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While may not be the most well-known or largest Christian dating site, it is likely the oldest. The following will serve as an in-depth Christian Cafe review for potential users.

For twenty years, Christian Cafe has been connecting Christian singles and has resulted in thousands of marriages.

The website’s experience and niche allowed it to develop into a well-executed and relatively successful tool for singles.

It's possible the user may have to do most of the work in finding a compatible partner. However, the tools they are given should make the experience relatively enjoyable and comparatively easy.


Dating Site: Christian Cafe

Niche: Open Christian

Market: Mostly U.S.

Recommendation: Great for Christian singles



2 christian dating niche


While you wouldn’t find much luck on the website if you weren’t at least nominally a Christian, it is a relatively open platform.

It is open to any Christian denomination, which you select from a list of dozen of options, and it allows you to pick your level of involvement.

You can select anywhere from “it defines who I am” to “still trying to figure it out” to a generic “I believe in God.”

While most people I’ve found claim that it defines who they are, it’s encouraging to see many more options if you’re open to a range of beliefs.

It also gives a spot to show how involved you are with church, and some people select only “attend occasionally.”

Finally, while Christian Cafe doesn’t explicitly endorse homosexual relationships, there is nothing there to discourage them, and then leave it possible for members of the same sex to search for each other.

Altogether, this site blends the ideal combination of offering a niche while remaining open as possible, providing the best possible audience to the widest amount of people.

This Christian Cafe review factor gets a Niche rating of A.

3 christian site number of users

Number of Users

I didn’t see any reference as to how many users actively use the website. But I did want to see how many options I was given if I did a few different searches.

Overall, total membership was moderate to low, and one or two new people seemed to join every day. That’s not a whole lot…

When I did a search for what I would normally look for, I got nearly 200 results, but only the first couple pages were above 90% compatibility. That was about forty women.

Of those, I found a nice selection that I’d feel attracted to and comfortable reaching out to — probably close to ten.

This is a good selection to start out with, and this tells me that even though the overall membership may be on the lower side, the women (and from what I’ve seen, the men) who are there are quality relationship material.

This Christian Cafe review factor receives a Users rating of B+.

4 christian cafe review pricing


Christian Cafe presents a nice, mid-price option for those looking for a relationship. They offer subscriptions ranging from 1 month ($40) to 1 year ($9/month).

This is cheap enough to be affordable, but not so cheap as to doubt the quality of the site.

They also offer a 2-week subscription, but I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s $35, and for that price you might as well get the 1 month.

The best thing about Christian Cafe’s price is that they give you a free trial, which I believe is ten days long.

During this trial, you have almost full functionality. You can upload up to 3 pictures, message other members 50 times a day, browse profiles, and participate in the forums.

The only thing you can’t do is give someone else your personal email…

The fact that you can do so much as a temporary free member is quite refreshing. It let’s you try it before you buy it, and hey, there’s even a chance you might get a date before then!

After your time runs out, however, you have almost zero ability to do anything, which is like most other dating sites.

It seems like you get relatively good quality for the price you pay on this website, and you get a free trial period.

This Christian Cafe review factor receives a Price rating of A.

5 christian cafe review user experience

User Experience

The user interface for Christian Café is slightly dated, but not ugly. It looks likes a basic forum — boxy, basic, and heavily laden with text, but it has some appealing qualities as well.

Some landing pages and menus are more fluid and colorful.

The color scheme—a grey/black spectrum — is neither comforting nor repulsive.

The pictures were all well-sized and many members had multiple profile pictures.

The website was responsive, easy to use, and put the most important information where you needed to see it.

I have mixed feelings about this website having a forum. Forums have an out-dated feel, but this one is active and has a host of subjects on both dating and Christianity.

Overall, it’s an added value to the website.

Christian Cafe doesn’t have a mobile app, but in my experience dating apps are not great, so perhaps there’s something to be said for knowing where their strengths lie.

Overall, the website’s look and feel is more good than bad.

This Christian Cafe review factor receives a User Experience rating of B+.

6 dating site metrics


Christian Cafe’s matching tool is completely dependent on what you tell them you want.

There’s no personality profile, but they do ask you to fill out a lot about yourself.

The most immediate, short form information are things like what denomination you identify as, how important is your faith life, your age, how many kids you want, your height, and other important demographic information.

These questions, all filled out by drop-down menus, will be necessary to fill out.

They not only tell other people about you, but it’s also what their searches crawl to measure “compatibility.”

When you run a search, you check off various boxes (age, height, denomination, etc.). Then, the site gives you a page of profile pictures with a “percentage match.”

I had a few matches at 99-100%, so that was encouraging!

Apart from these “drop-down” questions, there are also long-form answers that people can fill out.

These include “what’s your ideal relationship,” “tell us about your personality,” and “what are your favorite activities,” among other things.

Since these are not necessary, they are filled out to a greater or lesser extent depending on how well the person knows themselves or how much they want to share.

Altogether, the website gives you a decent set of tools to find the right match.

However, you'll have the burden of actively looking and making sure your profile is the best it can be.

There’s no magic algorithm to match you up.

This Christian Cafe review factor receives a Metrics rating of B+.

7 christian cafe review success story

Success Rate

Christian Cafe boasts over 25,000 marriages created in its history, and features over 3,000 testimonies on it’s website.

While the number itself may not be that impressive, it comes out to a little over 1,000 marriages a year.

This is quite good considering the number of members it has.

One thing that stands out while reading the success stories is that people tend to find love relatively quickly (3-6 months) and get married soon after.

Some stories are about couples who have been either engaged or married within a year of joining the website.

It’s impossible to tell how many of these marriages last, but it seems that the website gets results!

This Christian Cafe review factor receives a Success Rating of A+.

8 christian conclusion


Christian Cafe may not be the flashiest dating website or do all the match up work for you. However, something about it seems to work very well.

It is reasonably priced, has a decent user base, and boasts a very good success rate.

Altogether, Christian Cafe gets a great rating of A.

If you'd like to be taken to Christian Cafe website to check it out, simply click here.


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