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If you’ve got money to burn, like younger women, and have a desire to provide them with a secure livelihood or lavish lifestyle, it's possible you're interested in dating a sugar baby.

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Now, I have an important question for you…

What are the best steps to dating a sugar baby?

1. Be Up Front About Expectations.

2. Be Up Front About Your Past.

3. Don't Be Married.

4. Be A One Baby Daddy.

5. Never Pressure Her.

6. Pay Out.

7. Don’t Hide Her Away.

8. Have A Positive Outlook.

9. Have A Great Reputation.

A sugar baby is an attractive young woman who is into rich older men.

This type of dating arrangement can take many forms: maybe she just wants you for the money, or maybe she’s genuinely interested in the type of relationship you can provide her.

You’ll have to decide. Either way, as a man with power and influence, you have the ability to take advantage of her.

But hopefully you don’t want to, and hopefully she’s looking for red flags that her sugar daddy is really just an old fart…

Here are these nine tips, in detail,  to show her you’re a safe bet and that you can both benefit from the relationship:

(NOTE** While some of these will be warning signs to her immediately, others would be red flags later in the relationship (after you’ve already invested in her). If you can check all these off, you’re sure to have any sugar baby of your choice…)

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1. Be Upfront About Expectations

No one likes conversations about defining the relationship, but being in complete agreement about your relationship arrangement will protect both of you.

Be completely open and in agreement about what kind of relationship this is going to be.

Almost any arrangement is okay as long as it’s consensual and not an abuse of your power…

Are you trading sex for money or lavish lifestyle? Are you looking for genuine affection? Do you want arm candy you can show off at high profile events?

Maybe you want to be a professional mentor with benefits. Perhaps you even want a genuine relationship and true companionship…

Even being non-exclusive can be okay if you are both very on board with the arrangement.

If you don’t do this, you may not only hurt her, but open yourself to having your precious reputation damaged or even legal repercussions.

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2. Be Upfront About Your Past

I’m sure you have your secrets: you wouldn’t be where you are without them.

But if you want to ensure her you’re a safe option, there’s certain things you need to be upfront about when dating a sugar baby.

What other relationships are you involved in?

I’ll talk about the risk of non-exclusive relationships down below, but either way, you need to be completely open about what other “obligations” you have.

Not only does hiding it make you a cheater, and probably a liar, but it opens up everyone you’re involved with to a host of crappy situations. Be transparent!

What is your marriage history?

You’re probably not going into this with the intention of marriage, but you still need to divulge your marriage history relatively early.

She’s in this at least partly for the money and the lifestyle.

If there are going to be other women which your money, attention, and obligations are going toward, it’s going to cause you more trouble down the line when she finds out without you telling her.

What do you do for work?

It’s fine if she just knows you’re a “venture capitalist” or a “financier,” and she may or may not have interest in any details about what you do.

But being secretive about your job is going to make her think you’re a mob boss, a secret agent, or a very successful drug lord. Those don’t really scream “safety.”

Or maybe she is into that sort of thing. Either way, full disclosure!

Do you have kids?

She might love kids. Or she might want nothing to do with them. She’ll need to know if you have kids, and if she’ll be expected to interact with them.

Even if they’re adult (like her age), they can add an interesting dynamic to your relationship, for better or for worse.

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3. Don't Be Married

Look, maybe you’re fine cheating on your spouse, and if you’re dating a sugar baby, maybe she’s fine being the other woman…

But this is not a safe arrangement…

If you’re going to do it, be up front about it, but it’s not good for your pocket book, and it’s not good for her mental or physical health, or either of your reputations.

Proceed with extreme caution

Envision the scenario if you don’t tell. She’ll find out (they always find out). Either you’ll have to pay her off not to say anything, or she tells your wife.

Both blackmail and divorce are expensive affairs.

All this can be avoided by not cheating on your wife or finding a woman who enjoys that type of relationship.

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4. Be A One Baby Daddy

Sure, non-exclusive sugar relationships can work, but just like marriage, it’s not really “safe” for either of you.

Even if these terms are agreed upon beforehand, women can get jealous. Your cash and your time can be spread too thin.

Besides full disclosure, what are some tips to make non-exclusive relationships like this work?

1. Budget time and money for each girl. Seriously, it may seem pedantic, but with your demanding job you don’t have unlimited time. Know how many “resources” each woman needs and give them what they need while taking care of yourself too.

2. Find girls with different benefits. One girl might be willing to give you sex. Another might genuinely like you and want to give you companionship. Still, another might be looking for a professional mentorship. Don’t have girls overlapping to give you what you need.

3. Use protection. Seriously, every teenager should know this, but it needs to be said. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship and having sex with more than one girl, protect yourself and them by using condoms.

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5. Never Pressure Her

I don’t care if the deal you worked out is pseudo-prostitution or a genuine exchange of affection.

Just because you’re providing her a lavish lifestyle or an allowance doesn’t mean she’s obligated to give you things…

If at any time the consent isn’t there or if she’s uncomfortable with it, rather than pressuring her, you need to amend your deal.

You’re in a unique situation with your relationship. You’re openly and consensually trading money for the benefit of sex, affection, or whatever.

Still, you probably didn’t “sign a contract”— this isn’t a business arrangement, nor should it be.

You have to take the high road here in any situation that may arise.

What you’re providing her shouldn’t be leveraged as manipulation or threat to gain whatever she’s supposed to provide.

Hopefully, you can be understanding that sometimes her mental, emotional, or physical health may mean she needs a little extra consideration.

If she ends up consistently not holding “her end of the deal,” move on. Try not to be angry, try not to get even, and don’t slander her name.

Just find a new woman; you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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6. Pay Out

Whether you promise her a lavish lifestyle, an allowance, or the affection of a loyal man, when you’re going out with a sugar baby, make sure you pay out your end of the deal.

No matter what your arrangement, you are in the position of power. Therefore, the burden of “going the extra mile” is on you.

If you want to prove that she’ll be safe with you, offer gifts with no expectation of reciprocity sometimes.

That being said, if this is anything more than a business deal, it should resemble some type of relationship.

This means that, because you are providing her with a lavish lifestyle, a transaction that’s presumably not a one-to-one exchange, she should be fine occasionally tending to your needs before hers.

What it comes down to is communication.

If you have a problem with each other, talk about it. Remind each other what you agreed to and why you’re in this relationship.

Hopefully you have an affection for each other and can work it out! But if not, move on.

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7. Don’t Hide Her Away

As a “safe” guy to be around, there’s no reason for you to be ashamed that you have this hot young woman.

If you’re going to these fancy events and nice restaurants, you should be taking her with you unless she explicitly doesn’t want you to.

By hiding her away when she wants to go someplace, you’re not giving off very “safe” vibes.

In fact, you should make every effort to show her off, as this is one of the key benefits of dating a sugar baby.

You’ll come off as a playboy, seem younger and more virile, and she will probably boost your confidence.

If you come off as an affectionate person in public, and seem like a great boyfriend, it can only help your image.

Before you decide what kind of relationship this is, make sure she’s not overly private and is willing to go out in public with you.

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8. Have A Positive Outlook

If you have a positive outlook on life, are nice to other people, and generally not a grumpy old man, finding a sugar baby is going to become much easier.

No one wants a rich old man to lose their temper or just be foul and grumpy all the time.

She can find a man who has just as much money who treats her better.

A man who has a lot of money and is still thankful for what he has is super attractive.

Gratitude shows that you’re a down to earth person who is humble about where he came from.

Being thankful can also help you live longer and enjoy that wonderful woman for even longer.

Generosity is also an irresistible quality.

It shows you have empathy and you care about other people.

These are two qualities that are magnetic and will make you well respected and loved in all other areas of your life.

Speaking well of others, especially people you don’t like, shows you have a lot of class and respect for the people around you.

It shows you are above petty disputes and can see the good in people.

Finally, always finding the silver lining can make people want to be around you.

You will help them feel better about their problems and teach them to overcome obstacles.

It will attract all sorts of people to you and won’t bring them down.

Not only will these qualities make your sugar baby feel safe, it will have amazing effects throughout the other areas of your life.

If you don’t have the habit of a positive attitude yet, it’s something you should cultivate.

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9. Have A Great Reputation

You haven’t gotten where you are without a reputation of some kind.

Sure, there’s probably people who don’t like you, maybe for stupid reasons, maybe for valid ones.

But if she can Google you and talk to local people and business owners and find that you have a good reputation, she’s going to be like putty in your hands.

Do you have a reputation of honest business dealings? This will tell you keep your word and she doesn’t have to worry about you breaking your end of the deal.

Are you a philanthropist? This will show her you care about other people and don’t take your money too seriously.

It will also ease her mind to know things like: you have a sense of humor, you don’t lose your temper, you’re fun to be around, and you have some unique and interesting hobbies or areas of study.

This shows you as a person with more to you than just your money…

It’s likely you’ve made at least a few enemies, but if she can find more positive stuff than negative, it’s going to put her mind at ease that you’re a safe choice for a sugar daddy.

If she finds too much negative stuff, she’s going to stay far away.

Make sure you cultivate a good relationship and make amends for anything that might damage it.

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Enjoy The Lifestyle

Dating a sugar baby can be a fun, thrilling lifestyle that can keep you young and sexually active well into your old age, but you need to be safe for both you and her.

Don’t be a jerk, approach it like a real relationship, and take to meet both your needs…

Follow these nine steps and you can be a sugar baby magnet.

You’ll be showing the women that you are safe to be with and can provide them a lavish, secure lifestyle.

**Again, if you'd like to begin your search for a sugar baby in your area, start by posting a free profile at Ashley Madison (go directly to site here), OR you can read my full review of it first.


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