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Sure, you may not be able to lace them up on the basketball court like you used to, but there’s still a lot left in your tank. Fortunately, there may be several things you find surprising when it comes to dating for older men these days.

Why is this such a great period of time in dating for older men?

1. Age Is Just A Number.

2. Technology Is Your Friend.

3. Old School Is Back.

4. Life Experience Is A Huge Asset.

5. You Know What You Want.

6. You Know What It Takes.

7. The Sex Is Better.

8. You’re Not A Gamble; You’re A Sure Bet.

Fun in life doesn’t end just because you’re up in years, and love doesn’t have to be over either.

A lot of men stress out about dating as they enter the end years of middle age.

They see a few wrinkles or some grey hair and think the window for romance is closed…

For some reason, even though we see pictures of older actors, athletes and business executives dating well into old age, we think our chances for love are shot…

Nothing could be further from the truth!

There has never been a better time than now in dating for older men.

There are apps, websites, and services dedicated to dating for older men that are easy to use.

They’re great tools that take the anxiety out putting yourself out there even after a long time out of the dating game.

In addition to improved technology, medical advances have given older men better quality of life for longer, so men can enjoy the benefits of a loving relationship deep into old age.

In general, more women are into dating older guys.

Whatever your level of dating confidence, you can make it happen. This year contains the biggest opportunities for a new chance at love.

Check out these eight detailed reasons why this is your year:

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1. Age Is Just A Number

There’s never been a better time to be an older guy.

Sure, it’s great to be young, but there are a lot of perks that come with maturing age. You’ve seen and been through more, and you’re better for it.

These days, life continues to improve as we age. Sixty years old isn’t what is used to be.

People are staying in the workforce longer and staying active well into what’s been regarded as standard retirement age.

Improvements in medical care are extending lifespans but also helping older people stay physically fit and energized.

Doctors can treat conditions that used to put people out of commission, and cures for debilitating diseases are around the corner.

Whether it’s because of testosterone replacement therapy, or taking prescription drugs that keep sex going, older men aren’t experiencing the decline they used to…

You don’t expect anyone to bat an eye over your age when you show up to the tennis court for a match.

Don’t think that a woman you’re into will think anything of your age either.

Age is just a number as long as you pay attention to your health and pursue interests that create a life full of passion.

You’re not letting your age hold you back in other areas of your life, so don’t get hung up over it when it comes to love.

Dating for older men is has less to do with age than you might think.

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2. Technology Is Your Friend

If you’re coming off a divorce after a long-term marriage, you’ll soon find that there are big changes to the way dating happens these days.

A lot of older men that get back into the game after a while need some time to get up to speed on how people meet each other and what to expect when getting to know a woman.

In fact, pretty much everything you need to meet a woman can be done on your phone

Phones, and specifically mobile dating apps hold the keys to finding great dates with incredible women.

Or even niche dating sites like OurTime for men 50-65 wanting to date around their age (my full review here)…

Or more casual, arrangement-type sites like Sugardaddie for men looking to date much younger women (my full review here)…

There are so many dating sites and apps now, the sky’s the limit.

There are apps for fitness junkies, apps that match people in similar professions, and apps that find people open to a date based on your phone’s location.

Heck, there are even dating sites that you can find someone to have an affair with, if you’re into that.

If you’re somehow put off by the directness that dating apps provide, then a subtler social media strategy is in order.

Instagram and Facebook are still excellent ways to meet women. Surfing posts in that bookstore you love, or the gym you go to, could help you spot women to ask out.

The bottom line is, technology has made finding people you’ll likely click with easy and fun at the same time.

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3. Old School Is Back

Believe it or not, dating as an older man is easy because a lot of women enjoy the way they get treated.

Some girls these days might give an eye roll as you hold the door or offer a seat for them, but ladies still like being doted on.

Many women feel that the dating scene has become far too casual. There’s a common generalization that all men want is a fast hookup and casual sex…

That’s where you come in with your old school charm

Most older men love to go on nice dates, to get dressed up and do something special.

Older guys are helped a lot from recent interest in more traditional dating because you have the means to really make it special.

You’re not a starving college student trying to find a way to impress a girl on a shoestring budget.

As an established professional, you can afford to take her out somewhere nice and have a unique experience.

Odds are she’ll also enjoy going over to your nice place at some point.

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4. Life Experience Is A Huge Asset

Instead of focusing on being over the hump, men should recognize that being older is very attractive to some women.

Sure, some ladies love a youthful rebellious streak, but more often than not women find dating older men more fulfilling.

Older men can make women comfortable because they’re not running around unsure of what they want out of life and love.

As an older man, you’ve likely been through several relationships and know when it’s important to listen and give advice when needed.

You’ve probably traveled more and have an open mind about the world and are easier to get along with…

Hopefully, you know that your career isn’t everything, and can dedicate sufficient time to fulfilling relationships.

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5. You Know What You Want

With all those new tools that help getting dates for older guys at your fingertips, you can get to what you want even faster.

That’s one of the best things about reentering the dating pool as an older man is you know what will make you happy…

You know what type of women you like and which personalities you click with.

Dating is easy because you don’t have to spend time on dates with women you have no interest in.

It’s not like in the old days when you had to take a girl out without knowing a thing about them.

Dating apps and social media let you get to know someone before you ask them out. Then it’s just a matter of seeing whether there are any sparks…

You’ll set guidelines for yourself as you date that will keep you happy and protect you from unnecessary drama.

There’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man who knows what he wants.

Don’t settle just because you’re a bit older. Embrace your preferences and do what it takes to find the right people.

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6. You Know What It Takes

It may sound shallow, but odds are as an older man, you have nicer clothes, you drive a nicer car, and you’ve got money in the bank.

You can afford to provide and give stability to a woman that many ladies look for in a man.

As an older gentleman, you shouldn’t be afraid to use all the tools at your disposal.

After all, you may not be able to win many women with your physique as an older man.

That’s no excuse to let yourself go, of course.

Even when it comes to physical looks, older men are often surprised at how many women still find them sexually attractive. It’s about the whole package…

An older man that’s put together oozes success, confidence and charisma…

They know how to have a conversation with a woman for the first time without stumbling over words or coming off as insecure.

Dating as an older man is free from the anxiety of wondering if she likes you.

You can tell when she’s into you, and you know enough now not to screw it up.


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7. The Sex Is Better

This can vary, depending on how old you are. Most men would say they have better sex as they age.

One of the great mysteries in life, how to please a woman in bed, is closer to being solved, and men act with more confidence in bed as they mature.

Sex when you’re young is passionate and adventurous, but that doesn’t mean it all goes away when you’re older…

You might get worn out a bit sooner, but that just means you’ve learned to pace yourself along the way.

You know when to go fast and when to take it slow…

You’ve gotten over any sexual insecurities you may have had decades ago and have been through some experimentation that taught you what you like.

Let’s not avoid the obvious: age comes with some physical challenges in the bedroom.

Erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, and other medical issues can be embarrassing for some older men.

All I can say is, get over it

I haven't experienced ED, but as a guy in my late 30's, hair loss has become an issue for me…

If you're having any of these unpleasant issues us men face, I highly recommend you check out For Hims like I did. You get a prescription in the mail!

The body changes as we age, and we should count our lucky stars that doctors continue to work on ways to make sex better for older people.

If performance issues are stopping you from getting out there and dating, click on the For Hims link I just mentioned.

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8. You’re Not A Gamble; You’re A Sure Bet

This isn’t college when you dated that gorgeous girl who turned out to be emotionally unstable and ruined a year of your life…

No one who dates you is going to worry about how you’ll turn out, because you already have

You are who you’ve become, there’s no hiding anything. Women will be able to see your successes and failures, and either embrace you or move on.

There’s something comforting knowing that you don’t have to try and be someone you’re not to impress a lady.

The whole package is right there for them…

It’s also great for women who are out there looking for the right someone.

It’s nice to know that they’re less likely to discover a hidden drug habit or that they’re the side chick months down the road.

Even though volatile relationships have their advantages, everyone gets over them at a certain point.

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Dating For Older Men Has Never Been Easier

There you have it, eight solid reasons why dating is within your reach.

If you’re fresh off a divorce, throw yourself back in the ring and find someone to have some much-deserved fun with and blow off some steam.

If it’s been a few years and you’re thinking about jumping back in, there’s no reason why you should wait any longer.

Women have changed the way they perceive dating older men. They love the life experience, maturity and stability older guys have to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a woman your age, or someone a bit younger, there’s something for everyone.

There are entire groups out there searching online right now for how to hook up with an older man

All it’s going to take is a bit of confidence on your end and a sense of adventure. You’re on your way to a great time. Get out there and give it a shot!


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