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Have you ever considered dating a sugar daddy? You give them what they need, and they give you what you want. But the bottom line is that adults should be able to do what they want.

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Now, I have an important question for you…

What are some safe steps you can take before dating a sugar daddy?

1. Be Honest With Yourself.

2. Decide What Kind Of Men You Want To Date.

3. The Terms Must Be Clear.

4. Manage Your Own Personal Relationships.

5. Progress In Stages.

6. Act Confidently But Be There For Him.

7. Are You A Casual Fling Or An Affair?

8. Have A Backup Plan.

If you’re honest, you’re able to admit that almost every relationship has some *transactional* aspect to it.

Most people have dated someone for a period of time because it suited their situation.

They may not have been head over heels in love with them, but they had a nice apartment and a car they would drive you around in.

Yes, they were cute enough, but not your type, but they were so nice and bought you gifts and knew how to show you a good time.

Let's face it… that’s pretty much what a sugar daddy is.

As attitudes about relationships become more open, more people are accepting of relationships that come with stipulations.

If things don’t progress, that’s OK, as long as both adults understand the arrangement and agree to the terms.

Indeed, being OK and feeling safe are also very important. There are reasons he doesn’t want a normal relationship, so you need to be sure to protect yourself.

If you’re thinking about dating a sugar daddy, follow these eight detailed steps to stay safe:

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1. Be Honest With Yourself

Before anyone starts dating a sugar daddy, they need to really examine their motives.

Some people just can’t avoid getting emotionally attached to the person they’re dating.

If you’re the jealous type, or you don’t like not being the center of a man’s attention, then this is not for you…

Sugar daddies and the people they date need to be able to keep boundaries in place.

There’s a reason he doesn’t want a full-time girlfriend…

Pushing for a relationship or complaining about not spending enough time together is exactly what he didn’t want…

Women who can honestly say they are comfortable with relationship full of stipulations are best suited for these kinds of arrangements.

You should also think about what will happen down the road. What if you find someone else you become interested in?

You have to consider how you will manage that relationship and if it means cutting off the sugar daddy.

The same goes for how you’ll deal with family and friends.

If it’s something you’ll feel shame or guilt about, then just stay away and try to find something you’ll be more comfortable with.

The last thing you want happening is getting emotionally attached and exposed. Stay safe by keeping the relationship manageable.

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2. Decide What Kind Of Men You Want To Date

Once you’ve decided you want to date a sugar daddy, then it’s time to figure out what kind of man you’re interested in.

Hate to break it to you, but there’s probably a shortage of perfect men out there seeking this kind of agreement…

There are reasons they feel like being a sugar daddy works for them.

Perhaps they may have super demanding jobs. Maybe they're even married. It’s possible they could travel a lot and only want to see or talk to you when they’re in town.

They might even be old, or overweight, or not very attractive…

Even if they are cute, they will have some issue or multiple issues that keep them out of a stable relationship with a woman.

Manage expectations going into your search and it’s less likely you’ll be disappointed.

The sort of man you decide to date will have an impact of how you stay safe.

Dating a workaholic is a breeze, but if you’re not clear on exactly who he is and why he wants to be a sugar daddy, then you’re setting yourself up for possible danger

You never know if there’s a jealous wife or whether you’re exposing yourself to legal trouble by associating with him.

Stay in the know and protect yourself.

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3. The Terms Must Be Clear

It’s a common misperception that dating a sugar daddy always involves sex.

That is sometimes the case, but it’s not certain. Some men just crave female companionship.

They want to get close to the edge but not leap over it

It might make them feel young or alive when they are dealing with stressful work all the time.

Even if it does involve intimacy, both you and he need to be clear on the terms of the relationship.

Misunderstanding will lead to hurt feelings, and in worst case scenarios you risk your safety.

All you might be up for is offering companionship when he expects more.

Don’t let ambiguity linger between you two. Be explicit and forthright about your expectations up front so both of you know where the lines are.

It’s a good idea to set some smaller boundaries as well. Making rules about how often he can call or text, or even how much you’ll see each other help.

If he struggles with those initial boundaries, then it’s an indication he’s not going to honor your other terms…

Make sure you test the waters before you put yourself in any potentially dangerous situation like being someone alone with a new man.

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4. Manage Your Own Personal Relationships

Are you OK dating a sugar daddy that has a wife and kids? Even if he doesn’t come right out and say it, you should be suspicious…

Again, there’s a reason he can only meet you at certain times or won’t save your contact information in his phone.

If he’s an out-of-towner, are you confident and independent enough to receive affection and attention infrequently?

You need to know yourself and how you manage relationships in order to be successful.

You also need to consider whether you’ll date anyone else.

There’s a good chance you’ll eventually find someone you’re interested in dating personally.

You need to consider whether that means things with the sugar daddy are over.

Some women are open about their sugar daddy relationships and don’t view them as a barrier to romance.

It’s always a good idea to be honest with a partner you care about.

It can be hurtful and damaging, not to mention trigger a lot of drama if your boyfriend discovers on his own that you’ve got a sugar daddy on the side.

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5. Progress In Stages

This step goes along with being clear on terms.

Progressing slowly with a sugar daddy is the safest and smartest way to do things.

This isn’t a normal relationship, so don’t treat it like one.

Set benchmarks and milestones that he must meet before moving forward.

For example, you may not want to have him over to your place at all, or if you do, only after a certain number of dates.

This helps buffer you from any psychopaths or stalkers who may become obsessed…

This might be what you already do in a normal relationship, but be extra vigilant with a sugar daddy.

You might want to think about having a separate phone to deal with your sugar daddy only, so he doesn’t have access to your normal world.

Think about setting limits early on to protect yourself.

Don’t rush into a relationship like this because that puts even more power into his pocket that he can possibly use to manipulate you.

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6. Act Confidently But Be There For Him

Most sugar daddies are good people. They’re not stalkers, and they’re not living a separate life when they’re not around you.

Honestly, most of them are career-obsessed alpha males who crave the company of a beautiful woman on their terms.

They’re used to being in charge when it comes to every other aspect of their lives, that they expect relationships to be the same.

They’re happy to provide for a woman and in return they have certain expectations.

You can’t be healthy and happy in a relationships with a sugar daddy if you’re always acting suspicious of their motives.

Be confident in the arrangement and in your interactions with him. Be there for him and fulfill his need by being positive and supportive.

Discover what you like about him and focus on those aspects of his life and personality.

It will make things go much smoother and you’ll be more satisfied.

If you’re dating a sugar daddy, you might as well make the best of it and enjoy his company.

Having a clear understanding of what it is both of you are doing will make things easier.

You’ll know what he needs and can help with whatever void he’s looking to fill in life.

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7. Are You A Casual Fling Or An Affair?

There’s a huge difference between dating a sugar daddy casually, because that’s all they can handle, and being a mistress to a married man.

First of all, if you have any moral qualms about being part of an affair, then think twice before getting involved with a sugar daddy despite any potential benefits.

If you’re uncertain about what he’s looking for, a casual fling or an affair, then you need to ask.

Not knowing what you’re getting into leaves you open to emotional and even physical harm

Some women who don’t know they are dating a married man get hurt when their wives find out and come looking for them.

You need to know if that’s a possibility and manage the relationship appropriately. You’ll be able to operate with much less care if you’re a casual fling.

When part of an affair, though, you need to take precautions to protect yourself.

You may not want to expose too much of your personal life to him because if his spouse finds out you never know if he will keep things confidential.

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8. Have A Backup Plan

Dating a sugar daddy is more common than many think, but it’s still not mainstream.

A lot of women still feel like they need to keep these types of relationships under wraps from people they know for fear of judgment or scrutiny.

While it’s an understandable urge to keep the sugar daddy hidden in a closet, it’s not the safest approach to things.

Think about if things go wrong and you become the target of someone who’s physically violent.

No one interested in helping you will know about who he is, where he lives, or what he does for a living.

It will slow down any sort of response to help get you out of a dangerous situation.

Have a backup plan just in case things go wrong

Whether it’s a copy of your online profile you used to meet your sugar daddy or his contact information in notebook, place some sort of record of who you’re dating where others can find it.

Tell some select friends or family members about what’s going on in your life.

You don’t need to be totally open about what it is you’re doing, just characterize him as someone you’re “seeing,” and leave it at that.

At least they’ll know where to point the police if things get crazy.

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You’re Just Two Consenting Adults

It’s shouldn’t be overblown, most women who date sugar daddies are perfectly safe.

As long as both consenting adults agree to the terms of a relationship and are happy operating under them, a sugar daddy relationship can be good for both people.

Both the man and the woman can get what they need without sacrificing part of their lives they don’t wish to.

Still, following these eight rules to staying safe will protect you from harm and any unnecessary personal exposure you’re uncomfortable with.

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