1 cougar life review homepage is one of the oldest dating sites for young men to find older women. The following will serve as an in-depth Cougar Life review for those interesting in joining.

Founded in 2006, it is reputable and relatively well regarded.

There are a few things about the website that seem unappealing at first glance. But, ultimately, Cougar Life isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for either a “cougar” or “cub” to hook up with.


Dating Site: Cougar Life

Niche: Cougar / Cub Dating

Market: U.S.

Recommendation: OK for U.S. cougars and cubs


2 cougar dating site signup


Cougar Life claims to pair older women (cougars) with younger men (cubs).

They advertise that cougars bring together the “experience, maturity, and confidence” to the relationship, while “cubs” bring their young energy and optimism.

The great thing about the site is that they have a wide range of what they consider cougars and cubs.

Basically, a cougar is any woman who is in their thirties or older looking to date a man who is at least five years younger.

A cub, on the other hand, is a man of any age (but typically in their twenties) who is looking to date a woman at least five years older.

While I was looking through the profiles, it seemed as though every single person fit this mold.

The average age of the women was probably the mid-40’s, but I found some as young as 34.

The site really lives out its niche and those who are really looking for this specific type of relationships will not be disappointed about what they find on the site.

This Cougar Life review factor gets a Niche rating of A+.

3 cougar life review statistics

Number Of Users

Because, like most sites, Cougar Life does not advertise the exact number of people they have.

The only way to estimate their number of users is to see how many search results come up.

I did a search for women, with pictures on their profile and ranging in age from 35-50 within 150 miles of my medium-sized hometown in New Jersey.

It returned 116 results, all actually within the criteria by which I searched. If I expanded my search to include the 65+ age category, I received another 55 results.

When I included profiles that don’t have pictures, it returned a total of 416 women!

What this says is that most of the cougars don’t actually have photos, which is usually important in a dating profile.

I also have 2 medium to large cities within 150 miles, so I expected more than 170 cougars between 35 and 65+.

The numbers here aren’t great, especially if you consider three quarters of the women didn’t have pictures on their profile.

That’s two and a half hours away, if I wanted something within 60-90 miles, my options would be extremely limited. Metropolitan searches should garner much better results, however.

This Cougar Life review factor receives a Users rating of B-.

4 cougar dating site pricing


While Cougar Life is relatively average when it comes to monthly subscriptions for dating sites, they find ways to nickel and dime you so that you end up paying more.

They have three monthly subscription options: yearly ($144 total), 3-month ($87 total), and one-month ($40).

The fact that there’s no 6-month subscription is a little annoying. That tends to be the amount of time, on average, people spend on a dating website.

Since the 1-month is so expensive, they’re almost guaranteeing you’ll either try it for 3 months (not a long time for a dating website) or have to commit to an entire year.

Basically, the pricing works in their favor, rather than yours.

It’s also unclear what a premium membership does compared to a free membership. But it includes being a recommended match to new people who sign up.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter if you’re actually compatible, however. With premium, you’re also able to message people.

Each of these subscription levels come with a different level of credits (3,000, 500, or 100 respectively). It’s unclear what all these credits are used for.

But one thing you can do with them is buy “gifts” for cougars or cubs you’re interested in so they can display them on their profile.

These are just another money grab, honestly. If you want someone to know you’re interested in them, you could just message them and tell them.

The last little way they nickel and dime you is by charging you $5 to access the website on your phone.

This isn’t even for their mobile app, this is to literally access the website from your phone. I don’t know any other dating website that does this!

This Cougar Life review factor gets a Price rating of C-.

5 cougar life sample profile

User Experience

The first thing I noticed about the site was that all their models were of young 20-something women that were entirely unrepresentative of the demographic of the site.

It’s not a huge deal, but doesn’t really make you feel welcome on the site.

The color scheme is an interesting choice–a predominantly white screen with a watermelon pink trim. While slightly jarring at first, it grew on me and gave a unique feeling to the site.

The home page is extremely minimalistic. It consists only of new members, recently online members, and a few necessary side bars.

The pictures are a very nice size so you can really get a good idea of what the person looks like without squinting.

The profiles are also relatively simple, but the information is rather small and could be better displayed. Most people don’t have filled out profiles.

The site overall is easy to navigate and use, and I was able to quickly get a good idea of where everything was, and find what I wanted to.

They do have a mobile app, but it is poorly rated and not well regarded by the people who use it.

Users typically say it’s not very functional, and though it’s free, you need credits and money to use it effectively.

This Cougar Life review factor gets a User Experience rating of B+.

6 cougar life features and perks


As far as actually matching people up, there isn’t any metrics that Cougar Life uses.

Like most dating websites, all the work is left to you to search the profiles and find out what you’re looking for.

There’s no personality test, and the only reason you’ll know what people are looking for is if they take the time to fill out their profile.

The search criteria by which you can search is relatively detailed. It includes things like age range, photos available, body type, ethnicity, and location.

The best thing about the search is that it actually returns results only within your criteria.

Whereas many dating sites will give you people outside the location you selected or not within the age range, Cougar Life is really good about showing what you want.

This makes the fact that you have to do all the work yourself slightly easier.

This Cougar Life review factor receives a Metrics rating of A-.

7 cougar dating site tesimonial

Success Rate

There are no success stories or testimonies posted on That itself is reason to doubt the success rating of the website. There are three other factors to consider, however.

There are more bad reviews of the website than there are good…

Most people are not satisfied with their experience and claim that while they may have gotten a hook up or two within three months, they didn’t get much more than that.

Many profiles seem to either be incomplete or even scams. Some people claim various profiles are used to initiate credit card scams or identity theft.

Hopefully you don’t fall for those, but at the very least these mean that there is no “policing” of profiles by the site and many of them might not even be real people.

Finally, there are a few success stories scattered around various review websites. Some of them say they’ve had good success using Cougar Life as a hookup place.

Others have said they found some success finding a relationship.

Many of them are from women saying it took a while to find a quality man. So, perhaps the low success rate is more a reflection of the men using the site than it is the website itself.

Altogether, this Cougar Life review factor receives a Success rating of D+.

8 cougar couple in a rooftop pool


While this cougar site isn’t the best, if you’re looking for a hook up you may be reasonably successful.

Its niche is right on even if its price and number of valid, real users are lacking.

Cougar Life gets an overall rating of C+.

If you'd like to be taken directly to the Cougar Life website, simply click here.


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