1 catholic site branding with attractive girl is the biggest and most well-known dating website for Catholics. This article will serve as an in-depth Catholic Match review for those interested in joining the platform.

They have attempted to stay relevant and use all the modern methods of secular sites. It's clear they have the look, feel and tools of all the best sites.

They are even generally well-rated among their customers.

But how successful are they, and just how catholic do you need to be to use the service? Below are all the details, strengths, and weaknesses of this popular niche dating website.


Dating Site: Catholic Match

Niche: Devout Catholics

Market: U.S., Canada & Brazil

Recommendation: A definite for devout Catholic men & women



2 catholic match review homepage


Catholic Match is obviously a niche site for Catholics and it fully embraces that niche.

There are no non-Catholics on the site, so if you’re “catholic adjacent” but opening to marrying a Catholic, this site probably isn’t for you.

This is a “Catholics marry each other” dating approach.

Still, a lot of religious niche sites approach faith with a limited plurality. It can be anything from very important to something you’re interested in.

Ideally, Catholic Match would welcome both very devout Catholics and “Catholics in name only,” right?

I looked at roughly 50 random profiles of women on the website. I found two that were “politically moderate” and the rest were either “conservative” or “very conservative.”

Furthermore, only three or four didn’t adhere to “full Catholic teaching.” These are things like contraception and premarital sex.

Simply put, if you’re not a Catholic who believes in most, if not all, of what the religion teaches, and if you’re politically liberal (conservativism is very important in some Catholic circles), this website isn’t what you’re looking for.

While Catholic Match fully supports its niche, it’s too restrictive while doing so.

This Catholic Match review factor receives a Niche rating of A-.

3 catholic match user base explained

Number of Users

Catholic Match advertises that, though it has fewer users than sites like, it has the most Catholics. It is indeed the largest Catholic dating website.

But there doesn’t seem to be any numbers available about how many total, active, and new daily members that might be.

After filling out the extensive matching questionnaire I received three matches, the highest of which was 80% compatible. That’s not a lot, but it might be more for a conservative catholic.

There were about 25 new women that joined within the last 14 days. That’s not a horrible number, but outside sources say women outnumber men 2:1 on the site.

A general search for all women within 150 miles of me, with an 11-year age range yielded over 600 results. That’s a great number!

At least 90% of profiles had pictures, and it’s impossible to get through the “application” process without a detailed profile.

While messages are sent in real time, they don’t have an “online now” category. Below each picture, they show the last time the person was active.

But even if you go inactive, your profile remains unless you actively disable it.

The website has an impressive amount of numbers for its niche, and forces users to have complete profiles.

This Catholic Match review factor receives a Users rating of A-.

4 dating site featured pricing


While their pricing options are rather limited, Catholic Match is cheaper than most other niche and generalized sites.

They have 1-month ($30), 3 month ($20/month), and 6-month ($12.50/month) plans.

The 6-month plan comes with a “guarantee” — “if you don't meet someone special within the first six months, we'll give you an additional 6 months free!”

There are other websites with guarantees, but at first glance this seems to be among the best.

Of course, there are stipulations (at least 5 photos, at least 1 communication a week, etc.). But those are relatively easy to fulfill if you’re serious about finding a relationship.

The prices themselves are very affordable, and there are frequently sales and other discounts for you to get even better prices.

It’s clear that the website has their users’ best interests in mind.

There are a reasonable number of things you can do for free. Though, to be really effective you’ll need a paid subscription.

While you can do very limited messaging for free (I think), a premium subscription will get you unlimited access.

It will also buy you forum access, priority support, the ability to see who’s “liked you.” You'll also get other minor things like the ability to send “emotigram” icebreakers.

This Catholic Match review factor receives a Price rating of A+.

5 catholic match review user experience

User Experience

Since Catholic Match has attempted to stay relevant and up to date, their user interface follows that philosophy and looks fairly decent.

The color and design choices work well with the site and give evidence their web designers bear some knowledge of modern design techniques.

The site was easy to use and everything was easy to find.

The layout of the home page could be better. Your matches should be at the very top and the birthday section is unneeded, though a cute addition.

The site is relatively free of ads, even internal, though when there’s a sale they effectively communicate that.

The pictures are usually a pretty good size and easy to see at a quick glance.

Catholic Match does not have a mobile app, which goes against trying to stay up to date.

This Catholic Match review factor receives a User Experience rating of A-.

6 dating site metrics and matching


Catholic Match has one of the most extensive matching metrics of any dating site.

Their primary psychologically based measure uses the Temperaments, a personality test that measures introversion/extroversion and how quickly you tend to react to emotional stimulation.

There is decent training available about the temperaments on the forum and blog. This includes what types of temperaments tend to go well together.

But there’s so many other good tools on this website you don’t even need to analyze temperaments.

The initial application process, including the temperament test, will take most people about an hour, as it is incredibly comprehensive.

After that, you take another survey that measures your preferences. It is these that are used to match you.

The best thing about this is that they don’t really ask you what you prefer in a partner, but how you prefer to live your life. They match you using actual science.

The matching and search criteria are accurate and return the results you want, as well as portray what percentage of compatibility you share and in what areas!

This Catholic Match review factor receives a Metrics rating of A+.

7 catholic match review testimonials

Success Rate

Like many dating sites, Catholic Match doesn’t advertise any specific numbers about how many people they’ve brought together.

But their website is full of success stories.

Their guarantee is for a six-month subscription, and outside sources and reviews generally support the fact that it takes about a year to find the right person on this site.

The guarantee does a lot to support their success claims, as does the lower price and the metrics they use.

It’s clear they’re not in it for the money alone, but they are also committed to finding you someone.

People who use the dating site tend to rate it “above average.” In an industry where people get really nasty when a site isn’t successful, that says a lot.

Overall, the site has a good reputation, and when considering the other positive aspects of the site, it’s not a reach to assume people who use it are relatively successful.

While I’d love a bit more data about how many matches they make, this Catholic Match review factor gets a Success rating of A-.

8 couple getting married at a catholic church


Catholic Match has a lot going for it — excellent price, amazing metrics, and a potentially good chance of success.

When you consider the worst thing about it is its narrow niche (politically conservative devout Catholics), it becomes an excellent place for people within that niche to find a match. receives an overall score of A.

If you'd like to be taken directly to the Catholic Match website, simply click here.


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