst part about dating when you’re young is that you don’t know what you want.

Dating as an older woman, however, comes with a certainty and confidence that arises from knowing what you want.

When you’re young, you have to slog through a bunch of awkward dates and crappy relationships before you realize what kind of man and relationship is worth your time.

Knowing what you want is a huge advantage. You won’t waste your time.

You know what kind of guys you want and which ones are most likely to find you attractive.

This means you can be incredibly confident, and confidence is extremely sexy.

You also will be able to identify immature men from across the room and can just avoid them.

Insecure men, men who are interested only in younger women, and men who you clearly will have no chemistry with may all try to steal your confidence.

You might intimidate them and that’s OK! It means that the quality men will see the value you bring to the relationship.

Those are the ones you can find and focus on.

Finally, if you’ve had a relationship before, you know if you want another one or if you just want to play the field.

Both are fine, but if you don’t have to spend time figuring it out, you have the advantage over younger women who may just be stringing men along because they don’t know what they want.

You know what you want, so trust it and go for it.

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2. You Know How To Play The Game

Whether you’ve been single all your life and just enjoying the dating scene, or you’re getting back into the dating game after a divorce or break up, you know how to play “the game.”

In many ways, dating for older women is the same as younger women: you find a mutual attraction, flirt, get to know each other, and possibly work to form a greater connection.

In some ways this is a game, especially in their earlier stages of a relationship. You get all dressed up. You say just the right things.

You highlight your strengths and avoid your weaknesses until the time is right to really be vulnerable.

You’ve got this! You are a master at all of this

You know how to flirt and the guys will be begging to keep your company.

You know how to be romantic. You know romance often requires work.

You know the value of it both in the short term and long term…

By your age, you’ve learned how to read people — if they’re interested, how far they want to go, and what they need out of a relationship.

Play any game you want: cut the crap and go right for the committed man or look for the series of flings. You have the know-how to do both!

Either way, you know exactly how to get what you want.

The confidence that comes with this knowledge is your most powerful asset.

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3. You’re Financially Stable

Financial security is sexy, and if you’ve been working for a few decades, chances are you’re sitting pretty well in the “financial department.”

Finances are one of the topics couples fight about most often. Whether it’s not having money, not spending it well, or disagreeing what to spend it on, it puts a ton of strain on a relationship.

By this point, you probably have at least all your debts paid off, if not currently building a nice nest egg for yourself.

You’ve learned how to save money. You hopefully have spending habits that don’t put your future in trouble.

If you don’t, then come on! This is one of things everybody needs to figure out in their lives, so get on it.

Aside from the fact that you can avoid this major issue, it also adds a huge positive.

You can afford some nice dates, romantic dinners and gift-giving to really fan the flame in your relationship.

You can even take nice vacations with each other.

Not only is money attractive, but whether we want to admit it or not, it can give us the tools to provide a solid base for any relationship.

Money shouldn’t be the basis of your relationship, and you definitely don’t want to be seeking out a gold digger.

But if you’ve got it, use it to your advantage!

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4. Older Men Commit

Older men are definitely one of the advantages in dating for older women.

If you’re looking for a committed relationship, men past their twenties are typically more willing to commit.

If they want a long-term relationship, they’re not going to be looking for the young, inexperienced women who can’t add any substance to their lives.

They can’t connect with these women. They won’t feel like these women can meet their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for some flings, older men bring their experience and classy style to romance, flirting, and the bedroom.

Younger men might have the stamina (read my article about dating a younger man here), but older men bring plenty to the table.

They’ll be looking to connect with you in a way that’s not possible with younger women.

Don’t think that your age is a hinderance. You are attractive physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

You just have to own it and use it and men will be putty in your hands.

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5. Experience Is Attractive

Confidence is one of the most attractive things about a person, and one of the best ways to get confidence is experience.

Not only can you “talk the talk,” you can “walk the walk.”

Your life experiences are attractive. It's more than just looks here. You are interesting!

Tell some great stories. Maybe you’ve traveled the world or know all the “best kept secrets” in your city.

Maybe you have the most hilarious stories from where you work. Or maybe you’re the CEO and have a lot of practical advice and perspectives on the world and human nature.

No matter what your experiences have been, you have depth.

Dating as an older woman provides the opportunity for you to connect with people on a higher level than people who are younger than you.

You also have more experience in bed. This is something that is attractive to men both young and old.

This doesn't require you having many partners in the past — maybe it’s only been one — but you’ve been around the block more than some.

You’ve tried things and you know what you like and what you don’t.

As women, you don’t suffer from the same “stamina” issues that men do, and you’ve probably learned a few tricks that will drive the men wild.

You can rock any man’s world.

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6. There Are More Tools Than Ever

Dating for older women has never been easier because there are more tools than ever through which you can meet men and put yourself out there.

The options online are almost endless, but don’t worry if you’re not computer savvy (although that’s something you should work on) because there’s options for “older dating” in almost every city.

Whether you live in a large metropolis or a smaller town, you likely don’t have to go far to find a community that caters to finding just the right man for you.

While many dating sites are good for older and younger people, there are also sites that cater just to older singles.

Definitely check out OurTime if you're ages 50-65 and want to date a man your age (my full review here).

If you're curious about pursuing younger men, my recommendation would be setting up a profile on OlderWomenDating here.

Your profile is going to be amazing because you’ll have so much you can share about yourself.

The confidence you have will be blatantly obvious, and your inbox will be full of men just wanting to get to know you a little better.

Even if dating websites aren’t for you, there’s a plethora of singles groups for people who are older, divorced, empty nesters, or however else you consider yourself.

You can find these groups at your local community centers, churches, bars, “senior centers,” and newspapers.

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7. Cougars Are “In”

Even if you’re not looking for something long-term or committed, you still have a huge advantage.

Never have purely sexual relationships been more acceptable, and cougars are “in.”

There is an entire type of younger men who are looking for exclusively older women.

Whether it’s Betty White or Kim Cattrall, young men find all types of older women attractive.

From Hot in Cleveland to Sex and the City and Cougar Town, pop culture’s obsession with attractive, dating for older women has been on the rise for the last two decades!

Even men in their twenties can find the confidence, knowledge, and experience of older women to be irresistible.

The key is to know who you are, be confident about it, and play to your strengths.

Maybe you just want to reignite your fire or have sworn of serious relationships, you will be able to find a man to meet your needs.

Even if you want a committed relationship with a younger man, you’ll find an ample pool of men who are willing to go long term with a woman who is older than them.

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8. The Connection Will Be Deeper

All the substance and depth you have because of your experience can lead to a deeper, less superficial connection.

Dating as an older woman can be extremely intimate.

You’ve learned how to be vulnerable and you have a wealth of experience with which people can connect to you.

Whether you talk about your greatest fears, your most fun moments in life, or your most rewarding and enriching experiences, sharing a piece of your past can deepen a relationship.

The more of your past you can share, the deeper the connection will be.

This will make your intimacy inside and outside the bedroom both more solid and more passionate.

While I’m sure you’re rocking the hotness factor, you have so much to offer for a deeper type of relationship.

Flaunt your ability for connection and it will be attractive.

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9. They’re The Best Years Of Your Life

Your older years are some of the best to have a relationship.

Many women find that their sex drive actually increases after forty, and you don’t have to worry about unplanned pregnancy, the cycles of your body, or inexperienced men.

You finally have the financial ability and the time to travel. You could meet men from all over the world or have amazing, romantic experiences with the one you’re dating.

You have a loving, supportive network of friends that can help you shrug off the tough times of dating or which your new relationship can add a new depth to.

You even have retirement to look forward to. This can be a time when relationships can flourish and obtain a richness not likely during younger years.

At no other time do you have the resources to pursue, attract, and develop a relationship with another person like you do in these prime years.

Go Get ‘Em

Dating for older women is not something to be scared of, but something to be excited about!

Cut loose, have fun, and appreciate the amazing woman that you’ve become.

Be confident and flaunt what you’ve got both inside and out.

Any man should be honored to be with you, and make sure they know that!


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