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Any man who’s been in a relationship can attest to what ladies have to go through to look good. Even women who aren’t that into grooming put hours each week into it. What I'd like to touch on here are some personal grooming tips for men that can go a long way with women.

What are the best personal grooming tips for men?

1. Spend Money On Yourself

2. Find The Right Hair Products

3. Stay On Top Of Dental Hygiene

4. Trim Body Hair

5. Make Your Scent Subtle

6. Work That Daily Face Regiment

7. Think About Some Powder Down Under

8. Use Beard-Specific Products

9. Keep Your Nails Tight

10. Use Deodorant

11. Get A Hair Cut Regularly

It’s incredible that men have been able to get away with doing so much less for so long…

Men still get it easy in the grooming department. Guys who refuse to do any grooming at all can still lock down dates and find a loving relationship with a beautiful woman.

Long beards, hairy backs, dirty nails, what can I say, women are quite forgiving!

Just because she still loves you, though, doesn’t mean that she isn’t secretly wishing you paid more attention to how you look.

In fact, women, with few exceptions, all say they love when men are well-groomed.

It means they care, and that men are willing to put just as much effort into impressing women as the other way around.

Additionally, if you are struggling to pull the kind of women you want, improvements in personal grooming can get you over the hump.

Looking put together helps men out in all aspects of life. They get better jobs, attract better relationships, and date great women.

Here are eleven personal male grooming tips that you should follow to impress the woman of your dreams:

2 personal grooming tips for men bathroom drawer

1. Spend Money On Yourself

First things first. When I talk about grooming for men, I’m not talking about breaking out that old manicure kit you got for Christmas when you were 12…

Looking good takes time, but it also takes money. You must allocate enough money to buy what you need.

Just ask your lady friends how much they spend a year on cosmetics and general grooming. The number will probably astound you…

A lot of men unaccustomed to grooming will shake their heads saying it’s a waste. Why spend the money when I can get by without it?

Well, my response is that’s a short-sighted perspective. Investing in yourself is some of the best money you can spend.

You’re essentially getting yourself in the best shape possible, and what you put into things is what you get out of them.

Trust me, women can smell cheap a mile away…

My first recommendation to enhance your grooming efforts is getting a clean clothing look through The Menlo Club (link to them here). They ship you a box of fresh threads every month catered to your personal style.

**I have an exclusive deal with them for my readers too! Use the promo code “Daterboy” to receive 50% off your first two months!**

3 guy using pomade in his hair

2. Find The Right Hair Products

The messy, disheveled look is out, fellas.

Maybe in high school you could skirt by pretending to be the cool kid who didn’t care about anything.

No woman is looking for that in the real world. Women want to date mean who have ambition, who pay attention to detail, and who have their you-know-what together.

Remember Jim from The Office? He was kind of funny with his messed-up hair and loosened tie…

The problem was that people didn’t take him seriously.

When he finally decided to grab by the horns, he ditched the messy look and started using product to look professional.

Guess what? He got the job and the girl. Be like Jim.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time putting product in your hair. Men’s hair product lines know guys have limited tolerance for how much time things take.

There are pomades, gels, mousses, sprays, and other hair products that are easy to use and last all day.

Whether you’re going for a natural look or something more wet, it’s out there.

Don’t just grab something off the shelf. Buy a few different products and experiment with what works best.

For pomades, Hair Craft Co. has some of the best products (link to Amazon) I think out there right now that keep everything in place with a natural look.

There are so many different hair types that it takes going through a few to figure it out.

4 guy using an electric toothbrush

3. Stay On Top Of Dental Hygiene

OK, so I hope everyone is already doing this, but the evidence tells us that men don’t follow this personal grooming tip for men, unfortunately.

All women love a nice smile, so put some work into yours. This means, of course, frequent brushing and flossing.

An electric toothbrush like Quip gets the job done quickly. If you're not using electric, make sure to change your toothbrush up every 3 months.

It also means going above and beyond. It’s a better time than ever to work on your smile.

Procedures you used to have to go into the dentist to get can be done at home.

There are over-the-counter whitening devices that can brighten up your smile in no time. Women will take notice.

Also, if you're like me and didn't wear your retainer after getting braces, your teeth might have shifted a lot and now look gangly…

My wife and I straightened our smiles in 6-months with Smile Direct Club. The great thing is they have a monthly payment plan and are even taking $100 off the price right now (link to them here).

5 personal grooming tips for men remving body hair

4. Trim Body Hair

Some of us are more fortunate than others when it comes to body hair.

If you’re one of those guys with a hairy back, our hearts go out to you. But guess what, some women are hairier than others too.

It’s not like we cut any of the ladies slack if their hairy dad passed on his curse. At the very least, body hair needs to be kept in check.

Some women love a bit of hair on their man’s chest, but the tufts of hair sprouting out of the shirt look died a couple decades ago…

Move on with the rest of us and buy a body hair trimmer. You don’t have to go hairless, just keep things manageable.

And yes, more and more men are getting into eliminating arm hair, leg hair, pubic hair and armpit hair as well.

The first shave will take some time, but after that all you need to do is stay on top of it in the shower. It’ll take you a couple minutes and women will appreciate it.

Stores have even been selling home hair lasering kits for years.

PretiHom makes great laser hair removal devices (link to Amazon) that look like hair dryers and are easy to use.

Lasering hair off eliminates the root and hair’s ability to grow back. It’s gone permanently.

So, by spending a couple hundred bucks you can get rid of hair for good.

6 man spraying cologne

5. Make Your Scent Subtle

Take some time and find your signature smell.

Finding the right smell is one of the most important grooming tips a guy can adopt into his routine. Colognes are a tough topic.

Lots of women love cologne, and plenty complain that mens’ cologne is overpowering…

That’s probably because men don’t know how much to use.

Cologne should be sprayed just so much so that it’s noticeable when someone’s up close.

People shouldn’t be able to smell you when you walk in the room…

There are literally thousands of mens’ scents for sale in stores online and across the country.

My personal favorite for a subtle scent is Cool Water by Davidoff (link to Amazon). Eau de toilettes are less powerful than colognes, so a safer bet for most men.

Scents don’t always have to mean cologne. Just avoid going with your natural scent. Find a body wash or lotion that you think smells great and stick with it.

Don’t switch scents all the time. You want women you’re around to associate you with a great, consistent smell.

7 man washing his face

6. Work That Daily Face Regiment

Ask most men what their cleaning regimen is and you’ll get a lot of blank stares.

Much of the time, men’s focus on cleaning happens in the shower only. They throw some shampoo on, wash their torso and their privates and they’re good.

However, the key to looking fresh and vibrant is paying attention to your skin.

Healthy skin makes people glow. It makes your face look smooth.

More and more men are taking advantage of the huge amount of facial cremes, exfoliants, moisturizers and cleaners that women have been using for years.

Thrive’s Energy Scrub (link to Amazon) is an exfoliant made with healthy products to get your skin revitalized.

Make daily facial cleaning a habit so your skin stays young.

8 personal grooming tips for men man covering his junk

7. Think About Some Powder Down Under

I'm getting a little PG-13 here, but it’s got to be said.

If you’re lucky enough to get on a date with a wonderful woman and it goes well, you need to make sure you’ve set yourself up for success.

There’s nothing worse to a woman than when things literally get steamy because you’ve got a swamp in your pants.

Avoid that problem with a product that eliminates dampness downstairs.

I recommend Anthony Body Defense (link to Amazon) to keep you dry and smelling fresh. It has this very light, pleasant warming sensation, as well…

You don’t need to stress anymore about what’s going on with your “boys.”

Toss some powder or tapioca starch down there every day to keep moisture in control and fight the funk.

9 bald man with a beard

8. Use Beard-Specific Products

This one’s simple, but important.

It’s been a few years since beards came back in a big way. Full, thick beards are more common than ever, and even men very into fashion sport them.

The popularity of beards has meant men's grooming companies have developed products specifically designed to treat beards.

There are special creams and oils you can use to make your beard hair softer and look better.

Viking Revolution is a one-stop shop brand that provides everything you need in one of their kits (link to Amazon).

You better believe the women you’re with will love a man who makes the effort to make his beard neat and comfortable.

10 clipping his finger nails

9. Keep Your Nails Tight

It used to be, guys would get made fun of if they ever got a manicure or pedicure.

Definitely not seen as a masculine activity; after all, it was something chicks did.

Apparently, enough ladies dragged their men to the nail salon that they finally realized that it felt great and made their hands and feet look nice.

There are all sorts of sayings about how you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his hands.

Unkempt nails can signal a lot of things…

Nail biting could mean a person struggles with anxiety, and dirty nails point to lack of personal hygiene.

Women certainly take note of a man’s nails. Do yourself a favor a get to a salon for a mani pedi. They’ll show you what your nails should look like.

You don’t have to go all the time, but do your best imitation job to keep your nails tight.

11 personal grooming tips for men using deodorant

10. Use Deodorant

We’ve all been on the subway or at a restaurant and caught a killer whiff of body odor.

It’s crazy that people can walk around stinking so badly and not even realize it.

However, just like we get accustomed to how our homes, clothes and car smell, we get used to our own body odor.

Without deodorant, people walk around stinking without knowing it.

The only way to make sure you’re not smelling like you just came from the gym is to make deodorant a daily habit.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be consistent. Men wearing deodorant is one of the simplest grooming tips.

You can go tried and true with Old Spice, or go for something higher-end.

The only thing you really need to be aware of is to avoid using a strong antiperspirant that will leave yellow stains on the armpits of your shirts.

12 guy getting a haircut

11. Get A Hair Cut Regularly

We all know someone that is in his 30’s and is still stubbornly cutting his own hair. And no, he doesn’t look great. He’s barely getting by…

Too many guys overlook the importance of hair. Most men love a good haircut, but for some reason think they can get by with a cut two or three times a year.

You should get your hair cut, optimally, every six weeks.

You can stretch it to around three months if you must, but do what you can to avoid looking like an overgrown teenage pop star.

If it’s in the budget, pay for a nice hair cut and become a regular with a good barber.

They’ll get to know the style you’re looking for and help give advice on sprucing up your look.


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