black people meet review HEADER advertises itself as the best site for black or biracial singles to hook up and find lasting love. While the first impression of the site makes it seem just like every other dating site, a closer look reveals many hidden gems worth noting. This article will serve as an in-depth Black People Meet review for those interested in joining the site.


Dating Site: Black People Meet

Niche: Biracial Dating Site

Market: U.S. & Canada

Recommendation: Excellent choice / Should be considered

black people meet review niche


Black People Meet’s niche is rather obvious. It’s the site where black and biracial singles can find each other. 

There’s no real tools or gimmicks that make this a “black website,” so the community is somewhat organic and self-policing.

About 80% of the users are black, with another 10% being biracial. The last 10% is Caucasian and either looking for a relationship with a black person or just treating this like any other dating website.

There are no restrictions about what kind of relationship you’re looking for, and if you don’t specify, search results will usually include both men and women. 

Most are looking for serious, committed relationships while only a few are looking for friendship or something more casual or temporary.

It seems Black People Meet does a great job of actually upholding their niche and doing what they say they will. 

Although you’ll find a few white people, this really is an excellent site for black people to meet each other. 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a Niche rating of A+.

dating site userbase

Number Of Users

Black People Meet doesn’t advertise their user numbers, but it seems like they have quite a few! 

I’m currently visiting a mid-sized Midwestern U.S. town about 60 miles from a city and 100 miles from a large metropolitan area. 

When I did a search for women within 40 miles, ages 18-60, I got a result of nearly 900 women. This seems remarkable for a relatively small area. 

This tells me that more densely populated places are going to have a lot of options.

As far as demographics go, most of the users are on the older end of the spectrum. 500 of women of the 900 I was matched with were between 40 and 60, while less than 400 were between 18 and 39. 

While many were professionally educated, most seemed to have a high school education, at minimum. 

About 50% of the profiles were filled out with a decent amount of information, including their personalities and what they were looking for in a relationship. 

99% of the profiles I encountered had pictures, which is an extremely high number. 

Overall, Black People Meet has a lot of users who seem to be very serious about finding a relationship. 

There’s plenty of options for people to look through. 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a Users rating of A.

black people meet review pricing


The pricing structure of the website is very well priced, though a bit misleading, and has the perfect subscription terms of one, three, and six months. 

The pricing structures are as follows: $4.19/week for 1 month ($16.76 total), $3.25/week for 3 months ($39 total), $2.75/week for 6 months ($66 total). 

A three-month term is usually perfect for a dating website.

One thing to note is that you’re not actually charged by the week. It’s just phrased that way to make it seem like an even better deal. Rather, you are charged in one lump sum when you sign up. 

No matter what you sign up for, these prices are less than half of most other pricing structures, so you’re getting a good deal no matter what.

The biggest drawback about the site’s pricing structure is that you need it to communicate with other members. 

While you’re able to do things like flirt and use adequate search parameters, messaging and emails require a paid subscription. 

If you’re actually serious about using this site for dating, then it’s so cheap you probably have no reason not to pay. 

While you need a premium subscription for actual communication, the website makes it easy and cheap to get a subscription. It’s totally worth it! 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a Price rating of A. 

dating site user interface

User Experience

Quite frankly, the user interface and look of Black People Meet is rather ugly and it looks like a site from the early 2000’s. However, everything is intuitive and easy to use. 

The color scheme is OK, rather typical actually, with a grey color palette and dark maroon trim. The biggest problem is that there’s ads all over the place. 

Nearly a third of the screen is dedicated to advertising space. This is probably how they keep the cost down, but it’s annoying to see advertisements when you’re already paying to use a service.

The pictures are relatively large and easy to see, and for the most part stuff is easy to sift through. 

All the important information is available at a glance, and most of the links are available without every scrolling down.

Other than an ugly appearance, mostly due to rampant advertising and an outdated looking layout, the site is easy to use. 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a User Experience rating of B.

black people meet review metrics


Black People Meet does not make it easy to find a good match for you. 

While they provide a few search criteria, it’s pretty basic and you have to search through the hundreds of profiles to see if someone may be a match for you.

You start off by selecting if you want men or women when you sign up for the site. After that, one match at a time will appear on your home page under “you may like,” and you can click yes or no depending on your interest. 

These matches aren’t presented from any algorithm or based on interest, they’re literally just featured or are new members they put in front of your face in case you might be interested.

The search functions are very basic. You can search by age, location, and if they have photo. 

Technically, this is all you need, and more than some other sites gives. But it leaves hundreds of profiles to search through. 

You can further search by height, ethnicity, what type of relationship they’re looking for, etc. If people don’t have these areas filled out, you’re going to miss a lot of possible matches. 

Black People Meet requires you to do a lot of work to find a match, and their search isn’t very helpful in doing so. 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a Metrics rating of B-.

dating site testimonials

Success Rate

There’s no real way to tell how successful you might be on this website. But there’s a few clues that show success is likely, if you put work into it.

There’s a lot of success stories on the website, which is common. But it’s a good sign that the website isn’t a scam.

People do find happy relationships through the site. Furthermore, reviews on other websites point to a relatively satisfied user experience.

The problem is that you have to put in a lot of work to find success, and many might be tempted to give up and try a site that matches people up better. 

The fact that the price is low, thus allowing you to be on the site longer than some other sites, is a good sign.

My guess is that if you buy a premium subscription and stick with it, you’ll find a relationship on this site, but it might take a while and a lot of work. 

This Black People Meet review factor receives a success rating of B.

black couple smiling


Black People Meet is a good site to find, meet, and connect with other black people. It has a large population of black people who are all looking for the same thing, and range in age from 18-60. 

While the user interface and the search tools leaves a bit to be desired, the price is unbeatable. Put in some effort and you might see some success here. 

Black People Meet receives an Overall rating of A-.

If you'd like to be taken directly to the Black People Meet website to check it out, simply click here.