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Are you a successful, confident, independent woman who wants a guy, but doesn’t need one? Do you want date younger men that like receiving financial incentives and can be flexible to the type of relationship that works best for you? Becoming a Sugar Mama might just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

Sugar Mamas are women who provide for men so they can be free to provide the woman with all her relationship needs. 

It’s not about paying them to like you, it’s about finding a man you connect with and giving him the lifestyle he wants, freeing him up to satisfy your every need. 

This “How-To” guide will give you all the steps you need to become a sugar mama:

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Prepping Your Lifestyle

When you’re making the move to becoming a sugar mama, you probably have a lot of money. 

You might even have more money than you know what to do with. You’ll still want to take a look at how much (per month or year) you want to budget for “relationship expenses.” 

This might be anywhere from $1,000 a month, to $1,000,000 a year — but you’ll have to decide what makes sense based on the type of relationship and man you want.

Here are some things you may need to pay for: 

becoming a sugar mama young guy apartment


Are you going to let your sugar baby live in a two-bedroom apartment with three roommates? Probably not. 

While you don’t need to have your guy move in with you (though there’s definitely some benefits to doing so), you’ll want him to be happy with his living situation.

How much you spend housing him is going to depend on the area you live and what your arrangement is. 

If you’re giving him a modest, yet comfy apartment, the cost is going to be significantly lower than if you’re treating him to his own penthouse.

If you really want to mitigate costs, have him move in with you. 

You don’t even have to share a bedroom, but you won’t have much additional housing costs other than the increase in food and utilities. 

Plus, he’ll basically be there “on demand.” The only problem is you might not get enough space from each other.

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When you’re becoming a sugar mama, you always have to buy your sugar baby gifts. That’s one of the natural perks they get from dating such an amazing woman. 

How often you buy them gifts is up to you, but probably at least a couple times a year above and beyond the expected holidays and birthday.

What you buy them is dependent on the type of guy you’re dating. While some guys might like sports memorabilia, season tickets, or a nice jersey, others will prefer tools or a nice car. 

Still others may prefer video games, or cooking supplies, or the latest tech.

The point is that men are diverse, and while you have to know what he likes in order to give him a good gift, you also need to ensure its relatively high quality. 

He will adore you and you will love seeing the happiness on his face.

becoming a sugar mama hot guy hotel pool


Take at least one nice vacation with your partner every year or more if you can afford it. 

All inclusive resorts are the height of elegance and are usually quite affordable. Sit on the beach in your bathing suits, sip alcoholic beverages, and spend some “quality time” together.

You can also use your money to give him life experiences he may have never had. 

Take him to Disney World (yes, adults can love it too), take him to his favorite stadium, take him to Europe or places he’s only ever dreamed of. 

You’re not just there to make him comfortable, you’re there to change his life for the better!

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Relationships are founded on spending time together, both in public and in private. As the “financial backbone” of your relationship, you’ll need to pay for most of the dates. 

They don’t all have to be ritzy restaurants or lavish entertainment. But if you really want to treat your man to the lifestyle, some should be.

Make sure your dates are a combination of stuff that each of you likes. 

You’re treating, so sometimes you get to pick. But don’t shy away from his interests on the pretense that you don’t want to pay for it. 

This is still a relationship; you should be experiencing each other’s interests.

becoming a sugar mama young guy new clothes


When you’re becoming a sugar mama, the way he dresses will be a representation of you, at least for those people who know about your relationship. 

You’ll want him to present himself well. While this requires nice clothing, it’ll also include things like haircuts, manicures, and cologne. 

These expenses are easily overlooked, but important for the public image you want to portray.

In addition to looking at your financial situation, make sure you’re confident enough to stand up to any friends, family, or peers that criticize you. 

Sugar relationships are becoming more mainstream, but especially for women, there can be some judgement still.

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Finding Men

Ashley Madison is the premier, discreet dating site for people of all walks of life. 

While it got a bad reputation a few years ago for being primarily for cheating men, they’ve reworked their site to encompass a greater variety of dating preferences.

While not exclusively for sugar relationships, it will be the best place for you to find one. 

With over 54 million active users, you’re sure to find someone who wants the same things as you. They are discrete, safe, and adept at helping you find what you want.

Click here to create a free profile on Ashley Madison. *Pro Tip:* Make sure to post at least three photos and fill out what you're looking for in your profile

Ashley Madison allows their users an incredible amount of control and has several features that allow for unique customization. 

If you want to have a sugar baby in multiple cities, their “traveling woman” feature allows you to find and message contacts ahead of time to any city you might be traveling to.

Ashley Madison’s photos are discreet, and lets you manipulate them right on the website, adding a blur or mask for privacy or a bit of sexy mystery. 

You don’t have to connect to any social media and can use a unique email. There has never been a better time to join Ashley Madison, and it’s perfect for becoming a sugar mamma.

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Choosing The Right Man

Every person has a different personality, but they may still fall into certain categories. It’s likely you have a “type” and will be attracted to one of the following. 

Because Ashley Madison is so diverse, you’ll find all of these on the website. Just pay attention to their personalities and you’ll find someone you mesh with! 

While these categories are, to some extent, caricatures and a bit exaggerated, they all have elements of truth. 

You’ll find guys who fit completely into a category and you’ll find guys who have parts of all of them. These are just to help you with overall personalities of each general type:

becoming a sugar mama party guy

The Party Guy 

The party guy is in college, or at least he acts like it. 

He probably likes Miller Lite and stays out until 2am partying. His ideal date is going out to a bar and then a dancing at a club packed tight with sweaty twenty-somethings.

The good thing about this guy is that you’ll never be bored. You’ll always be on some new adventure, around exciting people, and being the life of the party. His ideal gift is sports tickets. His ideal vacation is some place with a vibrant night life — New York City, Miami, or New Orleans.

If that’s your thing, this is the kind of guy you’re looking for. You’ll find plenty of them on Ashley Madison. 

He probably has commitment issues, but if you’re looking for a series of fun swings or keeping a few casual guys in various cities, you’ll get exactly what you want.

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The Sweet Guy 

The sweet guy just wants to love you and be loved by you. He’s sensitive, but he also might be more needy than you’d like. You can work on it. 

He’ll probably always be around, which can be good or bad. He’s a good listener, and attentive in bed, but if he’s not mature, he’ll get offended when you need your space.

The good thing about this guy is that your needs will always be met. 

He’ll have dinner ready for you when you get home and he’ll always give you massages without expecting anything in return. 

His ideal gift is quality time with you — a fancy dinner and a night at a museum or lecture. He’ll be pretty low maintenance. 

And his favorite vacation? Anywhere you won’t be too busy so you can spend time together. “Whatever makes you happy” is his motto.

If this is the kind of guy you’re looking for, you’ll be treated very well, provided you can find him. 

He’s probably skeptical of Ashley Madison, but if he’s on there, he’ll stand out by his profile.

If you want something serious or more committed, you can’t go wrong with this guy. 

When you become a sugar mama, you'll know what to look for in his profile fairly quickly.

the hipster guy

The Crunchy Guy 

This eco-minded hipster loves everything about everyone, as long as they respect the earth. 

He loves camping, long walks in the mountains, eating vegan, working out, and building his own tiny house. 

His passion can seem a bit over the top at times, but if its an interest you share, you’ll be a match made in heaven.

The good thing about this guy is he’ll keep you healthy and he’s very caring. He’ll help you be successful in a responsible way, and he’ll likely do a lot of the cooking and cleaning. 

His ideal gift is a donation to a charity in his name. His ideal vacation is volunteering in a third world country.

Unless you’re into the same things as he is, this guy is best for a fling. 

He might be hard to find online, but if you make a connection and share a passion, it’ll be a match made in heaven. You’ll be able to finance his dream of changing the world for the better.

becoming a sugar mama business type guy

The Business Guy 

This career minded guy probably has the most in common with you. 

While you’ll be able to “talk shop” and discuss each other’s goals and interests as two ambitious people, you may frequently butt heads and he might not need you as much as you’d like. 

The good thing about this guy is you’ll be able to call each other to greatness. You’ll understand the ins and outs of each other’s lives and struggles. 

His favorite gifts are probably expensive clothes and watches, or high-end liquor or cigars. His favorite vacations are classy all-inclusive vacations where he can be treated like the boss he is.

If you want someone this similar to you, you’ll find him all over Ashley Madison. 

He also won’t be shy about how he feels. If you get together with this guy, you’ll be a true power couple, but not necessarily a sugar mamma.

the bum guy

The Bum Guy 

This guy has the least in common with you. 

He sleeps late, plays video games, and leaves his underwear scattered across the floor. His apartment probably smells like Cheetos, mountain dew, and body odor.

This is the guy you seek out if you really want to spoil someone and if you want to feel more like a mother than a partner. You tend to keep several around, kind of like visiting a puppy store. 

Their favorite gift is video games and high-end hoody sweatshirts. Their favorite vacation is to e-sports tournaments.

These guys are great for a phase when you want to just be a sugar mamma without any of the responsibilities of a relationship. They make great rebound men. 

These guys will be all over Ashley Madison, and they’ll be chomping at the bit to be with you. You’ll have your pick!

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Maintaining Your Relationship

Keep The Money Flowing 

Obviously if the money runs out, this’ll just be like any other relationship. Keep working if you have to, and make sure you’re remember why you’re doing this. 

Know What You Want 

Is this a fling? Are you looking for it to stay more serious? Are you exclusive or do you have multiple sugar babies? Knowing what you want will help steer your decisions and maintain your relationship the way you want it.

Relish In The Lifestyle 

When you’re becoming a sugar mama, live it up, be lavish, brag about your man to your friends and family, and parade him around like a status symbol.