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Christian Mingle is said to be one of the premier sites for Christian online dating. The following is a deep-dive Christian Mingle review for prospective users of their site.

They don’t advertise how many users they have or their actual success rate. However, they boast both the most members and most marriages created by any religious dating site.

Sure, it’s unfortunate that they don’t share any specific numbers with its users.

But, by and large, Christian Mingle lives up to its reputation as a high-quality, effective place to meet like-minded people looking for a relationship.


Dating Site: Christian Mingle

Niche: Open Christian

Market: Mainly U.S.

Recommendation: Good choice for Christian singles



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Christian Mingle is, unsurprisingly, a dating site exclusively for Christians.

Fortunately, whether you are searching for your religion, Christian in name only, or totally devout, you should find plenty of options for yourself here.

In my search, I saw people who attended church every week and some who only attended on “special occasions.”

There seems to be an option to select any sexual preference you may have, as well, though I don’t know how much luck you would have finding a homosexual relationship on this site.

The site offers a list of over twenty different denominations to choose from, which significantly expands the options of who you’ll find.

Christian Mingle presents a nice combination of niche, which they deliver on, and inclusiveness to have the largest possible number of options.

This Christian Mingle review factor receives a Niche rating of A.

3 number of active daily users

Number of Users

Christian Mingle boasts the largest number of users of any religious dating site. However, there is no specific number as to how many.

When I made a profile, without even being “matched” with anyone, there were over 60 women on the “new” page, and just as many men.

It wasn’t possible to tell how long each of those people had been active for, but it seems as though there is a steady influx of new people every single day.

At any given time, there were over 50 women online to talk to. I never checked the men, but I assume it was about the same number.

All the evidence, as well as the website’s claims, point to a high number of users for a religious based website.

The fact that there are usually so many people online, and so many joining daily, leads to a good overall user base.

This Christian Mingle review factor receives a User rating of A-.

4 christian mingle review pricing


Christian Mingle is on the higher end of pricing structures.

They offer a one-month plan ($50), a three-month plan ($35/month, $105 total), and a six-month plan ($25/month, $150 total).

Therefore, if you end up needing to be on the site for a year, and use two six-month plans, you’re spending $300, which is significantly more expensive than most other sites.

However, it’s possible that the average user only needs a six-month subscription, but it’s impossible to tell.

The free version offers very basic service, but of course, prompts you to buy a subscription.

You can have a single photo on your profile and can message other free users, but not subscribed users.

You also can’t see who views, likes, or otherwise interacts with your profile.

Most users have multiple pictures, and in fact a picture is required to make a profile, so paying a subscription is almost worth it just to see more pictures of possible dates.

Regardless of the free options, Christian Mingle is pretty expensive.

This Christian Mingle review factor gets a Price rating of B.

5 christian dating site profile example

User Experience

Christian Mingle has a sleek, calming look that invites its users to pull up a chair and stay a while.

The dulcet whites and light blues add an ambiance of welcoming, and the smooth, shadowed edges of the buttons and boarders give it a new and updated feeling.

The website is easy to learn and use, the pictures are huge and laid out well, and the information is organized and prioritized well.

I honestly loved the way the website looked and felt.

Christian Mingle has a mobile app, but it is one of the most poorly rated dating apps.

According to users, it is glitchy, often freezing, crashing, failing to load, or being unresponsive.

While some user ratings reflect their dissatisfaction with the website (most often the price), it’s safe to say the mobile app is a complete bomb.

While the website is amazing, the lack of a working mobile app slightly lowers the score.

This Christian Mingle review factor gets a User Experience rating of A.

6 christian mingle revie


Like most dating sites, Christian Mingle makes you do most of the work in knowing what you want and sifting through the myriads of people on the site.

However, they do give you quite a bit of help in the matching department.

The best thing about Christian Mingle is that they make you fill out a decent-sized profile and require a profile picture.

You cannot complete the sign-up process, even for free access, without those things. This allows them to match you up with other people right from the start.

You’ll be required to fill out things like religious denomination, how important church is to you, height, and other essential things that would be crucial for a first date and early relationships.

You’ll also be asked to search using these criteria, and you can save multiple searches and receive new emails whenever new members join that meet these search criteria.

All profiles show you the percentage the person matches your profile, and I had several matches that were above 97%!

There’s about four different methods of searching, including by who is online at the moment, so it is really easy to find someone to message that should meet most of your criteria.

Christian Mingle doesn’t have a high-tech, fancy survey or algorithm for matching you up. However, it still gives you a lot of good tools and allows you to search by various criteria.

This Christian Mingle review factor gets a Metrics rating of A-.

7 sample success storie

Success Rate

In 2015, Christian Mingle ran a survey of their own users to measure satisfaction and how successful they were at helping people find lasting love.

While the numbers were definitely favorable, they could do with some explanation.

First, 84% of Christian Mingle users said they would “recommend” the website to other people.

This basically means that 16% of people didn’t like Christian Mingle, which isn’t really a horrible number at all. You can’t please everybody, after all.

This may not be related directly to the success rate. It’s likely that people who aren’t finding relationships on Christian Mingle aren’t going to recommend the website.

Based on this, I assume that their “success rate” is probably right around that 70-80% rate range.

Finally, the survey states that “29% of Christian marriages that started online began on Christian Mingle.”

Yes, there’s a lot of qualifiers in this statement. However, one thing is clear of all the Christian dating sites available, Christian Mingle is likely the most successful.

This Christian Mingle review factor receives a Success rating of A.

8 happy christian couple


Christian Mingle lives up to its reputation as being the “go-to” Christian dating website.

It boasts a fair number of users and an impressive success rate. At the same time, it maintains a good-looking website with fairly useful metrics.

The one downside is that the price is very high, though you seem to be getting what you pay for.

Overall, as a dating website, receives an A-.

If you like to be taken to the Christian Mingle website, simply click here.


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