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Hi, I'm Ryan! Welcome to DaterBoy and thanks for stopping by!

Dating can be like shaving; necessary but not always pleasant. I've sure had my nicks and cuts, maybe even more than most.

There came a point when I realized I was floating around the dating scene having absolutely zero clue who I was or what type of woman would be right for me.

For me, that point came 12 years ago when my ex broke my heart, leaving me with absolutely no closure as to what went wrong…

It wasn't until I took a hard look at myself, let my “inner nerd” rise to the surface and become gut-wrenchingly honest with the world that my outcomes with dating started making major headway.

Yes, I would hide my playlists from girls… because they were filled with things like film score soundtracks and Native American tribal chants… Nerd alert!!

But that was it. That was my secret sauce

If you've found DaterBoy, chances are you may be looking for a little advice on the dating game.

Since being in the dating trenches (and now happily married to the love of my life, Brittney), I've helped hundreds of men and women turn their dating lives around and find quality, long-lasting relationships in the last several years..

The key to success with my clients has been simple: helping unleash their inner nerd. Why, you ask? Because your inner nerd is quite simply the most honest and truest version of yourself.

Having that version represent you out in the dating world will yield you the best quality results with the people that are a perfect fit for you.

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A Little Story About My Love Life

Why did I create DaterBoy? Well, like I mentioned above, I really was an abysmal failure at dating, especially after my relationship with my ex….

I had absolutely ZERO confidence in myself and was always trying to put up a facade with girls because I was lonely and scared…

Yes, I'm not afraid to admit it. Even when I did manage to “convince” a girl to go out with me, I'd always screw it up…

Women would be able to smell my b.s. from a mile away. It wasn't until one girl called me out so hardcore it nearly brought me to tears…

It was exactly what I deserved (and needed).

Something just wasn't wearing right on me. Looking back, I thought I was so put together and had everybody fooled…

The harder I looked, the more I realized I was the only fool in the equation. It was quite a painful discovery and the moment I hit rock bottom a year after my breakup…

How was I going to have girls want to date me if I wouldn't even date myself??

I ended up finding this little ebook on the internet called Double Your Dating by David Deangelo.

David was encouraging men to stop being wussies with women. Apparently they hated that

He also mandated men to stop their self-loathing with themselves.  Start being BOLD…

That's where it all began for me.

So I took his teachings to heart and did something radical…

I put up three different profiles of myself on eHarmony that catered to different sides of my personality and went on 148 first dates in one year to find my match…

You might be asking, “One profile wasn't enough, Ryan?”

Again, I had no idea what type of girl would be right for me. And looking back prior to this moment, I realized I was dating girls that would end up treating me poorly on some level.

Again, another terrible revelation to confront, but better late than never!

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My One-Year Challenge With Online Dating

Having three profiles representing me on eHarmony 24/7 was the right strategy to meet all types of women, and man, did I learn A LOT!

I learned that I had been attracting girls that treated me poorly because I didn't feel that I was worth anything more than that.

My self esteem after my breakup was so bad, I didn't feel that I wasn't worthy of a partner who would love me and value me as an equal.

It was a true metamorphosis of character and an evolution of compassion for myself that helped guide me to some incredible moments with many amazing women.

My point here is that sometimes you have to make yourself a little uncomfortable to awaken true change in your life.

I knew I had a problem that I needed to fix: women.

I went about solving that problem in a very logical, yet somewhat extreme fashion. But it ended up working for me.

That discomfort was also the catalyst for me to begin writing about my experiences. It also made me want to learn from others about their experiences and methods with dating.

I tried everything. Name a dating site or program and I probably have login credentials.

I was an absolute sponge and realized the psychology behind interpersonal relationships was an absolute passion of mine.

Now, I get to share that passion with you through my articles here on DaterBoy.

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The Goal of DaterBoy

To promote the unleashing of your inner nerd so that you can bring to the table the core of who you really are and what you really want. You deserve nothing less.

Dating no longer has to be a daunting experience. If we can release even a few inner nerds and not hide the key wonderful aspects of ourselves, then I'd say my creation of this blog was 100% worth it.

If you ever have any dating questions, simply leave a comment in any blog post. I will be more than happy to help you.

Please be sure to check out my Resources page here to discover the best products and programs I've found for men and women who are struggling like I was ten years ago.


All my best,

Ryan Patrick

Dating Coach & Creator of DaterBoy.com